The Key

May 20, 2009
By ZebraCough SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
ZebraCough SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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But I left the key in the trunk! I think desolately. That stupid key. It all started with a key and, my soul be cursed, it would end with the SAME STUPID KEY.
"No, I can explain!" I cry, desperate now. They can't, they can't!
"Really." he says quietly. He doesn't believe me.
"Yes, yes I can!" I shout. "Please, give me a chance! A chance!"
He advances on me. The bright lights make it hard to gauge how far he is. His face lowers to mine, his growing facial hairs clearly noticeable. The right side of his lip inches up and his adjacent eye twitches. I can’t help but admire his glowing yellow-green eyes. His breath reeks of morning breath and cigarettes. “No lies?” he asks in the same quiet, soft voice.
“Yes! I mean no…? No lies.” I agree quickly, grasping onto my only hope. “No lies, I promise.” Though you will never believe it as the truth. My crazy, unbelievable, hopeless truth.
He sighs and straightens up. His hands are on his hips and I know he’s judging to whether or not he’ll give me my chance.
A chance, a chance! That’s all I ask for!
His broad shoulders drop suddenly, and I know what he’ll say, for he’s resigned himself. “Alright.” He says, as quietly as ever, giving in. “Let’s hear it.”
Thank the Lord.
The key had lain in the middle of a dirt road. My dirt road. A road lined with trees…my trees. My tall, thick trees. My beautiful green trees. And my shed. My shed turned house. My rundown shed. And my pond. My clear, fresh, nearby pond.
The key. The key that started all this.

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