the mix of hansel and gretel

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a witch drinking coffee. Her brother knocks on the door and she welcomes him in

“Oh brother,” the witch said. The brother was nice, kind, and neat, unlike her.

“On no, he had to be neat,” the witch said. Taz, the witch’s brother, organized the candy by flavor, size, and color.

Meanwhile in a different place, Hansel and Gretel were taken to the dark woods.

“Now nice,” the dad told Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel were walking in the forest.

“Hey Gretel look,” Hansel had grabbed Gretel by the hand and went inside the candy store (the witch’s house.)

“Woooooow.” they saw all the candy and took as much as their hands and pockets could carry.

“Not so fast.” the witch used the force-like-thing on the kids, and made them return the candy and put them in front of her.

“Hmmmm,” the witch thought of a plan so she told her brother.

“Hey Taz, I got a plan,” she went on, “lets bake the little ones and eat them.”

“No! I’ll will not eat them,” Taz yelled at her.

“Fine, calm down. I’ll eat them.”

She put both of them in the front of the stove, ready to devour them in one big bite, but all of a sudden……..

“AHHH!” the witch cried as Taz pushed her and closed the stove.

“Thanks,” Hansel told Taz.

“No problem,” Taz said.

“You know,” Gretel went on “you should change to a human and make this dump into a candy store.”

The witch thought of it and went with the plan. He cut down the trees, and got a new name (bob) and he was on sale and he let Hansel and Gretel take anything.

“Hey people,” announced Hansel and Gretel.

“There’s a new candy store,” said Gretel.

“Follow us,” yelled Hansel.

Shing, Shing, shing and the cash register was full of dimes, nickels, pennies, quarters and dollar bills.

“Thanks for the help Hansel and Gretel,” said Bob.

“No big deal, Mr. Bob,” said Hansel.

“It’s what we can do, since you helped us,” Gretel told Bob.

“You know since you guys help me make this place,” he said “I’ll give you guys 50/50 of the money the store makes a day.”

“Yeah that sounds great.” Both Hansel and Gretel danced to their happiness that they’re in fact getting 50% of the money that the store makes a day. They lived happily ever after. Hansel and Gretel see that not all witches are bad.
The End.

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