Monroe the Mouse

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Monroe is a mouse who has a fantastic privilege to occupy a mouse hole in the famous Freedenberg Mansion. The hole lies three quarters of an inch south of the third room on the right of the west wing. Standing three inches tall, Monroe has plenty of room to sneak in and out with pieces of bread and cheese. Inside the hole Monroe has a comfortable bachelor pad with a thimble nightstand that stands next to a matchbox bed. For relaxing, he has a cotton ball love seat that complements a contact lens’ case couch. Monroe is from a family of five but is the only survivor of a poisonous pellet breakout that occurred on the first floor three months ago. The Freedenberg’s have a nasty nanny named Helga who makes it her mission to capture Monroe every day. Rather clever, Monroe uses the exuberant carpets that drape the marble floors to creep around the house and avoid the nanny. His main objective every time he leaves his hole is to come back with at least one piece of food. Since the Freedenberg’s own a cheese factory, Monroe always has opportunities to steal dairy products. He has a small wine bottle in his house that has lasted him three years, but he’s thinking about bumming another one. Whenever there is an opportunity to snatch some sourdough bread, Monroe always gets it. Monroe is quite crafty when it comes to surviving, and he constantly works on finding a girl to love, and capturing more objects to improve his crib.

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