May 18, 2009
By Chex_21 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Chex_21 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Change can be good but sometimes its just plain bad. I mean have you ever changed thinking it was for good but ended up so wrong. Well welcome to my life. I was only young when my parents died after the big divorce. So I’m stuck how I am and I have no way to change back.

Living in Montana is not that bad. But who I am is. My name is Kadiance and I hold a dark secret from the world. I’m one of a kind. My life changed unwillingly but willingly. I was only 17 when I changed. But the job was never finished. I’m only half. I have brownish blonde hair, hazel eyes, nice straight white teeth and a surfer body to say.

My thinking is a little messed up. I care for those who don’t care about me and don’t care about those who do care. Plus being changed was stupid. And I eat fish 24/7 but I don’t even like fish.

Chance was his name. My dark mysterious hero. Calling him my hero may sound insane but he bettered me. My family would have missed me if I killed myself. He was a vampire and me a regular human. I fell in love at a young age. 17 to be exact. I was walking home from the funeral of my parents and out of no where he showed up. We hung out more and more then he left. I attempted suicide a couple of times but he always saved me. He promised I would be able to be with him. But obviously I’m not or I wouldn’t hate this change so much.

My house here in Montana is simply amazing. It’s big quiet and peaceful. Except the fish pond in my basement. I own a ranch with at least three dozen horses and many head of cattle. My house is a cabin at the base of Elkhorn Mountain Range. My house is just amazing.

“Hello” I heard as I picked up the phone.”Kade im worried about you, I never hear from you anymore. Are you okay?”
“Yes” I said.”I’m fine I just need to get settled and I need peace.”
“Yes but as your aunt im worried that your drinking your life away”
“Aunt Alece, I’m fine now I have to go take care of my horses. Bye. I love you”
Click went the phone before she could say anything.

Your probably wondering what I am by now but, like I said it is a secret and no one can find that out.

Today I am going to go to town. My horses need more vitamins. I only go into town about twice a year, if for anymore it is so I can rodeo. Plus the ride is long and very boring. Its about two hours there and longer back because of the feed I have.
“Are you Kadiance?” the young man with ask as his deep blue eyes looked up from the register.
“Yes, are my supplies in the back?” I said in a short phrase.
“Yes ma’am would you like help?” he said in a deep southern accent.
“No thank you I’m tougher then I look.”
“Okay, if you need help I’ll be up here.”
And I was gone before he even opened his mouth.
Being a half has some perks to it. Like seeing what is going to happen next or being able to hear what people think and ale to be fast and strong. I only walked away because I knew what he was going to say and I hate when people go crazy over a country women. I mean we are the same as everyone else but we have a different style.

On my way home I stopped to fill my truck and I heard a familiar voice thinking to her self.
“If only I’ll be able to stay longer. What if she doesn’t let me in her house? I know here secret she can tell me anything. Plus my surprise will be great. I’m one too. Kade will be so excited, I know I am.” She thought to her self.

So after I was done I hurried up and left but it was to late. She saw me but she’s not faster then me.

When I got home I unloaded the trailer. This was peaceful. But when I walked in the door the whole mood in the huge house changed completely. It went to peaceful to overwhelmed, excited, confusing, and most of all irritated. Her bags were next to the front door and she was in her sweats and a tee shirt completely comfortable. But he bags were empty. Why? She thinks she is going to stay. And why is she watching TV. She hates it. I knew she thought she was going to stay but this was my house, my property and my peace.
“Kade!” she said with a shrill.
“What are you doing here?” I said sharply.
“Well it looks like I’m watching TV and talking to you. What are you doing?”
“Me, I live here. Why are you here don’t you have school?”
“No I graduated early and I thought you could use some help.”
“Well I don’t so you can leave”
“I’m not leaving I’m staying and your going to have to live with it.”
“Well then I will leave.”
“No we are cousins and we stick together no matter what”
“Okay” I said calmly “Amberlee what is the problem?”
“Well like you I changed for the better.”
“I know I heard you.”
“You did?” she asked kind of surprised.
“Yes at the gas station.”
“Oh I knew you where there.”
“Yeah sorry I was angry.”
“I could tell.”

After a while we talked abut how life has been and about the family. Then about 3am we ran to Elkhorn Peak to talk more. My mind was in such a haze on the way up. Thoughts about Amberlee and the family and how I wanted to tell her she messed up the family. But I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to tell her. So I kept my mouth shut.

Each steady run against the soft moist ground made my heart beat slower. Normally when you are running your heart sings like a humming birds wings but mine was slow, weak, and faint as if I were dying. Really I am but yet living.

Up at Elkhorn Peak Amberlee told me how she was changed, and why she was. But who changed her was what got me. She said his name was Colton. A good friend of mine. I had no clue he was one of the “others”. Now I knew his secret and he needs to know mine.

So I got in my truck just to blend in. It Townhed I called Colton and asked what he was doing and if we could talk. He said we could talk he had something to tell me.

We met up on a small grassy hill on his property. And then it just happened. I could hear someone running and then Colton to the right of me and Amberlee and Chance to my left. I suddenly knew why Amberlee came. She wasn’t here for her she was here for me. I knew her and Colton had a thing but I never knew it was this strong. It was an unbreakable bond that was meant to be.

I could hear Amberlee, Chance, and Colton. How stressful. Tension filled the air as Amberlee was ready to tell chance off. But I had to tell Colton my secret.
“Colton I have something to tell you” I said calmly.
He turned and walked to me slower then usual.”Okay look about Amberlee she said it would help and I just had to. Please don’t be mad. I can change you too.” He said kind of scared.
“I’m not mad at all.”
“Kay then what did you have to tell me.” Colton said with an excited voice.
“Well you see,” I trailed off. “I don’t need changed I am already changed. Chance changed me and I was dumb for it too. That’s what I needed to tell you before every one showed up.”
“How come you still have a heart beat then?” he said slightly amused by me.
“The job was never completely finished not enough venom entered my body so I’m stuck this way for forever.”
“Well how long have you been like this?”
“Scene I was 17, sadly it has been about 6 years now. So I’m not a complete vampire I’m only half. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”
“That much is okay but do I finally get to see your house?”
“Yes.” I replied. “but not today. Tomorrow you can.”
“Amberlee lets go.” I called out.
“Okay race you there.” And she was gone.

She beat me home without a doubt. I was at a slow pace. I wanted to think and so I did. The day was beautiful. Birds in the sky, Elk in the green fields, it was just perfect to relax and think. I couldn’t help thinking why Chance had came and why did Colton understand so well. Oh well that is one thing out of the way and finished with.

We didn’t have much cleaning to do. Just a couple or clothes to pick up and the fish mess was all we had to do.

That morning we finished the cleaning, and then went for a run. When we got back we called Colton. For a normal person it would take them two hours to get to my house but for Colton it took less then 20 minutes to get here. I let Amberlee show him around while I figured out where Chance was. I could hear his thoughts but I couldn’t tell where they where coming from. Then Elkhorn Peak was all I could see and I left.
“Chance you okay?”
“Yeah just thinking” he said softly.
“That’s kinda hard here but, anything I can help with?” Offering a helping hand.
“Well it is about you. How I shouldn’t have changed you. You were perfect and fine outside but inside you were so miserable. I just feel really bad for changing you.”
“ Don’t worry about me im fine now. You bettered me. I don’t mind the change at all. Just please don’t be sad.” I said almost begging him.
“you don’t have to…” But I interrupted him before he could finish.
“I’m not lying to you I’m happy now and I’m glad your back.”
“Kade” he said questionable. “Are you sure you are happy?”
“Yes I am Chance now please don’t worry I am happy now.”

We sat the looking at the clouds and playing with the sand and caught up on everything we missed. It was great to know why he came back, plus me being happy makes him happy too.
“Its really nice to see you again Kade” he whispered.
“You too Chance” I said as I laid my head on his shoulder and watched the sun dip into the horizon and stars fill the moon lit sky.

The author's comments:
I had to write this for school. I like it and it explains a lot in my life.

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