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May 17, 2009
By Dark_Angel BRONZE, Woodstock, Georgia
Dark_Angel BRONZE, Woodstock, Georgia
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*Human's pov*

As i gaze upward toward the heavens, clear and black they are. Speckled with diamond like dust we call stars, and the beautiful full moon. Who seems so independent in the blanket of darkness, like the mother of the Night world. Watching over her powerful and unique children...

*Vampires pov*

When i glanced up, right there above my cemetery, dangled that luminous Goddess of the night, also known as the moon. So perfect and free she is, to watch over her subjects of darkness. Her loyal servants sparkle brightly around her, as if casting a halo of respect. Other wise called, stars. Watching over the innocent victims, my brethren prey upon...

*Both povs*

But, no matter how you look at this beauty of nature; it is shared all across the lands, in this life and the next. As I stare at it now, i know im sharing it with someone who belongs in my heart...

This is proof, human or vampire, soul mates stay together till the end and beyond.
In this life and the next, when in love you are never alone.
Your souls are entwined always and forever. ..

For Eternity

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