May 22, 2009
By allondra gonzales BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
allondra gonzales BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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Once on a very stormy night, Carlie Knight heard something eerie, something cold, something piercing. But, she wasn’t surprised. It was after all just the old lyne house. No one has lived there for years after Mr. and Mrs. Lyne went missing….or so everyone had thought, but Carlie knew. She, after all, was watching through her window. Mr. Lyne had came home one night to Mrs.lyne making dinner for her husband and daughter.

Half way through dinner a very strange lady came knocking on door asking for some food, but Mr.lyne being a greedy man, had none. The lady was so mad she stormed off and no one ever saw her again, and the next morning Mr. and Mrs. Lyne were found MISSING. There were no signs of forced entry, on finger prints, no nothing. Not even a corpse. But, tonight something seemed different.Carlie went and sent her daughter, Kelly, to go see what was going on. So Kelly ran across the street in the dead of night and went inside the house and checked every room, but when she got to the third floor bedroom she saw something.

There in that very bedroom was the lady. She looked scary. She was dressed in a black shawl and a tattered black dress and she had on shoes on. The lady was chanting in the room.

“Lightness and darkness, heaven and earth. I call upon thee to help me! Let this day be known that this house has been cursed!”

And by a blink of an eye, she was gone. When Kelly came home she told her mom she had seen nothing. But Kelly of all people knew that wasn’t the truth. The next morning a moving truck was in front of the Lyne’s house. Kelly got very curious and decided to go over there. There she saw a girl that looked about her age. So she walked over there and said,

“Hi, I’m Kelly. Are you moving here? How silly of me, of course you’re moving here, why else would a moving van be here?” Kelly babbled on.

“Um…hi I’, Lilly. Lilly Maze. My dad got a job at a college near by and we moved here.” Said Lilly.

“Listen, I know I barley know you, but do you think you could help me with my room?” Lily had asked.

“Sure, but I have to check with my mom, but it will be okay.” Kelly said.
So later that day they were in Lilly’s new room, moving things around. Finally they took a break and played truth or dare.

“Truth or dare,” said Kelly.

“Truth,” said Lilly.

“What’s the grossest thing you’ve done?” Kelly asked.

“Okay. Last week before we moved I ate mud pie, a real one.” She said sheepishly.

“W-O-W” said Kelly who managed not to barf.

“Okay. Now you: truth or dare?” Lilly asked.
“Truth,” said Kelly.

“Okay. Tell me one secret you know!” Lilly said.
“Um…if I tell, you promise not to tell?” asked Kelly.
“I promise. Pinky and scouts honor!” Said Lilly and they both laughed.
“Okay, last night, before you moved here, this place was cursed.” Said Kelly.
“Stop lying.” Interrupted Lilly.
“I’m not! Someone in your bedroom put a curse on the house!” said Kelly.
“But how come nothing happened?” questioned Lilly.
“Maybe I just dreamed it. I don’t know. So, how about we put this
dove wall paper up?” said Kelly.
“Okay.” Said Lilly.
So for the next 30 minutes, both girls wondered if what Kelly had said was true. That night, when Lilly went to sleep, she left her window open. The next morning she woke up closed the window and looked in the mirror. There she saw that one of the doves had gone missing.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Lilly screamed.
“What is it, honey?” Lilly’s father asked.
“I thought I saw a snake.” Said Lilly.
“It’s just your plug to the computer.” Said her father.
“Oh.” Said Lilly. Later that day Lilly saw Kelly,
“Kelly, I saw something and it’s scary.” Said Lilly. “What? The boogie man?” asked Kelly.
“I’m serious. There was a dove missing of my wall paper!” yelled Lilly.
“Okay, calm down.” Kelly whispered.
“I told you that lady cursed it. Now, did you find anything that didn’t belong to you when you moved in?” asked Kelly.
“Yeah, this mirror, Dad said I could keep it.” Lilly replied. “Let me see.” Kelly asked. And at the touch of the mirror she saw two people that looked warm and friendly.
“Who are they?” Kelly had asked.
“I don’t know, but they look nice.” Said Lilly. Kelly thought and thought, but she couldn’t remember it was very frustrating.
“I think I’ll ask my mom,” said Kelly. And when she picked up the mirror to leave, the man and woman started talking,
“HELP US!!!!KELLY HELP US!!!!” They screamed. “Ahhhhhhh!!!” Kelly screamed.
“What, you saw the plug too?” Lilly’s father had asked.
“Dad what do you know about curses?” asked Lilly.
“Well, just about everything. You know I study mythology.” Pointed out Mr. Maze.
“Well, what do you think about this?” Kelly asked. And she touched the mirror and the man and lady appeared again.
“Hey that’s Mr. and Mrs. Lyne.” Said Mr. Maze.
“It is?” Kelly asked.
“Yeah, when we moved into the house they left a desk and they had a picture of them in the drawer,” said Mr. Maze
Kelly had thought for a moment.

“Okay am I the only one freaked out right now!” said Kelly
“I’m more curious than scared,” said Mr. Maze “I think…somehow you…”
Kelly knew that Mr. Maze was trying to word his sentences correctly.
“Are you trying to say that I’m the cause for this?” Kelly asked
“No, that’s what I was trying to avoid. I’m saying I think you have a part in this, that you’re a pawn, that you’re a small piece to a bigger puzzle” said Mr. Maze.

“Mommy don’t stop it’s just getting good,” said Alice
“Honey, I think it’s too scary for you. I should have never told you this story,” said Kelly Lyne.
“Okay, sweet heart… as I was saying…” said Kelly
And with that Kelly picked up the mirror and Mr. and Mrs. Lyne appeared inside the mirror.
They said, “Kelly, if we ever had a chance to tell you we would have told before someone else told you. But we’re your parents.”
“What…you are? This can’t be. Carlie Knight is my mother.”
The old lady walks into the room and screams, “You got away from me before, but it’s not going to happen again, you little brat! You are going to join your parents forever!”
“What… what are you talking about? You put them in their?” asked Kelly.
“Why, yes. Of course I did. Prepare to reunite with your parents.” She said with an evil laugh. Then bolts of lighting came out of her hands toward Kelly. Out of no where Lilly jumps in front of Kelly and she disappears.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Mommy, that can’t happen!” screamed Alice.
“Shhhh! I’m not done yet.”

“I know how to get rid of you!” And with that Kelly picks up a baseball bat.

“Now, you would think she would hit the old lady. But instead she heads straight toward the mirror.”
“She should hit the old cranky lady.” Alice said matter of factly.

“Ahhhhh!” Kelly smashes the mirror and right in front of her she sees Lilly saying, “Thank you!” Then the old lady disappeared.

“And till this day they never found the old lady. Mr. and Mrs. Lyne lived happily ever after with their daughter, Kelly, right next door to the Mazes house.
Ding dong! Ding dong!
“I’ll get it.” And standing at the door was an old lady.

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