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May 22, 2009
By J-Dawg BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
J-Dawg BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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In the year of 2012, a girl named Beth Williams and her friends put a spell on Beth’s house. These tenth graders didn’t know if the spell would actually work, nor did they quite know what the spell may do. Her friends; Jaden Pule, Kennedy Seanson, and Ciara Grayson were the most popular kids in Pearland High School but they were also very into magical things. Such as spells, wizards, goblins, etc. They had got this magical spell book from the school library and thought it might work. Inside Beth’s head was a little voice saying get the book, but the other half was saying it will just get you in trouble. As she was checking out the book she noticed the Life-Alike-House spell. So, ever since January 22, 2012 there has been a spell on Beth Williams’ house.
Everybody loves this weird, awesome spell EXCEPT Old Man Joe, Beth’s elderly neighbor. Old Man Joe has been Beth’s neighbor longer than even her parents have been alive!! He has lived there since the year of 1951, pretty much since he was born. This house used to be his parents house. So that is where he grew up! Old Man Joe had a wife living with him until 1999. In this year Old Man Joe’s wife, Charlotte Hancock, died in a terrible car accident. She was driving home from work when an eight-wheeler hit the front of the car and made Mrs. Hancock fly across the highway! Old Man Joe has never ever been so depressed. He used to be a nice old gentleman but know since his wife passed away… he has been in a horrible mood.
The spell started to get worse after the day of her birthday, June 16. This was her sixteenth birthday and wanted to throw the biggest party ever! Since she was having the party at her place, she wanted to only invite all of her close friends, best friends, and some friends from school. She decided to have a pool extravaganza in the afternoon and a dancing part at night.
So Beth and her mom were on the hunt to find party supplies while her best friends Jaden, Kennedy, and Ciara went off and handed out the invitations to all the people Beth wrote down on the list.

It was finally here… her birthday! She was turning sixteen in a few hours and all of her friends were coming to have fun with her. The spell Jaden, Kennedy, Ciara, and her had not technically “activated” on her house quite yet. It was ten minutes till the party started and her and her best friends were pumped up ready to jump in the pool when…
Out of nowhere all of the lights turned on, the stereo blasted, and everything electronic was ON! The house was so loud and bright that the house blasted up about two-hundred feet off the ground! And that was the day when the spell was “activated”! Then when the house fell back down everything was back to normal. So as they were partying Beth could only think about what might have happened? Was it the construction behind the house, the neighbors across the street, or was it…
THE SPELL?? Beth and her friends were so confused and scared that they had nothing to say to anyone at the party or the rest of the week!
Beth and her best friend, Kennedy that she has known since 2nd grade, sat at Beth’s house for hours one day trying to figure out what “activated” the spell. So they stared thinking, “Maybe some words that we said before the party may the spell ‘activated”? “Well, then lets try saying words to see if they “activate” the spell!” said Kennedy. “Okay, let’s start by you saying a word. Then I will say a different word! GO!!” said Beth.
We said so many words my mouth hurt, but we still couldn’t “activate” the spell! So finally we gave up and told our other best friends, Ciara and Jaden, to figure out the MAGICAL WORD!! But, even they couldn’t figure it out. Everybody would be up for hours, days, maybe even weeks just to find out the word to “activate” this weird spell! It didn’t work though until…
Jaden decide to say “activate” but… that did not work! So then everyone thought, maybe it’s one of our names?? We all said Kennedy, Beth, Jaden, and Ciara but those did not work either! We even said Beth’s mom’s name, brother’s name, and even her dad’s name but they also did not work. It was already three o’clock in the morning on the third week starting. It’s been so long… I am tired of this crud and want this spell to go away!

Will we ever know if the spell is gone or what the word is to ‘activate’ it?? I don’t know, but a little sound in my head keeps saying… “I am Sixteen!”

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the author of Junie B. Jones!!

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