The Illusionist

June 3, 2009
By Adena Reinemann BRONZE, Kimberly, Wisconsin
Adena Reinemann BRONZE, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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As an official Author It is my pride joy and custom to talk to the readers every so often. this is a VERY rough draft to just start... ive rewritten my drafts of this story about 4 times.... its all in my head but i need more people to push me to write it out!!!!
To start, I hope you can give my series a chance. Because there are good themes (eventually) and romance, however life has many surprises and ups and downs so be…understanding. Please. Enjoy.


I woke to my screaming alarm clock so early in the morning it could have been yesterday. But I was sweaty and wet so I took an early shower. Normally around three in the morning now one in the morning I would wake in a panic afraid of the darkness now not only in life’s eyes but in my dreams too. I was tired. Not only the physical but emotionally too. I mean could you sleep with things haunting your dreams? Of course not and you wouldn’t want to either. I mean, I go to bed really late every night after watching a bunch of old black and white movies but hell, what does that hurt. Well, then I trudge to my room alone in my house thinking “Maybe I’ll be able to sleep tonight.” But alas, No! I keep waking up earlier and earlier each day and never do the dreams stop! I’m at the end right now. And I just want a normal life. I’m cursed I tell you. Crows follow me since I was 18 and before that I was teased for my left eye being a milky gray. You know all this really hurts a guy and you’d think at one point it would stop. But it just, gets, worse.

Well I tripped onto the floor in nothing but a wet towel, and quickly shoved the pills from the floor into my aching mouth. I bent upward to slurp from my suspended old sink. Rust and paint and eyeliner galore on it. But I didn’t care. It was my home and my parents were….somewhere. Who knows.

I popped a few more pills and stood up. Somehow I would get today over with and have nothing in the world to look forward to. Again. Any way I jumped to it and ran my scrawny butt out of my lonely house and to the store.


Energy drinks coffee and cheese puffs. That is my diet this week. I think to myself. I make a robotic turn out of the store and stomp out onto the street. I decide to head to the restaurant my buddy Nick works at and yet I cant go anywhere alone. No, not in the least. Those stupid Crows follow me EV-ER-Y-WHERE!!!! That’s why I don’t go out that much. But I just ignore them, Most of the time. Like so….

I pulled my baseball cap down over my eyes and walked briskly past a staring Crow.

I told myself that nothing mattered right now, and that the whole world was insane except me. Some how that didn’t work because I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs for the stupid Crow's to scram. Sadly even with my awkward efforts only one Crow flew off. So I was left with a frustrated worn out look on my face, and one of disgust on the Crow's. Apparently they thought I was the insane one. And I probably proved it.


“What the hell was that.” Spat a customer into his coffee. *Sigh*

“Sadly I think it was my little friend waaaaay over there.” I said sarcastically.

“Interesting friend you got, heh, yelling at Crow's. Pathetic.”
Well that to Nick was just plain mean to say. After all that kid did make sense, to him…
God he had known Brad for years, since grade school. But now things had changed a bit. Well except for the fact that Brad was always the slacker and I the hard worker. But I guess I can’t blame him much even though he was spoiled as and only child, because so was I, and yet I remember his family being very rich. Me, not so much. But that’s beside the point.

There are a lot more bad things going on in Brad's life than just Crow's and such. Gosh, I just wish it would get better for him. One way that could happen is if he stays friends with me. I’ve really been there for him and soon, I hope that will be always. But I don’t want to get ahead in things. Right now I just need to be a good friend.

“Hey! Nick! More coffee over here, I'm getting cold again.”

“Okay, Mr. Roland, coming.” Thankfully I wanted to be miles away from anyone who dared to make fun of my friend. Thankfully Mr. Roland was not that guy.

The author's comments:
This is a very rough draft but it has so much to process when reading... can be confusing because thats the way i want readers to react... confusion is key to my want to keep reading... sometimes things in life just dont get explained characters are fine.... i love them and they are believable..... they become so so so strong in the end!!!! wahahahaha!!!! hope you enjoy!!!!! >_<

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on Jun. 15 2009 at 12:57 am
WithWings BRONZE, Senatobia, Mississippi
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"A bird doesn't sing because he has the answer. He sings because he has a song." -Maya Angelou

wow, just WOW! I likeeeee! Your story sucked me in! More, more, more! haha, you get the point. :) I'm jumping up and down, it's nice knowing you're not the only person who writes things in a confusing way because that's the way you want it to be read! I have always believed that the best writers are the ones who love their characters, keep on writing, you're incredibly good at it! :) (and seriously, what's the point in writing if you don't like your characters? it's like working with mean people! hahaha!)

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