Sword of the Rightful King Chapter 41 (Epilogue)

May 16, 2009
By Will Cray BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
Will Cray BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
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Chapter 41

Morgause was extremely irate, pacing back and forth ranting, “Arthur does not deserve this!” Merlinnus watched with glee Morgause’s rage spill from him like hot wax from a mature candle. Merlinnus was full of bliss but at the same time masking his true feelings; feelings that said Morgause would return and take revenge.

One night, when Arthur and Gwen where sleeping in the castle, Morgause appeared in the moonlight. She had shape shifted into a hawk and was darting towards the tower window. Her ferocious lighting eyes were glistering in the moonlight, concentrating on her next move. Morgause rammed the stained glass window, and broke through it with ease transforming back into a human. Gwen and Arthur pounced to their feet, but it was too late. Morgause’s intentions were obvious; she leaped for Caliburnus…

Merlinnus was watching this intense battle in his scryed pool; he knew that if Morgause got her hands on the power within Caliburnus, England would be doomed. He quickly cast a spell that teleported the sword to a random location buried deep within the earth… Morgause leaped for Caliburnous when it suddenly vanished into thin air.


The year is 2009, in the early days of May; a young boy named Arthur was digging in his backyard for “buried treasure.” He was singing pirate songs and dancing around when his shovel clanked against something hard in the ground. He jumped down into the hole and pulled out an ancient sword, one so opulent with jewels it bestowed instant power to whoever grasped it. This sword was Caliburnus, the almighty weapon of the Middle Ages.

He glared at the glimmering metal sparkle in the sun. He stroked the hilt of the almighty blade, and realized the mission this sword bequeathed on him. He stood upon the mound of dirt beside him. Holding the sword above his head he roared, “I have the power to restore chivalry, in this dark, non-forgiving world!”

So he started of in a hurry to every corner in the city, making speeches on what chivalry really is, what people have to do in order to be called chivalrous. He told people, “In this dark time we must ban together, and using chivalry we can bail the country out of this terrible economy, and the downfall of the world as we know it. If everyone is chivalrous the world would be perfect; there would be no crimes or hate, just as it was in the middle ages.” Eventually the word was spread, and the boy’s mission was complete. People began to respect the definition of chivalry and in turn respect each other; no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation the person was.

The author's comments:
This is an epilogue for the novel
Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen.

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