A new child

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter 41

Four years after the marriage, it was the anniversary of Arthur and Gwen’s wedding. They celebrated with a long day of multiple feasts. Arthur was elated, the smile was nearly impossible to wipe off of his face. He still could not believe he married a woman who he only knew as a young boy. Arthur and Gwenhwyvar had moved on, they were totally comfortable now, as man and women. Not how they met: man and boy.

Many things had changed since the marriage, which seemed as though it happened a century ago. One being, the new child of Arthur and Gwen, he was now two years of age and a crazy infant. He loved to burn off energy by running around the castle like a madman. The boy had two sides the, he was curious, but Gwen had done a great job on teaching him proper manners. He was one of the most polite in all of the royal family.

Arthur wanted and was granted to the right to name their first born child and next king. He named him Merlinnus after, of course, the older magician. Arthur had many reasons for this name, but the main one was Merlinnus had passed two months before the arrival of the baby. Arthur thought of it as a tribute to the man who had taught him so much and nearly raised him.

Merlinnus’ death was hard on King Arthur. He became so close to Merlinnus and was sad to see him go. Merlinnus resembled a father figure in Arthur’s upbringing. The death was not to unexpected, he was definitely not getting any younger. Merlinnus was so excited to meet the new baby and it hurt Arthur because Merlinnus was not able to be there child arrived.

Nobody in the town was happy to see Merlinnus go, except for one: Morgause. Morgause obviously saw it as her best chance to take over the village. She wanted two other things besides the town, Arthur dead and Merlinnus II. Morgause would prefer to take things one by one, starting with the baby. She wanted Arthur to suffer. Morgause would love to take Melinnus II first, just to tear Arthur apart.

Morgause spent a lot of time thinking up a wonderful to complete her dream of killing Arthur and taking his town. Something that Morgause wanted to do was make a spell that could take down Arthur. As the potion work its magic she would swoop into the castle and grab Merlinnus II. A task such as this would have to be performed without Gwen or anyone else in the castle noticing. Pulling this off would be rather rare in a large castle filled with knights and servants everywhere.


Three weeks until Merlinnus’ II birthday Morgause thought it would be a good time to begin with her plan. The spell she was cooking up would take about a week. Morgause wanted to get as close to Merlinnus’ II birthday as possible, she thought it would hurt Arthur more if he were missing during his third birthday. Morgause was sure that Arthur would not see this coming.

The spell was finally finished after a long week of work. Now, all she had to do was put it to the test. Arthur was going to down, Morgause thought. Morgause had little room for error. If she made one mistake the whole plan would be ruined. The castle was not far off and she would have to make the walk and find a way into the castle.

When she arrived to the castle Morgause was happy to see Arthur and Merlinnus II getting on Arthur’s horse traveling into town. Morgause quickly hid down the path where Arthur would pass her. When she spied the two royalties coming down the hill she got into ready position to throw the spell at Arthur. Her plan was that it would hit Arthur and explode. What blew up from the spell would proceed to knock Arthur out and Morgause would pick up Merlinnus II. Then, she would return home without anyone noticing what happened.

Morgause leaned back to throw the spell at Arthur. It was heading straight for his forehead and only a few feet away when it blew up before it even hit him. Arthur was not paying attention when this happen so it startled him. He quickly twirled his head around to see Morgause behind a tree. All she heard was the boom from the potion and thought is had worked, she had been celebrating when she heard Arthur’s voice.

Morgause then realized that her magic had not worked according to plan. Luckily, she brought an extra, but when she threw this one Arthur was ready and dodged it. By this time Merlinnus II was crying and scared to death. Arthur was so irritated by Morgause at this point and knew what he needed to do,

Arthur drew his sword and pulled it back over his head. Morgause started to spring down the hill. She never once looked back. Also, she did not get very far before Arthur, Merlinnus II, and Arthur’s horse caught up to the criminal. Once again, Arthur brought his sword back, swung and took Morgause out in one attempt.

There was no chance Arthur was going to let Merlinnus II be taken by such a person. He had had to many run-ins with Morgause and knew it was time for her to go. He did what he had wanted to do for awhile now. Arthur, once again proved he was the rightful king of Britain.

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