Little Arthur

May 13, 2009
By Joe Bahr BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Joe Bahr BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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It had been ten months since the wedding of Arthur and Gwenhyvar, and much has occurred in that short time. Surprisingly enough, Gwen and Arthur have turned into a fine couple. They look rather elegant and graceful together and have been able to converse openly. Now it was just a few months ago that Merlinnus noticed a small bump developing on Gwen’s stomach.

“Yes we are going to have a baby,” Arthur had said with such pride and dignity.

Now, it was the day everyone in the castle had been waiting for. Hordes of people gathered in the courtyard, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new prince.

Finally, after hours of waiting, Merlinnus addressed the crowd saying, “We now present to you, the child of your King and Queen, Arthur and Gwen, Britain’s newest member of the Royal Family, Prince Giraud.”

As he finished, Arthur walked out carrying his newborn son. His eyes told all how much this baby meant for him, for he beamed at Giraud with a sense of pride even more so then when he looked at Gwen.

The crowd roared with delight as they saw the newest member of the Royal Family presented to them.

Peering into her scrying bowl, Morgause looked on with disgust, but also with great delight. “Wait till they see what I have in store for them,” she said to herself shrewdly.

For the next few weeks, Prince Giraud was visited from dawn to dusk. People came from all over the kingdom to welcome their new Prince. He was such a stunning baby. He possessed crystal clear blue eyes, and long, thick dark hair. With chubby legs and puffy, rosy red cheeks, he was quite a beauty to see.

The visitors brought with them fine gifts to celebrate the birth of Prince Giraud. Some were fresh fruits, delicate, hand woven quilts, elegant clothes, and fat livestock. No one appreciated these gifts more than Gwen, who was so wrapped up in taking care of little Giraud and helping Arthur run the kingdom. It was just too much for a single maiden to handle.

One day, Arthur and Gwen came back from a sword lesson Arthur was giving to Gwen. They found little Giraud with Sir Kay, and brought him back to the royal quarters. Setting him down in his cradle, they went to change out of their sweaty robes they had just trained with.

Finishing, Arthur came back to his son’s resting spot, but what he saw was mortifying.

The cradle was empty.

The author's comments:
This piece is the sequel chapter to the novel Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen.

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