Chapter 41 of Sword of the Rightful King

May 13, 2009
By chandler McCray BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
chandler McCray BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
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2 years later…

An unknown young woman is in Morgause’s castle room brewing a potion. She cooks with such passion and she is determined to create the potion she is working one. She works for hours to complete the brew and finally she is done, she looks up into the sky and lets out an evil laugh as she looks at a portrait of her mother on the wall and mutters to herself, “I shall avenge you…”
Morgause’s evil sister, Orienla, wants to destroy Arthur to avenge the death of her sister who died from Caliburnus’s sparks finally entering her heart after a month’s time. She created a potion to give her the ability to shape-shift into any person or creature she comes encounter with. She has everything she needs to annihilate Arthur. She walks into her kingdom and kidnaps a knight and kills him then takes on his form. Orienla easily walks into Arthur’s kingdom with no trouble at all.
Orienla meets Merlinnus to tell him that he wants to be a knight. Orienla is a master of disguise so as Merlinnus analyzes her he doesn’t notice anything strange. Everything is going as planned for Orienla. Merlinnus takes them to a private place like he always does to test them. Before he gets to it Orienla overpowers him by surprise and locks him in the dungeon and takes on his form. She tries to get Arthur alone with her to “tell him something important” but she seems very eager to do so which is unlike Merlinnus; her first mistake.
Lancelot catches this error but doesn’t tell Arthur in fear that he is wrong, but he knows something’s not right. He brings a sword to where they meet and secretly spies on them through a window. At one point when they are talking Arthur turns around and Lancelot notices Merlinnus (Orienla) mix poison into Arthur’s drink. Lancelot jumps in through the window and accuses Merlinnus of treason but he couldn’t believe is. Merlinnus shot him an evil grin and turned back into Orienla.
Surprised, Arthur and Lancelot start asking questions about the whereabouts of Merlinnus and herself. She tells them everything in confidence that they will both be dead in the next few minutes.
Lancelot and Arthur pull out their swords, Orienla then shape-shifts into Arthur to confuse Lancelot. As the two Arthurs are trying to convince Lancelot that he is the actual one Orienla casts a spell at Lancelot that fires him into the stone wall and he is knocked out. She does the same to Arthur but he stays conscious. As she goes to finish him off Arthur holds up Caliburnus and Orienla’s attack backfires onto her. He gets up and impales her to finish her off. He then retrieves Merlinnus from the dungeon. They all become more aware after that event.

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