Jimmy and his Magical Blue Crayon

May 13, 2009
By Joe Budenske BRONZE, Edina, Minnesota
Joe Budenske BRONZE, Edina, Minnesota
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“Ok class so tomorrow you’ll need something colorful to write with.” Hollered Mrs. Shinkle as the school bell tried to drown out her words. Jimmy, a small boy was in Mrs. Shinkle’s 1st grade class and was going to help draw a poster.

“Alright, here’s five dollars to spend on whatever you need for tomorrow.” Jimmy’s mom said as she handed over the cash. Jimmy started skipping down to the nearest crafts shop while singing “Ill be working on the railroad.” Halfway to the shop, he spotted a little dog. It was terrified of Jimmy. He guessed it was a little Scottish terrier puppy. It didn’t have any tags or anything around its neck, so Jimmy decided to pick it up and bring it along with him to the craft shop.

Upon arriving to the small craft shop, he smelled a horrible stench all throughout the store. It smelled of rotting fish. The dog reacted harshly to the smell sneezing several times. He jumped out of Jimmy’s arms and bolted out of the store. Jimmy gave chase, but it was no use. The dog was like a little lightning bolt just waiting to be let loose. Jimmy gave up on the chase and walked into the craft shop very distraught. The storekeeper, feeling very sorry for the boy decided to give him something special. He asked the boy to please step into the back room. Although his mother had warned him to never do such a thing he decided to ignore her teachings and followed him back through the store. As he walked through the secret door he found a simple blue crayon in the middle of the room guarded by a glass case and video cameras. The keeper entered a code onto a keypad which lifted up the case. He took out the crayon and gave it to Jimmy. “Thanks Mr. But I’m going to need some more of these.” Jimmy pleaded. “Trust me; this will be all you need.” The storekeeper said in a creepy way. Then the storekeeper led him out of the store and locked the door. Despite Jimmy’s constant protest he told him to go away and not come back.

As Jimmy sprinted back towards his house, he heard some barking and turned to see his furry friend right behind him. He picked up the tiny dog and proceeded to pet him on the head. “I don’t want to loose you again!” He told the pooch. Jimmy decided to make a special mark on the dog with his new blue crayon. He got very artistic and drew a superhero’s cape on the dog. Suddenly, the dog jumped out of Jimmy’s arms and started hovering in mid-air! He immediately flew off into the distance. Jimmy couldn’t believe his eyes! He’d just witnessed a flying dog, but little did he know, this was only the beginning of his adventure.

The next day, he took the blue crayon to school as instructed by his teacher. Still thinking about he flying dog, Jimmy wasn’t the least bit focused during school. He stated absent mindedly drawing three gigantic monsters on his paper. As quickly as he’d imagined them, these three unusual looking creatures came to life. “Hey look! There are three blue monsters in our class!” A young girl shouted. The teachers instinctively ushered everyone out into the hall. Not obeying instructions, Jimmy declared that he would defeat these monsters right then and there. He swiftly kicked the first one, but it didn’t even flinch. Without him even noticing, his instinctive side kicked in. He drew a very detailed hole with his blue crayon. The monsters, not being so bright, fell straight into the hole. Jimmy hurried to get some soap and water to wash off the blue crayon and trap the monsters for eternity.

He left the room and filtered in with his classmates. From eavesdropping on others conversations he learned that school was going to be let out for the rest of the day so the police could investigate on this mystery. Jimmy merrily walked home to find his mother watering her garden. He set his crayon on the front steps and went in to get his afternoon snack.

“I heard what happened at your school Jimmy, that’s really bizarre.” “I know.” Jimmy kept his answer terse so he could quickly go inside. As he came back out onto the steps he heard a big Crunch! He lifted up his foot and exclaimed “Oh no!” As he saw he’d a crushed his magic crayon to bits. “Oh well,” his mom said “It was only a blue crayon.” Little did she know of its magic. Jimmy’s heart broke along with the crayon. The day went on and Jimmy had the best day off ever and the only thing he had to thank was the magical blue crayon

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