Leaving Forever

May 13, 2009
By Erica_Humble BRONZE, Ruston, Louisiana
Erica_Humble BRONZE, Ruston, Louisiana
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She stared out the window at the moon, ignoring her parents' calls and her phone's annoying ring tone. She rested her forehead against the glass and sighed. Ever since she'd ran away her phone would not stop ringing. She only left it on because she was waiting for her grandma to call. Her grandma, her life, meant everything to her, and now she was gone. Nobody knew where she was, she had just left home without any warning, she hadn't even told her only grandchild she was leaving. Unbelievable emotional pain had swept through her entire body when she heard her grandma had left. She wanted to know WHY she left WHY she had to leave. So she ran away. Right now she was staying at a small unexpected hotel. She'd searched everywhere, everywhere where she might be. But like always no luck. She decided to look in the supposedly "magical" forest that her grandma had told her so many childhood stories about. She said there were fairies and unicorns, but now she didn't believe in those things.

The next morning she headed out for the forest, she had food for about three days and enough supplies to last her through the forest. There was a small village on the other side and if she couldn't find her grandma she planned on staying and maybe living there. She looked at the forest that she soon would be exploring, the trees towered over her and birds swooped and sailed over the green trees.
"Here we go." She said and took a step in the forest.
Nothing happened.
"Silly me." She said, she thought maybe something would happen something special but of course not. There was a small path that led to the village she followed it. Along the way the trees seemed to get closer and closer, soon there was barely any room left for her to walk. Squirrels rustled in the bushes and birds flew over her head screeching. Then suddenly something big, something huge rustled the bushes. She could see its outline it looked huge but it looked like a person.
“Hello?” She called not really expecting an answer.
Then the whole entire forest began moving the trees starting swaying back and forth the leaves being violently whipped side to side. The flowers swung in circles there beautiful blossoms barely hanging on for dear life. The grass and moss seemed to grow upward faster and faster each minute, until finally everything was so tall she could not see any where in front of her. The path was no longer visible the trees and flowers were still moving and the noise was extremely loud and threatening. She looked up desperately searching for the sky, but it was no where the grass had grown to a tremendous height and there was no way of seeing over it. She started running blindly not caring if she hit anything, all she wanted was her grandma, all of this was so scary. She tripped and fell to the ground she beat her fist on the ground, crying.
“Help, grandma, help me.” She said.
Suddenly the trees and flowers stopped moving the grass stopped growing and everything was silent. She sat up and looked around tears falling down her eyes, her knees were all scraped up and her hands were throbbing.
“Don’t be afraid dear.” Her grandmas voice said.
“Oh grandma, grandma where are you?” She said looking around.
“Here dear, here I am.” Her grandma said.
The grass didn’t move but from the grass came her grandmother, she was wearing a silver shall and silver pants her white hair tied neatly back into a bun. She walked towards her grandchild looking at her with so much love that the flowers around them erupted in bloom.
“My dear you have found me” Her grandma said calmly.
She stood up and looked at her grandma, she was glad to see her but how, how could she be so uncaring so hurtful, to just leave and not tell her and then act like she was suppose to find her. How could she do that!
“You left! You left without telling me,” She yelled tears streaming down her face. “I thought you cared about me I thought you would tell me if you were going to leave!”
Her grandmas smile left her face, sadness filled her eyes, and the flowers drooped around them.
“I didn’t want to leave you, I promise you that is not what I wanted. But it was my time to go. I will always care and I will always, always love you. You are my only grandchild and all of my love goes to you.” Her grandma said her voice calm.
Then she picked her granddaughter up in her arms and hugged her, until she could hug no more.
“I must leave now, I’m so sorry. I love you, stay strong for me.” Her grandma said a tear rolling down her cheek.
“No you can’t leave you can’t, I have nowhere to go nowhere to stay!” She cried reaching for her grandma.
But no matter how far she reached her grandma was always an inch away, she seemed to be floating backwards into the bushes the same tear still glistening and rolling down her cheek.
She stayed on the ground unmoving, her hand still outreached for her grandma.
“No, no, no.” She said over and over again. Her world slowly blurred from the tears and went black she slowly slumped to the ground, cold and alone.
* * * * * * *
The next morning a girl lay in her bed tears marks were still present on her face. She jolted up.
“NO! Grandma no!” She yelled frantically looking around.
She jumped out of her bed ran out her front door, she kept running and running she wouldn’t stop she couldn’t she couldn’t stop not now. She ran to the woods she ran fast and hard through the path hoping she would see her grandma hoping she would be there. But after running and running she broke through the forest and stepped on the path leading to the village which she could see over the hill.
“NO!!” She yelled, she repeated the word over and over again each time her voice becoming softer and softer. She looked up, she looked at the sky and the clouds, and hugged her self. Now, she was alone, and to her the world no longer seemed as bright as it once did.

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