The House On Climith Road

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

It all happened in the town of Mishicot. There was a haunted house on climith road. When a boy named Jamal and his family moved in the house on the night of Friday the 13th. Jamal and his family were the kind of people that like adventurous and exciting things. That would happen without a warning. I guess they would like the things that they never knew like strange things would happen to them that night.
When the first week of school started everyone knew he was the new kid. They all heard that he had moved into the old house on the hill up the block. Nobody wanted to even know him so they wouldn’t have to step foot on that road where he lived. People have heard that once somebody stepped into that house that nobody would ever step foot out in the light again. As the week went by strange things would be happening after school while Jamal’s parents would be gone at work. He would hear strange noises coming from down the hall way to his room. There would be an eerie noise, Like strange thud noises. As he would be walking down that hallway he would feel as if someone would be there beside him. As he would turn around no one would be there. All of a sudden the house started to feel like it was shaking underneath him he started to freak out.

He saw a shadow of a man starring right into his eyes as he turned around to leave his home. Then he got even more freaked out so he immediately started to run up the street away from his home. He decided to run to a near by friends house up the street from his. As he appeared at his friends Harlan’s house he ran up to his doorway and rang the doorbell to get him outside fast. Harlan answered the door. Jamal said, “Hey Har you won’t believe what happened at my house,” “I need you to come over with me now.” “Jamal I don’t know if I can right now cause my mom just got home and I’m helping he with dinner now before my dad gets home.” “Hey man can you just come with me for a while please because I am just freaking out right now.” “Do see my hands shaking, they weren’t shaking before.” “Ok, you got me ill go ask my mom just wait out her for a minute.”

After Jamal and Harlan left his house they started walking up the street to Jamal’s house. When they walked up the path way to his front door the door handle was locked. “Jamal did you lock your front door, because it isn’t opening?” “NO we don’t even have a lock for it either.” “Har you must not be turning it the right way man move out of the way.” Jamal tried opening the door but it wasn’t working, so Jamal new something was going on in the house so they had to go out through the back door. As they were walking around the house they heard something crash inside the house so they started to run to the back door. When Jamal opened the back door he saw the lamp on the floor all crashed into little pieces. “Jamal how did that lamp just crash if nobody is here to do it?” “I don’t know Har that’s why I asked you to come here with me to make sure I am not seeing things and that somebody else knows besides me so I don’t make a fool of myself. So that other people don’t think I am crazy or something.
As they walk through the house to make sure nobody else was even in the house Harlan saw something in the bathroom. He saw some kind of shadow of an old guy. “Hey, Jamal come in the bathroom for a minute.” “What’s up Har?” “Hey, Jamal I just saw a shadow of like an old dude sitting her on the sink.” “Did you ever see that in your house before?” said Harlan. “I did just before I came to your house that’s when I started to freak out because I didn’t know if I was just going insane or something.” explained Jamal. I told you that I wasn’t gonna be kidding around with something like this that is happening. But nobody listens to the new kid that lives in a haunted house I guess. “Why do people have to be so stereotype against other people?” They don’t even know me and probably don’t even want to have a chance because of the house I live in. It’s not even that bad or scary. “BOOM”, all of a sudden they heard a huge bang coming from the room up the hall way stairs. Let’s go see what is going on up stairs. As they walked up the steps something had tripped them even though nothing was there in front of them. Then as Jamal got up again he saw a knife right in front of his face. Then a shadow had appeared it was an old guy named Jeff. Then Harlan just had a flashback about when they had played a trick on him when he had lived in the same house recently before Jamal had. That same night they played the trick on Jeff he had died from it to because he had slipped and fell over pumpkin they had threw at his house on Halloween night. “Hey Jamal look out!” said Harlan. And the knife in front of his face had tried to cut him. Then Jeff started to chase after them. The two boys started running for the basement to the back door.

Once they had made it to the basement they locked the back door and stood by the window. “Har, who is this guy, do you know him or something and why is he coming after us?” asked Jamal. “Yes, I know this guy Jamal.” I think he is chasing us because the night of Halloween last year we played a prank on him because he always was yelling at us when we were playing around in front of his house. We just put a banana peel on his front step of his door way when he came out he fell we thought it would be funny I guess but he just got knocked out cold then we just ran. Jamal couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Then all of a sudden Jeff came back with a torch then the boys started to run. Suddenly Jeff had lit the rug on fire they where standing on. Next thing you notice that the whole living room floor was on fire. Jamal and Harlan ran for there lives out the front door. But Jeff had blocked there path by making a trail of fire down they hall. Then they tried getting out through the back doorway but Jeff blocked that too. The only thing they could do was trying to go out through they basement door. They ran for there lives as they got to the back door in the basement. Once they had tried opening it they realized it was locked. Harlan burst out saying “This is my entire fault Jamal now we are going to die and I’m not ready to die yet man.” Jamal said “Its not your fault its no ones ok and we will make it out alive whether this whole house will burn down to ashes or not.” Then Jamal found an axe and started bashing it into the wooden door. After his last hit he made a whole for then to be able to get through. They both ran to the front of they house then by the time they got around to the front there were fire trucks right in front of his house. By the time the fire was out half of they house was burned down. “Man I can’t believe this even happened.” said Jamal, “What am I going to say to my parents when they come home?”

When Jamal’s parents got home they talked it over with Jamal and he explained the whole thing to him. But he just made up and excuse that he just forgot he was cooking something in the kitchen. They decided that they were going to move out of the small town anyways. But the only people who really new what happened was Jamal and Harlan they will never forget the first time they met and the haunted house that was lit on fire by the man they kill named Jeff.

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