The Savior

May 12, 2009
By Joe Simmons BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
Joe Simmons BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
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As Mark entered his families flat near Hyde Park, London, he turned on the TV. The reporter said “This day, September 1, 2012 has marked a new world threat, armies of the Middle East are threatening Eastern Europe…….” Typical, Mark thought, this year has not been very good at all for “bright news”. Terrorists have already made several attempts on hijacking and bombings on targets around the free world. Soon enough this world, that had so much potential will come to an end.

After grabbing a glass of milk and an Oreo or two, Mark slipped away to his favorite place, Hyde Park. There he had spent many hours exploring its vast grounds, and playing outside with his sister Sharon. But this time he would go to an unfamiliar section of his favorite place, the East side. As he walked along the un-inhabited bike path (it was tea time) he noticed a little cave. He entered it and went as far back as he could. As black as obsidian, and clear as glass, stood a stone, with a sword up-right in it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He slowly approached it and on its hilt it read, “Whoso Pulleth oute this Swerde is Rightwies Savior of all Brytaine. Funny he though that it would say savior and not king. According to the King Arthur books he had read they all said King Borne of all Britain in stead of savior. He knew this was no joke; he had to believe it.

Mark then ran home to his sister Sharon, who he knew would believe him and follow him. She was as he expected playing with her dolls. “Come on get up I have to show you something!” mark exclaimed. “Later, I’m busy.” she said. “Ill tell Mom!” Mark shouted. “Ok but only because it sounds important.” Sharon sighed. Mark and Sharon reached the cave in a hurry; only too find the sword in the stone was not there! “So you found a cave, big deal?” Sharon said disappointedly. “No there was a big stone, and cool sword and writing and…and…and.” Sharon had already left; disappointed that she had left her dolls unattended. But where did it go Mark thought to him self, it was huge! Mark was soon to find out where it went. Although it wouldn’t be his secret anymore, or anyone’s for that matter. It was in the center of Piccadilly Circus, the Times Square of London. Where everyone could see it, touch it, and the sword.

“The sword in the stone is the key!” shouted the queen as she woke up. “I saw it in my dream, I never dream, but this was special, something will happen, something marvelous!” excitedly exclaimed the queen. “There was an old man too saying only one can pull the sword. There was also a young King standing there, but he did not speak. She explained all this to her highest servant, also her closest friend. “This could relate to King Arthur I suppose, but it sounds a little um….odd if you ask me you’re Highness.” politely said the butler in a quiet voice. “We shall see very soon, yes very soon.”

None would believe it, a sword in a stone determining the fate of the free world. This was too fake, too Hollywood. But despite their best efforts, the London police and cranes and bull dozers could not move the odd stone. Until the queen of England had her vision, everyone bypassed the stone. By this time in 2012 the queen had much more royal power, especially with the Middle East trouble, so everyone in London lined up to pull the sword. All men that is. So Mark was among those who were in the long line of people. Vendors took this opportunity to sell their goods to the waiters, making quite a profit. So far nothing had happened; no one expected any august presentation for the person who did pull the sword. It was September 22, at about 2:45 and Mark was only a few minutes away from trying the sword. “Aye, its Solstice day, did anybody know that?” said a man with a heavy British accent. “Suppose to be a day of great magic!” Mark thought for a second, what if he pulled the sword? Wouldn’t that be something? Mark was only two people away now.

The next two people failed and left. Mark was up. He slowly approached the polished stone. Two armed guards were on either side of the stone obviously bored out of their mind. Two cameras also were perched on a nearby building watching the stone. Mark finally stood on the colossal stone. The sword was as he remembered it when he first saw it, shiny and mysterious. Although this time he would get to touch it. He nervously grasped the hilt made a slight tug. It budged. Another pull. It came out a little more. Finally he removed the whole sword and held it high in the air like a beam of light breaking through the fog. Then a bright light, a swooping wind and the sounds of angels flew through the air like a tornado. Mark, the sword and the stone were all gone. Only a confused crowd and two very surprised and awakened guards remained.

The author's comments:
September 22, at 2:45 is the actual time for the fall solstice in 2012

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