May 11, 2009
By Jared Dent BRONZE, Salme, Oregon
Jared Dent BRONZE, Salme, Oregon
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Once upon a time like all really good stories start, or was it along time ago. Well I don’t know so on with the tale of Glorkil the orc. Glorkil was an amazing fighter and he loved to have adventures all the time. He would go off on one of these crazy quests and come back with all kinds of treasures. But most of all he would come back still alive. Most of the people in the town would make bets on when he won’t come back. But Glorkil never ever listen to them. Oh I forgot to tell you were are adventurist lived. He lived in a dark and fogy town far from anything but during the day it was amazing with the sun shining and birds talk all about. This town name was Dragdon. The name came from great fearsome beasts. They were thought to be kings of the sky’s. But the king of this town, people say back in his glory days had really killed one but people say that’s crazy no one has even got close to one with out dyeing, and I guess that’s how the town got its name. One more thing you need to know before I tell you this story is what are adventurer looked like. He was to be known to be a giant people would say. Because he was twice the size of a normal orc, he had to have custom made armor and weapons for him. He was green like most orcs were, and for some reason he wore his armor all the time so nobody really new what he looked like. Okay now you enough to go on with are tale. Glorkil awoke one marvelous day the sun was up way before any of the towns people have even got out of there beds. So Glorkil went stumbling through the town like a giant walking around with hobbits. People always look at him like some thing was wrong giving him all these nasty looks, that made him think that they didn’t want him here. As he kept stumbling along, he went to his good friend and one of his only friends in the town. Andderons black smith. Andderon was a heaver guy with black matty old hair and black hands that look like they have been through everything. They talked for a little bit and finial he asked for his sword to be sharpened. Hey worries said Andderon I will whip that up in a sec. So of he went hammering away and when he was done. It was so shiny that you could see you face in the blade. Then off went are adventurer on another quest. As he was leaving the town he passed under the great silver gates glimmering in the sunshine and crossing the giant stone bridge that hovers just above the water. As he was sitting in grasses filed just thinking where he should go. Well I guess I will go find out what the caves of the Devine have in store for me today. It was a nice three hour walk from his house in Dragdon. As he was walking there he walked there the old forest. That’s what most people called it, no one really know the name of it I think. Because people never went there I mean all it is. Are lots and lots of trees and dead trees to. So he finely he got to were he was going and poled out his sword and went in. It was pitch black. But that was not a problem he was so good at seeing in the dark that it was like the sun was in the cave with him. After a little bit of wondering around the cave he came to a fire. He started think why is this here I mean how would ever live in cave. When you could sleep in a nice bed and wake up the breakfast to. As he was looking around the cave he spotted some thing that he would he never ever thought would be in a cave like this. Mounds and mounds of gold every where like nothing he has ever seen before. His eyes almost fell out of his head, ran over and started stuffing bags and bags full to the brim. Oh no got to hide, so he tipped toed over behind some rocks and gold. To get out of the way of some thing coming, one giant all black dog like thing. He has never seen this animal before ever what is it he thought to him self. So he got up and headed to the beginning of the cave and all of a sudden. He heard voices and to his amazement he started to turn around slowly, and what he saw was a pack of dog like things. In attack mode with snarled up faces and fangs longer then my fingers. Asking me what I am doing with there gold. My heart about to rip out of his cheats and ran away. Talking animal what that’s crazy. But he didn’t tell them that. One of them stepped forward which most be the leader. The biggest one of them all black like the rest but, with blood shot eyes and red bloody paws twice the size of the others and each one of his fangs looked like little daggers. He spoke a mighty voice that would make a legend fall to his knees. Well um I didn’t know this was your gold sorry. What is your name? My name is Glorkil. Why do you have my gold that I have worked so hard for? Well I was going on adventure to find new places, and gold. I am sorry that I stole your gold from you. Its ok you can have are gold this one time but if I see you over in this parts again. You will be ripped to paces. So go now and never come back. Oh thank you thank you. So off went Glorkil never to head to those parts again. He stopped to rest under a great oak tree thinking to him self what a jeaneries leader. After a little nap he started back home before it got late, and then he was in a world of trouble when the Dragdons come out. As he was walking back looking up at the darkened sky, and With the stars that lighted the path way home. What a peaceful night ever thing is so perfected not to cold not to hot. The wind blowing just a little is making the trees dance in the darkened sky. But when he got home, he was amazed with the whole town up in flames, and a Dragdon flying above and raining fire down upon the town. Screaming and screeches that could make the mountains crumble. Some one killed my daddy said the beast. I and every one in the town were thinking the king really did kill a Dragdon that’s impossible they are almost gods of the sky. Glorkil ran to the kings house and started yell help help we are being attacked. But no one came to the door were could he be at a time like this. Then the king pushes the door open and with a flash he was flying around in the sky fighting the great beast with lighting flying though his fingers. Dragdon screams you’re the one who killed him and with one mighty swing of his tail down went the king. Slamming into the earth with rocks flying everywhere, and with a blink of a eye the beast was on top of the king screeching at him. Glorkil got up off the ground and with out hesitate ran over and slammed the long sword though the beast neck the beast let out rattling sound and dropped died. The whole town in amazement started shouting Glorkil Glorkil Glorkil and that’s how unwanted orc became a legend.

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