A New Plan

May 11, 2009
By Nash Reimer BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
Nash Reimer BRONZE, Mission Hills, Kansas
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It is eighteen years after the wedding and Merlinnus is in his tower pondering like he always does. There hasn’t been a puzzle to solve for a long time; my, that is puzzle in itself, thought Merlinnus. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, then another, and another. Merlinnus leaped up and scuttle over to the door. He leisurely opened the door. It was Gavine, Arthur and Gwen’s seventeen year old son. “Merlinnus, I’m going out to practice my archery. I need you to take care of Leonagan,” said Gavine. Then, there was a small movement by his feet. “Merny, Merny.” It was Leonagan, Arthur and Gwen’s two year old son. Merlinnus heaved Leon up on his shoulder and thought, Age is catching up with me very quickly now. Merlinnus laboriously journeyed down to the throne room, where he expected either Arthur or Gwen to be, but neither were there. Merlinnus conversed with Captain Cassius. “The King told me that they were going out and leaving Gavine and Leon. If there was any trouble you could find Gwen and him at the mill,” said Cassius, “That’s the message he gave me.” “Thank you, Captain. I have to report some events to Arthur at his return and I must deliver him his son,” said Merlinnus. “They did take picnic supplies with them when they left, sir,” replied Cassius.

Two hours later, after Arthur and Gwen had returned, Merlinnus imparted his report to Arthur about the lack of puzzles, but Arthur wasn’t very interested. As they were talking over dinner in the Great Hall, Sir Gawaine and Agravaine barged through the doors and past the guards towards Arthur and Merlinnus. “Sire,” the brothers blurted simultaneously. “Our mother is coming,” said Gawaine. “Coming to see your new son,” Agravaine followed. “What is the meaning of this…visit? She isn’t even related to Leonagan,” Merlinnus wondered flabbergasted. “Could it perhaps be revenge? She could cast a spell on your son,” worried Gawaine. My, my, we finally have a puzzle, Merlinnus though to himself.

Before the next full moon had risen Morgause had arrived in Cadbury. With her she had brought the twins and their younger brother. “How long are you visiting, my queen?” questioned Arthur. “A fortnight so I can see my son and his wife and your new son,” Morgause quickly replied.

She had a lengthy visit with Gawaine and Mariel and their eighteen year old daughter, Martila. They talked about the only thing that anybody would talk about right now, the king’s new son, but Morgause also talked about a new plan to capture the throne. “I still don’t want to be king, mother. It is Arthur’s right,” said Gawaine. “It should be yours,” declared Morgause, “I will have to give a potion to their son. I could make him fall in love with Martila.” “Then I would be father to the heir and you would be grandmother to the heir. Yea, but it’s still on the heir,” replied Gawaine.

The next night a celebration was held. Gavine’s birth had coincided with Arthur’s birthday, so they shared a birthday. That night, before the feast, just as she had done, eighteen years before Morgause slipped her potion into Gavine’s drink. The feast got off to a great start and everybody was having a joyous time. Gavine was just about to make a toast to his father, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a flashing light by the end of the table. It was a fire; the end of the table had gotten too close to the hearth and had ignited. Gavine quickly through his wine along with Arthur’s and Gwen’s on to the fire putting it out. Another plan ruined, thought Morgause.

After the feast that night Morgause had no reason to stay any longer. The next morning she packed her belongings and left for home with Agravaine, the twins, their younger brother, and her trickery and magicks.
Once again, no puzzles to solve, thought Merlinnus.

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