The Final Chapter

May 11, 2009
By supakewl#1 BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
supakewl#1 BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
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Sixteen dreadfully long years have passed and all I have been doing is sitting around, waiting for something to happen; grumbled Morgause to herself as she usually went about her spell room. Then all of a sudden it came to her, a thought so terrible that she laughed and shook her main of elf knotted hair about her. All of my other sons have failed me yet there is still Medrant. Yes, Medrant will do. Morgause began to gather an assortment of ingredients for a bewitchment spell for she knew Medrant would refuse to do anything to overthrow Arthur and his bride Gwen.
The spell was, overall, disgusting and foul, full of power and menace, just the way she liked them to be. As the fumes wafted about her Medrant knocked on the door. Probably inquiring why I am not present at dinner; thought Morgause. Mother; Medrant called. Are you in there? Why have you not come to supper? Medrant. No wonder I have not sent you to Arthur’s Kingdom in Cadburn before tonight; Morgause said swiftly under her breath. Why don’t you come in here, Medrant, I would like to give you something, something that took me a long while to make for you. You wouldn’t want to refuse your mother now would you?
“No mother, said Medrant wondering what his mother would want with him all of a sudden. His mother has not ever wanted Medrant, her youngest son for anything before now. This must be something important or rather disturbing. Morgause looked over to her youngest son. He was tall and muscular as any prince should be. Yet, his strongest features were his startlingly deep-sea blue eyes. They seemed to run on and on like a tunnel or my black heart. He was indeed as handsome as Sir Lancelot; there was no doubt about it. “ Come here darling and try this new remedy I have made for you. It will cure any wounds you may have acquired from hunting and jousting.” He automatically took the potion from her awaiting hand and swallowed the whole thing down in one gulp. “ Thank you Mother for giving me… such… a nice… What do you want me to do Lady Morgause, for I am thy most humble servant. “ I want you to go to Cadburn and take over Arthur’s kingdom and make it thy own. Medrant turned and headed for the stables. The strongest mare was waiting for him and he rode off without haste to his destination.
Merlinnus was pacing in front of his scrying bowl. What could this mean? Why would Morgause send her youngest son to Cadbury? He looked down at his cracked, yellow fingernails and slowly rubbed his wrinkled forehead. Morgause has not been heard of in the last sixteen years and all this time I thought she would not send Medrant to Cadbury. I must speak with the King and Queen to warn them of this new information.
He ran down the sinuous stairs to the throne room where Arthur and Gwen would be discussing how to make the kingdom a better place to live in. “ I thing we should lower the taxes on transportation goods and…hello Merlinnus. Haven’t seen you in here since; well yesterday; said Arthur jokingly but stopped abruptly when he saw Merlinnus’s expression. “ What is it Merlinnus has something happened to Lillian. We told her to stop playing with her sword without one of us there watching her.”
“Stop Arthur. Just stop.” There is nothing wrong with your daughter. I just saw Morgause sending Medrant here to Cadbury. He is riding on horseback and will probably be arriving here tonight. “This is indeed interesting news; said Gwen thoughtfully. What would Morgause or Medrant want with us?” “ I just don’t know yet but knowing Morgause she has been scheming and finally came up with an idea to ruin your kingdom. Said Merlinnus swiftly. He should be arriving in no less than an hour. Let us prepare for his arrival.
Medrant rode quickly and quietly through the forest to reach Arthur’s castle as his mother instructed. He has no notion of the time but he knew he needed to be near Arthur and Gwen by dawn. Thankfully his task would be done quickly for there was going to be a tournament at Cadbury and the King was sure to compete. I will just sign up in the tournament, pretend to be an innocent knight and when it is time to face Arthur I will slit his throat and then he will die a slow and painful death. Full of the misery and woe he has caused my mother over the past sixteen years. Medrant grinned at his planned exhibition as he rode up to the castle wall.
There was a sudden rumble of yelling in the corridor by the front gate to the castle. “Medrant!” yelled some familiar voice, “What are you doing here?” Mother sent me, Gawaine, to compete in the tournament tomorrow. Isn’t that splendid? Am I not your brother come all this way just to receive an inadequate welcome? “That is not what I intended to come across Medrant; how about you come and meet Arthur and the lovely Queen Gwen?” They walked to the feasting room where Arthur was entertaining some nobles and Kay who was wearing the usual. Red velvet with gold delicately sewn across the hem and maroon plumes from his decorative hat.
What’s this, Gawaine? Another spy from your mother? “ Terry not terry not Kay; said Arthur jokingly. This is probably my good companion, Gawaine’s little brother Medrant. Not so little anymore your highness, said Medrant in a rich voice of a leader. Actually I have come to compete in the tournament tomorrow. I was hoping to go against you Arthur for I truly do not believe in your skill at sword fighting. “What!!” said Arthur surprised? We will soon see if you have the skill Gawaine has been boasting about for some time now. Good, said Medrant expectantly. I can’t wait.
Cheering came from the stands, knights were lined up along the castle wall, and the horses were well groomed and ready for the jousting tournament. What possible could go wrong? Thought Arthur to himself happily. “Are you ready to fight Medrant, for your up first?” Said Arthur tauntingly. “But of course”; said Medrant nonchalantly. Arthur sat primly awaiting his first opponent, Medrant. Taunting him forward. “This is just what I want Arthur”, said the bewitched Medrant under his breath. He quickly road forward and Arthur matched his movement. Medrant used all of his strength and he pushed Arthur to the dusty ground. “ I have you now”, said Medrant. “ This is for my mother. He swiftly lifted his sword and the world turned black.

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