The Day My Stomach Hurt

May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

It was as cold winter morning and it was as cold as ice. Wait is it winter or is it still fall. I remember it has something to do with a squirrel or weasel, something of that sort. As I sat there pondering that useless question, I realized that my stomach hurt. I was a ravenous lion hungry for its next meal. So I decided to get something to eat. I walked into the kitchen and opened the pantry door. I looked in and the only thing I saw was five dozen boxes of freeze dried tofu. It smelled horrible like a dying cat. No, it was worse. It smelled like a pig that died a couple of weeks ago. I looked around and I couldn’t find any other food. So I grabbed some of the smelly goo and shoved it down my throat, it tasted horrible I wondering what it would do to me in a couple of hours.

So I left to go to a friend’s house. I got on my bike and off I went. As I was riding my bike I just couldn’t help notice something weird. I couldn’t tell what it was. I decided to let it go, and in no time I was there. I got off my bike and knocked on the door no one answered. I knocked one more time. Once again no one answered. So I got back on my bike and I decided to ride my bike to the park. When I got to the park I found it was an empty pit. It was as empty as my stomach when I was forced to eat that tofu. There was no one there at all, but I didn’t care. I liked it when there weren’t many people anyway. I found my favorite tree and climbed to the top I looked around I could see everything for miles away. And then it hit me like a dodge ball hits you in the face. I realized there were no people walking around. There were no cars. I saw no one nothing I couldn’t hear anything not even the slight whisper of someone talking or a bird chirping. I had to figure out what was going on.

I climbed down the tree as fast as I could, and like lightning I got on my bike and was off. I rode past a Publix and there were no cars in the parking lot. Then I realized the situation I was in I started thinking about where the people were. I found a really tall billboard and I started climbing up the ladder I got about halfway up and I looked around at first I couldn’t see anything but after a while I decide that there definitely was something moving over by the cemetery. I thought to myself, “This is great everyone has disappeared there is something moving over by the cemetery.” If you have seen any horror movie you could see that this might not end well. But I had to go over there. If there was any reason that everyone had disappeared it was because of whatever was in the cemetery. I climbed down the tower and quickly got on my bike I rode to the cemetery like my life depended on it. As I was riding I started feeling really uneasy. I started wanting to turn around, but I knew that if I was ever going to be able to save everyone wherever they are I needed to press on. But I was finally there and there was no turning back now. I walked into the graveyard and I was suddenly hit in the head with something. I fell asleep and after a while I woke up there was another horrible smell. It smelled like rotting dead people. I looked around and I saw a giant creature with three legs and one giant eye. It was the biggest monster I had ever seen even in a movie. It started walking towards me. I got up and ran away it started chasing me. It was throwing crazy punches at me. I ran like the wind. I tried to run to my bike but as the monster threw another punch he tripped and slid into my bike. I had no way of escaping now I was stuck. I attempted to run away but he got back up and looked at me with his basket ball eye. I ran and he followed me. Eventually hit a dead end and I was stuck he charged at me and I quickly jumped out of the way like a gazelle escaping a lion. He ran into a large building so fast he couldn’t stop so he ran right into ground zero. He exploded and a flash of light radiated out of him so I couldn’t see anything for a couple of seconds, but later I could see people were starting to climb out of the glob of mass that was left of the monster on the ground. Moments later they lifted me up on their shoulders and started cheering my name. I am glad I saved all of those people, but my stomach still hurt.

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