2 minutes of freedom

May 10, 2009
By 400miles BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
400miles BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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He lay on his bed in the living room fast asleep. Slowly he opens his eyes and stretches his paws out in front of him. They’re pure white with one tiny brown spot. Raising his body off of the soft bed, his eyes adjust to the light. Feeling tired, he jumps up on the sofa and peers out the window. Every day he dreamed of being outside with the other cats. His eyes focus on the furry bodies of five cats playing in the snow. If only he could escape this boring house and be free to play outside in the fresh air.

Silently, he hops off the couch and scampers to the front door and waits. Any minute the human will come, and when it opens the door he will sprint through and be free. The door handle wiggles as the human fumbles with the lock. After opening the door he pounces between its legs and feels a rush of cold air in his fur.

Ignoring the loud noises the human makes, he runs down the hill into the trees where the other cats are playing, but they scatter at the sound of his paw steps. He could here the human behind him making noises and chasing him through the snow. Instinctively, he dashes away and takes cover in a nearby bush. The human angrily marches back into the warm house.

He feels the freezing snow burn his paws. Numbing his ears, the wind blows in his eyes causing them to water. The other cats were no where to be found and he is beginning to feel cold and helpless. He already misses warm bed, inside his quiet, house. Walking back up the hill, he struggles to make it through the deep snow. Finally, he arrives at the closed front door and begins to scratch and meow with all his might. Three seconds later, the door swings open and the relieved human scoops him up. Never before had he felt so happy to see the human or to be in his house. He is safe, warm and ready for a nice long nap.

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