my fairytale

May 10, 2009
By marissa GOLD, New Castle, Pennsylvania
marissa GOLD, New Castle, Pennsylvania
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I wake up to another morning, i llook down out my window and their you are throwing pebbles. You smiled and i opened my window and smiled back at you, you said i wont let you fall, just jump and i will catch and hold you in my arms forever. I jumped into his arms as the wind rushed through my hair.
as the sun began to rise i ran through the garden. than i looked back one last time and there you were standing there , i ran and jumped into your arms and you spun me round and round and i said i will give it all up for you anyday and i love you. you said lets run i will race you to the other side. i asked him to the other side of what? and you ran forward with full force. i then followed and found him standing over the lake throwing pebbles and you said you told me you would give it all up for me, he then knelt to the ground and said marry me, give it all up just for me lets make it our fairytale. i jumped on him and he rolled over and i said yes i do love you and i will give it all up and lets run. we ran and jumped into the lake and my fairytale finually came true. as we crawled into the grass and lied down, he said lay by me,and so i layed on his chest and listened to his heartbeat and he said you hear that? and i said yes i do and he said you made my fairytale come true and my heart now beats because of you he kissed me and i knew that for surely my fairtale came true to...

The author's comments:
this piece is about a girl who wasnt allowed to be with the one she loved so she ran away to a place where they could be together forever.

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