Once Upon A......

May 8, 2009
By Lexi Ulmer BRONZE, Blue Jay, California
Lexi Ulmer BRONZE, Blue Jay, California
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Theres a girl. Her name is Jamie VonAvi. Her life is that of an average girl. Okay, average if your beautiful, popular, unique, and the whole world worships the ground that you walk on. She is tall, every boy wishes she was theres, and every girl either wishes she was her best friend, and even some of those doom and gloomers wish they WERE Jamie. But Jamie is super unique. She isn't the popular snob you would run into at most schools. She is nice to everyone, and sadly, most like to take advantage of that fact. She would rather spend her weekend doing something for a charity cause than hanging out at the local mall with her friends. But right now, all of her time is spent trying to figure out who she is gonna go to the senior prom with...*sigh* With S.A.Ts coming up and end of the year senior projects, and did I mention she still needs to buy her yearbook and her graduating cap and gown? Well, long story short, she has a lot going on.

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