The War

May 7, 2009
By Anonymous

The Samurais have ruled the land. It was sort of a peaceful dictatorship which convinced the peasants to switch to the side of the Samurais. But then there was a rebellion of the people who wanted to not live in a dictatorship any more. Over the decades the numbers of the very evil thieves have vastly increased. They decided that it was their time to rule the land so the created an army of the strongest, bloodthirsty humans and man eating mystical creatures. There were many different combinations of mystical creatures that they made. There was one leader Affuna Alfonso who was the meanest person to ever walk the planet. The ways of his torture were undescribable to say the least. So when they attacked they used these fighting styles the other armies because they didn’t know what the thieve’s next move would be.

The thieves have never dared to fight the Samurais yet because they have a humongous army. Now the number of creatures in the army of the thieves had increased and they also had creatures which were created by Satan himself. Then a leader was born who became king. His name was Fumito which means man of history. He was trained by the best so he could lead his army into battle. Then a few years passed and he knew it was time for the great massacre to begin. None of the Samurais have met Affuna Alfonso in person but rumor says that his weapons were molded from the fiery coals of the underworld. It also tells that if you get wounded by one of his weapons poison will go throughout your body and kill you in a matter of minutes. The Samurais had a huge party that night because the next day was the beginning of the war. It is just the Samurais left in the city because all of the peasants have evacuated. On that next day it was a dusty, foggy morning. The Samurais herd something coming from outside the walls and it was the two guards rushing out into a sea of thieves so they can try and hold them off in case the Samurais were not right behind the wall to their city. Then in a matte5r of seconds the whole army of thieves swept over the wall and the war began.

The thieves were swinging their swords wildly and were beheading the Samurais. The Samurais were killing the thieves very quickly so back at the thieve’s camp Affuna Alfonso released the creatures but there was one massive monster which is more catastrophic then all of the creatures combined. It was a huge terrible dragon and had claws that were as sharp as enormous needles. It’s mouth is so big it can swallow you whole.

It came so quickly at our city that it busted through the wall which crumbled like a potato chip. Then it was standing right in front of Fumito and started breathing fire into his face which was almost crisp as burnt toast from the fire. But then Fumito drew his blood soaked sword and slashed it right across the dragon’s scales. Even though it was the most terrible dragon that ever walked any planet, it had the shiniest scales which the blood twinkled on. It was such a small cut for such a mighty dragon that it did not hurt it. Then Fumito tried again and this time he drove the mighty sword right through the dragon’s heart. Once the dragon was dead Fumito turned around quickly and there was Affuna Alfonso standing right in front of him who said, “ This will be our last battle ”. Then Fumito cried, “Bring it on my skills are better than yours ”. Then Fumito swung his sword which was easily blocked by Affuna’s weapon. Affuna took out another small and tried to stab Fumito but Fumito blocked it with his hand. Fumito kicked Affuna back into a wall. Affuna got up and did a move on him. The move was when you pretend you are going to punch that person but then at the last second you kick them instead. Fumito had blood gushing from his nose after that kick. Then Affuna Alfonso moved closer to him and whispered, “You were never meant to be king of the land anyway.” Just when Affuna was about Fumito off Fumito threw an uppercut at him out of nowhere which broke Affuna Alfonso’s nose and then Fumito shoved him forcibly off the bridge. When Affuna hit the water he was not quite dead but then a shark came by and made a snack out of him. Then Fumito went unconscious because he was losing blood too quickly. Fumito thought that the Samurais would find him and heal his wounds. He was right that the people found him but by the time that they did it was too late. Fumito king of the Samurais was dead . There will be a new king to rule the Samurais one day but no king will be as good as Fumito.

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