Flash Fiction

May 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Lucy was sick of her parents always being on her back. She was 13 now, and could take care of herself. “Clean your room!” “Do your homework!” “Set the table!” She was fed up. She dashed out the door and escaped into the woods area down and across the street. As she darted through the clumps of branches and muck she felt something catch her ankle and launched forward into a pile of dirt. When she got up to see what she tripped on, she found it to be a large, spotted egg. She picked it up, and saw a crack across the middle of the egg. The ground started to shake. She heard an ear-piercing roar that made her cringe. Her heart practically pounding out of her chest, she realized that whatever this creature was, it was now standing right behind her. She felt a whopping chunk of drool drip down her hair that had a stench of a corpse. As she looked up, she saw a creature that was once known to be extinct, but was well aware she wouldn’t have enough time to inform the rest of the world. Mommy was coming to protect baby…

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