A Sharp Nose That Resulted In Death

May 9, 2009
By ifeeltoojumpy SILVER, Westboro, Massachusetts
ifeeltoojumpy SILVER, Westboro, Massachusetts
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You may be wondering why I was found with a bloody knife, staring down furiously at the dead man. No, first, let me tell you: I had not killed the man because I hated him. I was simply defending myself from the man chasing me; the man who could not walk was chasing me!
Ha! You must think me a fool; but I ain’t one, and I’m sure ‘bout that. Let me tell you exactly what happened at that time, for my time is short.
I was grocery shopping at the local super market since my wife was probably out somewhere, drinking with those crazy friends of her. I scanned the shelves for some cereals when I realized that a man staring at me.
His intense gaze sent a chill down my spine, like an elementary kid staring up at the principal as he gets detention. Everything about him was nothing out of the ordinary – except his long nose and intense stare. He was sitting in a wheel chair, doing nothing but staring’ at me.
The man gave me an uneasy feeling, so I walked away from the man. To my surprise, the man came behind me. I sped up my pace and the man sped up his.
I started to run, and the man was still behind me. Dropping the box of Fruit Loops, I ran outside the store, down the steps, and into the dark chilly night. I ran up to my car, and buckled up and started the loud engine.
I looked back at the store, relieved to find the man gone. I sped up onto the road, further and further down till I was the only one on the road.
A cemetery appeared on my right, just as I felt someone breath in my ears. I turned around, very slowly, while grabbing my cell phone out of my pockets. My hands were halfway out of the pocket, when I suddenly felt someone touching my hands.
It gave me the same chilly feeling as when I felt the breath in my ears. Unable to hold the fear inside me and stay calm, I hit the brakes. The car screeched loudly as it stopped, and I heard a man behind me whistle.
I turned around my head, my lips and body trembling with fear, and saw the nose. Sharp, razor sharp. The lips beneath the nose curved up and stayed that way until I opened the door and started running. Away from my car, away from the cemetery, and away from the man.
The man got out of the car, the wheel chair still underneath him, and chased me. I sprinted, thinking of nothing, and when I turned around, the man was ten feet behind me, standing by the cemetery door. His wheel chair was rolling down the middle of the road, as suddenly, the road lights dimmed and dimmed until I was left in complete darkness with a man who could have possibly be trying to kill me. Nothing was there for me to see, for it was completely dark. But as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw something that I would regret seeing.
I could faintly make out the shape of the man waving his arms, his back towards me. He must have mumbled a few things, for I could swear that I heard a noise coming from his throat.
I decided to take advantage of him, and commanded my legs to run away, but they stood still. I tried again, letting out a low moan of irritation. I was still. Nothing moved; I was frozen, just like the fish I’d wanted to buy at the store.
The man turned around and looked at me, opening his eyes, and I saw it, very clearly. His eyes were green, shimmering in the darkness. I was no woman in love; I didn’t exaggerate things to make her man seem charming and above the rest. His eyes were actually shining, like a flashlight!
Behind him, I could see the dead rising up and stretching! I let out a wild cry and started running, forcing my legs to move. The man came after me, yelling, “I need your heart!”
A sparkle on the road caught my attention, and as I approached it, I found it to be a knife. And I bent down and took it just as the man came behind me. Before the man could see, I stabbed the knife at his heart, into his body, and outside the back it came. The man yelled out a shriek, a yelp of cry as he realized my action. I opened my mouth and felt the moist air swish gently on my lips.
With unnecessary strength, I pulled the knife out of the man’s body. The lights flickered back on, as a police car came beeping down the road. A bald police hand cuffed my hands.
After looking around me, he summarized, “You are charged of murder and destroying a lab experiment.”
“Lab experiment?” questioned I, for the man was a human, was he not?
“Please step inside the car,” said another police, holding the door open for me. I seated myself inside the car, and the car sped up down the road. Right as we entered a deserted road, the police men reached for their face and pulled on their skin. As they removed their perfectly disguised mask down their nose, I gasped. For their eyes were the same shining ones as the man that I had killed, and their noses were sharper.
Before I knew it, the men started ripping of my shirt and slashing my chest with their noses. I knew yelling would not help me, but despite the fact, I kept on yelling. The skin on my chest had disappeared, and blood floated out, as a man reached down into my chest and grabbed my heart and pulled it out of my body. I was dying.

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