Angel Named LIly

May 20, 2009
By Nathan Ryans SILVER, Riverside, Connecticut
Nathan Ryans SILVER, Riverside, Connecticut
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Soft words are spoken. A sweet melody awakes me. I listen as the angel's voice continues to sing. Lily is that angel. The love pours out of her mouth and onto my heart. Her angelic voice melts me. Her voice so elegant, so enchanting. Her glistening blue eyes. Her brown hair soaring in the wind. Her sun dress flows in the breeze. Her lips call my name. Sweet words escape her beautiful lips. I close my eyes and dream of angel named lily. Her angelic voice lulls me into love. Her body shines in the sun light. She raises of the ground, she spins slowly in the sky as her voice goes on. The angel is risen. She takes me with her. Her hands soft. I am lifted in the sky with her. I sing along. Our voices in harmony. I fell in love with an angel named Lily.

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