Regaining Truth

May 4, 2009
By Anonymous

One day in the city of Gorgon there was an epic battle between a superhero named The Eclipse and a villain named Zero. The Eclipse was a very experienced hero who seemed to be indestructible. Until that one fatal night he was defeated and brought to his knees, by the evil, maleficent Zero. While Zero was getting instant gratification from his minions, former people who had fought Eclipse, he decided that was the time to flee the scene of where he had been defeated.
After that dark day The Eclipse was never seen again because he went into hiding. When Eclipse went into hiding Zero began running a-muck around the world because he knew there was no one to fight him. The Eclipse was to ashamed of his loss after having an undefeated streak so no matter what damage was done he stayed in hiding. Every day was indeed miserable for him because he could not let go of the fact that he was no chance for Zero because he lost in the blink of an eye. Losing forced him to abandon his wife, and son who had just been born.
A couple years later, Eclipses son, discovered that he had many powers and to him they were all a mystery. He had no control over most of them and he didn’t know if he had more powers. When he was about ten there was an outburst of his power and the desks all broke the ceiling began to crumble but did not fall. From that point on Jimmy was marked as a freak. Two years later he decided he wanted to search for his father hoping he could learn more about his powers. So he ran away from home searching coast to coast and also state to state. He still had no luck finding his father so he decided to quit looking for him, while in New York. He also figured out that he was out of food and money. So he just stayed there as if some miracle might happen.
After a week Jimmy was finally becoming starved forcing him to search for food in the trash, or beg for it, not that any body gave him food. People would walk by him thinking he were some hobo, street rat, or orphan. The night came and just like the other days he would have to make himself pass out to get any sleep. While Jimmy was sleeping cold and alone on the ground a man who had been watching him from the shadows suddenly appeared. The man took Jimmy to his place and laid him in an extra room that he had.
The next day Jimmy awoke and became frightened not knowing where he was so his power was being unleashed once again. Jimmy unlimited power was creating destruction inside the house. The heavily covered man knew it was coming from Jimmy and rushed to stop the tragedy that was about to happen. The strange man had powers and used a move called Black-Out and it turned all the city power off and darkened the sky, so only he could see he had powers. He first paralyzed the boy with a shocking bolt to stop him from continuing his uncontrollable raid. Then he levitated the boy and covered him in a shield of purple energy and through him out the window. Jimmy was now safe outside of the crumbling house. Next the man jumped out of the window and the house fell down. Once outside all the light came back, and everybody was shocked to see that there was a shattered house on the ground.

After that Jimmy knew all though he didn’t know this man that he would be safe. Later that day Jimmy asked who he was. The man responded with his history of his super hero life and instead of his real name he gave his hero name, The Eclipse. But Jimmy still had no idea that he was his father. That night they noticed signs were made saying to be on the look out for a missing child with capabilities of causing mischief because of his super natural powers. The sign also mention a reward of $1,000,000 dollars so people started looking high and low. So the Eclipse having lost his house in New York and everybody searching for Jimmy, he used his special power Black-Out and took off in the air. He flew to his secret sanctum in the deep sea, but before entering it he had to go through a couple of procedures. First he would use his ability of air to separate the water; next he had to fire a bolt of electricity into a glowing ball. Last he had to clear his identification test by typing and saying one password.
When they finally were inside they took a breather and went to sleep. The next day they turned on a TV in the lair and watched the news, there story was that a crazy man who had inhuman powers was wrecking New York City. At that moment The Eclipse froze with fear. Jimmy asked if he was going to go head to head with Zero, but Eclipse did not answer. So Jimmy used his copycat power and was able to perform the operation needed to exit the sanctum and flew off towards New York City. That is when the Eclipse figured out what he was about to do, so he flew after him. When he caught up, he and Jimmy had a discussion. The Eclipse was telling Jimmy not to go because not only did Jimmy not know how to use his powers to their full use, but he would also be brutally injured, or even killed. Jimmy argued why he should go by saying it was better to keep trying than to give up because you could just improve yourself. Then he turned and silently said it was better to die trying, and flew off to New York. While Jimmy went on his way to the city, Eclipse was tearing himself apart knowing Jimmy was right. The true reason Eclipsed did not want to fight Zero was not because he was ashamed, but because he feared Zero and tried to escape that fact all these years.
So he went in the lair and turned on the news and noticed that Jimmy hadn’t arrived to the scene of the crime yet. Then he remembered how he caught up to Jimmy so easily in the air. That only meant that jimmy was only able to adapt to the power but not the speed or power of it. Also it meant that when he fought against Zero he would have a disadvantage in the fight because even if he had power it wouldn’t matter unless he could touch him. About fifteen minutes later Jimmy had finally arrived. He announced to the people that he would save them no matter the cost. He also said his hero name was Sync.
The battle had now begun. Zero threw the first punch sending a crashing thump into Sync’s ribs knocking the air out of him. That hit was also showing Eclipse that Zero was stronger because that single blow was enough to drop Sync to the floor. But Sync just stood back up proving he would not give up no matter how many cuts or scratches he received. That in a way gave Zero much pleasure to know that his opponent would be a challenge even though he was now much weaker than he. Sync used what speed he had and charged at Zero with a fist of lightning, but Zero easily dodged it and sent a fiery fist at Sync making him fly so high it seemed he would never fall. At last he did hit the ground but nobody thought he would arise from it. Zero knew that Sync would get up because he had a strong spirit, which would soon be annihilated. All this Eclipse was watching from the news.
Finally Eclipse could not handle watching the epic battle so he immediately went to the fighting site. It only took mere moments to arrive there. Once he was in plain sight Zero quickly noticed him. Sync wasn’t surprised that he arrived but he sure thought it would have helped if he had arrived sooner. Eclipse walked to Sync and thanked him for showing him the truth of being a hero, told him he was his father. They turned toward Eclipse knowing each other was ready to end this. Eclipse used his special power Black-Out turning everything pure black. Eclipse knew that they would be able to see because of their super-sight, what they didn’t know was that Zero also had super-sight. The two heroes instantly started to injure Zero with their brute strength. So Zero flew in to the air and fired a beam of dark energy at them, but they fired back with a ball of light energy. The two powers of mass destruction caused an explosion of chaos that left a crater of 50 feet in depth and a length of 30 yards, blowing up a vast amount of buildings.
After the explosion nobody came out of the crater, until Zero came out of his fainted state and picked up the heroes awaking them. He then through them straight into the floor. Zero powered to his fullest potential as well as the heroes. The skies started to shoot bolts of purple lightning straight into the floor and red tornadoes formed. It was now a fight to the end. Flashes of light s were being sent back and forth between them. That is when the heroes realized the fight would be endless unless Eclipse used his strongest power consisting of him disappearing for life just drifting in space for eternity. So he casted his special power opening a rip in time. They rushed towards Zero and through him in it, but it would not close until Eclipse was also in it so it started sucking in. Rocks and vehicles were being pulled into it, so then he jumped into it, but Jimmy caught him and said he was coming too. The rip in time closed and the skies cleared everything was back to normal. But the heroes who stopped Zero were never seen again as well as Zero.

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on May. 23 2009 at 1:49 am
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this story has a ton of potentiol, but you need to show, not tell, it will make it more intresting!!1:)

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