April 20, 2009
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Jeff Kim is at school. No one likes him because he smells like cheese-quesadillas, all the time. He has a disease called cheesequesadillaituseses. He must eat exactly 3 cheese-
quesadillas everyday or he’ll die.

“Hey Jeff everyone hates you,” said some kid.

“Why?” asked Jeff.

“Cus you smell like cheese-quesadillas!” yelled the child.

Jeff was sad. No one likes him. Just because of his smell. He even took showers. But he still smelled horrid. He hated having a disease.

The next day he woke up. He went downstairs and ate breakfast.

“Yummmmmmm,” Jeff said to himself. He liked cheese-quesadillas. He felt stronger. He wondered why. Mmmmmmmm I wonder why! When he got to school, the school bully, Steven, was waiting for him.

“Leave me alone!” yelled Jeff.

“No!” yelled Steven.

“ARGHHHHHH!” gargled Jeff. Jeff grabbed Steven by his arm and threw him across the planet. You could hear Steven faintly screaming in the distance. Jeff stood there in amazement of his own strength. Wow, he thought. He ran home. He was embarrassed.

When he got home he thought about what had happened. Maybe I have super powers. I could save the world… mmmm… yes... Jeff knew what he had to do. He would become… Kasadilla-Kid!

Jeff made a super suit. It was fantastic. Magnificent it was. He put it on and immediately felt powerful. Suddenly, he heard a siren! He ran outside! He saw the cop car and followed it! He was as fast as a speeding Jeff. Flying threw the air at 74,857,483 miles an hour!
When the cop car finally got to emergency, it was a robbery. Jeff saw the crook and chased after him. The crook ran and ran but Jeff was faster. Jeff caught him within seconds and took him to the cops.
When Jeff got home he was so happy!
“Ya!” yelled Jeff. He sat in his room and was happy. He was a super hero, and best of all, he didn’t smell bad no more! Now all I need is a mustache… thought Jeff as he fell asleep.
When he woke up he felt great. He ate his cheese-quesadillas and went to school. Steven hadn’t got back from the other side of the world yet so Jeff was okay. But during all the commotion of stopping the crook, he forgot to do his homework.
“Jeff gosh darnit, where’s your homework?!?!” screamed his teacher.
“I don’t know!?!?” cried Jeff.
“Nooooo!!!!” Jeff was so sad. He’d never had a detention in his life. He’d always been a good little boy! But at least now the kids liked him.
“Hey Jeff we all like you now!” said some kid.
“Why?” asked Jeff.
“Cus you don’t smell like cheese-quesadillas!” cried the kid. Jeff felt so good. Now he had friends. This was a feeling he had never felt in life.
But suddenly, Jeff heard sirens outside. Uh oh, Jeff thought. He ran outside. It was another robbery. He ran to it and stopped it again. But no! This was something so much more than a robbery. This was a set-up. Suddenly, Jeff got hit in the head with something hard. He passed out…
He woke up. It was morning. And a man was standing in front of him. But not just any man, it was Steven! His face was torn up brutally. It looked as if he had been through excruciating pain. His arm was tore off. He looked horrid!
“You know what you did to me?” asked Steven.
“No!” cried Jeff.
“Alright well you destroyed my life! So I’m gonna destroy yours! I won’t let you eat any cheese-quesadillas at ALL today! Hahahahah!” Steven laughed maniacally.
“You’re a horrible person!” cried Jeff. So Jeff sat there all day and Steven watched him. He never got his cheese-quesadillas and he died. The whole world was so sad and cried, and Steven was burned on a stake.

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