May 13, 2009
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It was magical. It really was. Deep in the heart of Dazzling Sparkle Kingdom was an amazing palace, home of Mr. and Mrs. Orinthia. They inherited a beautiful 14 bedroom, 18 bath Victorian Palace, with a beautiful ballroom on the second floor and a roof top pool. This marvelous Palace is five stories high. Each bedroom has an appropriate theme fit for each person that comes to stay at the one and only Sparkle Palace. Some of the themes are Movies, Outer Space and various sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football. The bedroom sets differ from room to room depending on each individual guest.

The bathrooms were absolutely fabulous. There were gold sinks, toilets, and showers. There was a different precious metal for each bathroom. It was so wonderful that every time someone came to stay with the Orinthia’s they had to be checked for weapons for the safety. This is for the safety of their three daughters; Sophie, Lillie, and Brooke. Sophie is four years old, Lillie is 13 years old, and Brooke is 16 years old.

Sophie, being the youngest, is the most darling little sweetheart. She has more manners than you would ever expect. Her mother, Mrs. Orinthia, is very intelligent and had a manners tutor come in when all three of them were very little so that they would learn when they were still young. For being only four, she is undoubtedly one of the smartest four year olds in Dazzling Sparkle Kingdom! Sophie has a thin body structure, red curly hair, and fair skin.

Lillie, being in the middle, is a new teenager; just turning 13 three months ago. Lillie is super polite and keeps to herself, you could shove her down a whole flight of stairs and she would ask if you were ok, no matter how bad she was hurt. She wouldn’t even hurt a fly, ever; she would be devastated for a lifetime. Right now she is in a relationship with a guy named Keegan; it’s been one year, three months, and nine days. Keegan is really sweet, he wouldn’t even think about hurting her for one split second. She has bright blond hair with natural sun streaks, and freckles all over her nose and cheeks.

Brooke, being the oldest and first born, is really snobby and arrogant. She constantly wants something, but, because of the love from her parents she is slowly being taught how to be polite. It’s a slow process but it will happen, eventually. Brooke views the world from the height of an amazing 5’10”, she has smooth wavy hair, and is a proud brunette; she also happens to have a loving boyfriend. His name is Billie; he comes a long way to see Brooke. Billie lives in the wacky town of Dingy Ding Dong, which is about 9,000,000,000 miles away. But he cares so much about his darling Brooke that he would travel around the world to see her, even if it was only for ten minutes.

In the wonderful Kingdom of Dazzling Sparkle life is as close to perfect as you can get. Every day is full of sunshine and children laughing and playing outside. No one in the entire Kingdom of Dazzling Sparkle ever frowns, in fact I don’t think they know how or what a frown is. Everyone is friendly and nobody is the whole Kingdom goes without a friend. But just then when everything seemed like nothing would ever go bad… it happened.

It happened as if it were a terrible nightmare, never meant to come. It was Friday the 13th of October; a day no one will ever forget. The day Brooke Orinthia made the news. It all started after school; Brooke invited Billie over for a sleepover. It was 7:15pm when Billie arrived at Brooke’s house, he came in and they started making some chewy chocolate cookies. Of course, they got in a dough fight and smeared the chocolate dough all over each others faces. They were having so much fun that neither of them noticed the opening and closing of the door.

At 9:45 Brooke and Billie finally finished and somewhat cleaned up the kitchen. Billie went to take a shower while Brooke finished putting the cookies away for a midnight snack. Just as she opened the cupboard to put away the sparkling clean mixing bowl, the closet door slowly creaked open. Exposing only a slight part of the mysterious man that was standing there. Panicking, Brooke dropped the bowl and shrieked as it shattered into pieces on the floor. She realized that the mysterious man standing in her house, in her kitchen closet, was her own boyfriend’s father.

Wondering what he was doing there she disguised her feelings and calmly went over to the closet and said, “What can I help you with sir?” and opened the door.

As she opened the door he grabbed her by her throat and told her to keep her mouth sealed. He tied up her arms and duct taped her mouth closed, and walked her out to his Mitsubishi and shoved her into the trunk; having absolutely no consideration for her comfort. To Brooke, it seemed like they had been driving for miles and miles when they finally stopped.

When he finally let her out of the stuffy trunk, which smelled like rotten fish, everything was spinning. Her eyes wouldn’t focus on anything. He led her towards what seemed like an old shoe factory but she couldn’t tell exactly what it was. The town he took her to was abandoned and all she could hear was the whistling of the wind going down the street. Her fear totally took over her body, it felt like the end, it felt like there was nothing left, she felt like the only way out was to die.

He took her into the factory, and just as they reached the door his phone rang. He said a whole bunch of code words like, ‘Eagle is at 7695,’ and ‘the mockingbird is on the edge.’ Brooke was too scared for words, she didn’t know what those codes meant, or who they were going to, but they were scary. She decided that she was just going to cooperate so maybe, just maybe, there was a slight chance that she might get out of this alive.
Once they got inside the factory he took her down four flights of stairs to the very bottom, they then turned to the left, down a dark and narrow hallway. At the end of that hallway was a room, the room had a number next to it. The number was 862. He left her in there for awhile; he just locked her in the room. So when she was alone she started to examine, and take a mental picture of the room and of her boyfriend’s father, Paul.
Once she got a pretty good idea, she checked her pockets to see what she had with her. She checked her jeans pocket, nothing. She checked her sweatshirt pocket, and inside of her pocket was her cell phone. She made sure that it was on silent and not bright, and then she opened her phone. There were 27 text messages; from Lillie, Sophie, Billie, her Mom, and her Dad. Billie had sent her 13! Most of them were asking if she was mad at him, if she was okay, and where she was. She started to text him back, but she heard shuffling of feet by her door so she quickly and quietly shut her phone and slid it back in her pocket.
When he opened the door he asked her if she was hungry. And she replied, “Yes. I am very hungry. May I please have something to eat?”
Paul replied, “Yes, if only you promise me something first. Will you promise?”
“What do you want me to promise?”
“If you give me the power of your Kingdom, I will give you anything you ever wanted.”
Brooke thought about this a moment. Would she rather get out alive? Or starve, and not let her family down? She pondered upon these options for five minutes. She decided that she was going to ask another option, “If you give me a little something to eat, I won’t give you the power of my Kingdom, but I won’t tell the police what you are doing to me.”
“I will give you one box of cereal. And that will last you as long as you want food. But you have to keep your end of the deal.”
“Okay.” Brooke agreed.
And with that he was gone. She wasn’t going to tell the police herself, but she didn’t agree that she couldn’t ask someone to tell the police for her, but they would find out. When she was sure he was gone and couldn’t here her anymore, she pulled out her phone and continued to text Billie. She texted him,
Hey Billie! It’s Brooke. I didn’t leave on purpose, when I was cleaning up your father came out of the closet and shoved me in his trunk. Then he drove me to some old abandoned factory in an abandoned town; I’m not sure exactly where we are but I would guess that we are maybe five of six miles away from my house. I will text when I can. Please get someone out here. He is bad news Billie, he was on the phone and said some code words, they were ‘the mockingbird is on the edge’ and ‘Eagle is at 7695’. Keep your phone on you at all times! I have to go now. I’ll talk to you soon. I love you. Bye.
As soon as she sent the text she could feel a slight bit of relief, knowing that she could at least get in contact with someone. After about a half an hour she checked the time; it was 1:29 am. She had been sitting there for four hours and forty-five minutes! She was so distraught from being taken that she wasn’t even tired. In fact, she didn’t have enough trust in Paul that he wouldn’t kill her while she was sleeping. So she was up all night long, finally at 3:58am Billie replied to her text. He said,
Hey Baby! Are you okay? Be extremely careful with what you do, my dad can be very abusive. I haven’t told anyone this before, but I guess now is the best time. When I was little he would hit me and leave bruises when I did something he didn’t like. But enough about me, can you describe the environment you’re in? I won’t sleep until you get home and are in a safe environment. Just be very secretive when you are texting me. DELETE ALL THESE TEXTS! That way, he can’t prove that you were. I love you too! Bye.
She was so happy that she didn’t even realize that it was freezing cold in her room. It was only 54º degrees in her room. The room was made out of all concrete, so it was very hard to get signal. She had to be in the perfect spot to get enough to send and receive a text.
Hi. Yeah, I’m okay. Is anyone else awake? Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry that he did that to you. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Yes, my room is all concrete, with no windows. The building is a tan-ish gray brick, and has some old painted writing that is black. It says something like, Dave’s Slaughter House. You don’t have to stay up with me. I will be fine. I can defend myself. I can, trust me! I wouldn’t be able to handle any of this if I wasn’t able to talk to you. <3 Brooke
Meanwhile, back at the Dazzling Sparkle Kingdom, everyone was awake and scared. Poor little Sophie’s little face was soaked with tears, her big sister was gone! What a nightmare! Brooke always read to Sophie every night, their favorite book to read together was The Princess and the Pea, and little Sophie loved Brooke to death.
Billie was such a nice and caring person, and cares so much about Brooke and her family that he was there for Sophie and promised her that he would get Brooke back. Brooke is Sophie’s role model, and is always there for Sophie. When Brooke was gone she would call Sophie and make sure she talked to her for at least five minutes.
While Brooke was sitting there, just waiting for a reply from Billie, she was playing with her nail. Thinking of a way to somehow escape; just then her phone lit up. It read:
Hi. Are you still okay? We are all up thinking of some way for you to escape. Well I am going to do everything in my power to help save you. Sophie told me to tell you she loves you and misses you. I know where Dave’s Slaughter House is. I will tell the police tomorrow and I will come and find you. I will risk my own life, for the love of my life, I swear. I love you so much! P.S. I have a surprise for you when you get home safely. <3 you lots, Billie
This message brought all the joy of that morning to her; it was 6:17am and Billie and her whole family had been up all night. Just to make sure she was okay. Paul got up around 7:15 and checked her room to make sure she was still there, and, she was. He asked her what she wanted for breakfast. She said that she wanted a McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt, so Paul ran to McDonalds to get her the Cinnamon Melt. It took him an hour to get the food for her.
While he was gone she decided to take advantage of her time and call Billie and her family. Billie answered the phone:
“Hi! Oh, my gosh! You better be careful!”
“Don’t worry, he is gone getting me McDonalds.” replied Brooke.
“Okay. Well I won’t keep you on the phone long.” Billie said.
“Okay. How is Sophie?”
“Do you want to talk to her?” Billie asked her.
“Yes please.” Brooke answered.
“Okay. Bye. I love you. Good luck. Be Safe.” Billie replied.
“Hi Sophie! How are you?” Brooke questioned her.
“I’m sad, I miss you Brooke. When are you coming back?” Sophie asked meekly.
“As soon as I can, Sophie, well I have to go. I love you. Tell mom, dad, and Lillie I love them too! Bye.”
“Bye. I love you too, Brooke!” Sophie said as she started crying.
Brooke hung up the phone and listened for five minutes to make sure no one was coming. Then she explored the tiny room, seeing what could be possibly used to escape. Then she looked up to the ceiling, and she saw a trap door, which she assumed lead to the attic. She decided that she would put her cell phone securely in her pants pocket and climb up to see what was up there.
She opened the door and used the wall to climb up and lunge herself into the tiny hole in the ceiling. She got her upper half onto the floor up above, and pulled the rest of herself up. She then stood up, took a good look, and closed the door behind her.
As she wandered around upstairs, using the light of her phone, she found some old animal heads and furs. It scared her; she didn’t want to end up like that! As she proceeded through the attic there were knives and buckets full of fur. Then at the end of the attic there was a little glimpse of light. She walked faster.
When she got to the light, she found out that it was a window; when she looked out it she didn’t see anything. So she broke the window and lowered her body down and climbed down the bricks. As soon as she reached the ground she ran inside one of the other buildings across the street. She stood right inside, by the front window, watching and waiting for when he came back. She sent a text to Billie, saying…
Hi Billie and Family. I wanted to update you on my location. I found a way to get out of the factory. I went out the attic window, and climbed my way down to the ground. So now I am at the building across the street from Dave’s Slaughter House. Get the cops out here as fast as you can!!! <3 Brooke
She decided that she was going to just wait there in the house for a while. Over an hour passed and she was getting sick of waiting. So she looked out side to make sure that no one was coming. When no one was, she made a mad dash and sprinted towards what she figured was town.
After she had been running for at least one hour she came to a gas station with a nice old man inside. When she went in there the first thing she asked was, “Do you have a bathroom in here?”
“Yes ma’am; right back there, by the neon sign that says ‘Restrooms’.” the man explained.
“Thank you so much!” Brooke exclaimed, she was so happy to be able to go to the bathroom again, on an actual toilet. When she got back out she went up to the man again.
“Do you have a map?” she asked.
“Yeah. Where are you from?” asked the man.
“I am from the Dazzling Sparkle Kingdom. And I am lost, you see, my boyfriend’s father, Paul, kidnapped me and kept me hostage last night at Dave’s Slaughter House. But this morning, when he ran to get me McDonald’s I snuck up to the attic and climbed out, down the window. Would you be able to give me a ride back to my Kingdom, pretty please? I don’t have anything with me right now, but when I get back I can get you anything you have ever wanted. You could even stay a night in one of our magnificent spare bedrooms. And you also get to pick any theme you want.” begged Brooke.
“Why of course I can! You don’t have to pay me back for it.”

“Oh no, I do! You would be giving me back my family and my wonderful boyfriend. Thank you so much!” Brooke said joyfully.

“You are absolutely welcome!” said the kind man.

As they drove along the road on the way back to Dazzling Sparkle Kingdom, they saw Paul’s car. Brooke said, “Oh my goodness! That’s Paul’s car! Drive faster, SPEED!!! I will take car of your speeding ticket. Just go!” yelled Brooke.

“Okay. Anything for you Miss!” he said as he stepped on the gas peddle. He got all the way up to 630 miles per hour. Brooke screamed.

“Am I going too fast?” he asked her.
“No! You are doing great! I am screaming because this is fun!” she said.
“Okay. Where do I go now?” he asked, yelling over her screaming.
“Just keep going, take lots of turns. We have to get away from Paul first!”
They were driving for a while without Paul following them so they slowed down to 85 miles per hour. Brooke and the kind man were have a nice discussion about their lives, when all of a sudden from out of no where Paul showed up beside the window with a gun held to it. Brooke hid underneath the seat so she wasn’t able to be seen, before they came to the window. But then the kind man, Kyle, forced the gas pedal down as far as it would go, and off went Paul. He flew off and was on the road behind them. Then she got a text from Billie, it read:
Hey Baby. Are you okay? We heard on the police scanner that a man had wiped out on Route 71, as result of chasing a car and pointing a gun in their window. Was that you? If it was stop the car immediately!
When Brooke yelled, “STOP THE CAR!!!”
And with that the car skidded to a stop on the side of the road. When they were completely stopped Brooke looked back at Paul. As she saw him lying there in the middle of the street, blood gushing from his head, in puddles all around him, she thought about it. What if this were her dad? What had she done to Billie? Had she actually done this to Paul? Or did he do it to himself? As she pondered upon these questions, tears rolled down her face, and in no time at all she was balling her eyes out. Kyle kindly offered her a Kleenex, and a warm and friendly hug.
When the police and paramedics got there, right behind them was Billie and her family. She was going to see them again, it wasn’t going to end. She still had her whole life ahead of her. When she saw Billie, she jumped out of the car and jumped into his arms.
“Do you know something Brooke?” Billie asked.
“What Billie?” Brooke asked him, still sobbing, Billie’s shirt looking as if he had just been in pouring rain.
“I love you, Brooke. And when you were gone, I thought I would never see you again. That meant, that I had absolutely no reason to live.”
“Oh, Billie,” Brooke interrupted.
“No, Brooke, let me finish. So when you were gone I bought you something to prove my love.” Billie reached into his pocket and pulled out the biggest, and shiniest ring that Brooke had ever seen. “Brooke, will you take my hand in marriage? Will you marry me?”
“Yes. Billie, I love you so much. I wouldn’t be able to say no. But I feel terrible for killing your father.” Brooke said.
“Brooke, you don’t have to worry. I love you more than anyone in the entire universe and if I didn’t have you, I don’t think I would ever be able to feel love this strong. He abused me, and kidnapped you. I don’t care about him.”
“Oh, Billie. I love you too! And yes, I accept your hand in marriage.” Brooke cried. “Is Sophie here?”
“Yes. She insisted on coming. She is in the back seat, I told her to wait because I wanted this moment to be special. But I promised her something…”
“What did you promise her?” Brooke wondered.
“I said that if she stayed in the car, and you accepted, she could be the flower girl in our wedding. Is that okay?” Billie told her.
“Okay?! Billie, I love it!”
Billie and Brooke walked over to the car and when Billie opened the door to let her out, Sophie leaped out of the car into Brooke’s arms. Crying and saying, “Brooke, I missed you so much! Did you accept, did you say yes, did you, did you, did you?” Sophie yelled.
“Yes, and do you know who is going to be the most beautiful flower girl in our wedding?”
“Me?” Sophie asked.
“Yup!” Brooke said.
“YAY!” Sophie said, kissing Brooke’s cheek.
Lillie came out of the car with her mom and dad, and they all took turns squeezing Brooke, all telling her that they are going to make sure nothing like that ever happens to her again. When Brooke went over to hug Billie again, it started raining. Billie lifted Brooke into his arms and kissed her.
The next day Brooke moved out, and into another beautiful palace next door with Billie. Their wedding date was planned for February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day. Three days after the wedding Brooke announced that she was pregnant with twins! Everyone was super excited, it was a little girl and a little boy. They named the boy Nicholas, and the girl Brittany. And years from now, they want one more boy that they will name Jacob, and two more girls, Maria and Alexis.
The day that Brooke and Billie died, they died together, in a peaceful sleep with wonderful dreams.

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