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the great war of elements

November 18, 2019
By Anonymous

The Great War started a long, long, time ago when the world was peaceful. But now some are ash and the rest is fine. The Great War started because the Element Wolf Counsel made a decision that changed everything. They decided they would make an assault on the Fire Wolves because of the damage they have done to the world with burning everything and make more and more smoke. So they could eat the ashes of everything they with to burn everything so nothing can live.

They started getting ready for the battle they ate everything they could find that has something to do with their elements. Like for earth elements, they eat plants and for the rest, they ate anything they could find that has to do with their elements. Then they got word that the fire wolves were making a plan to ambush the wolf cancel. At the mountain, So the ice wolf order the wolves order to the rest of the wolves to make a laird ring around the element wolf counsel to make sure they could not kill the counsel. 


Two days before the assault, they were training and training. To get as strong as they could. But they had a problem there were not enough adult male wolves so they stared get male teenagers to train them for a war they were good but they still need work so began training them. 

They got word that they were going in two days. So they finished a hard day of work then celebrated one of the wolves had a baby. So they celebrated his baby then ate dinner.

They trained for a little the next day then one of the wolves went beyond their point and did great with their training. But a couple of the wolves go a little jealous.

So they made a plan to make him feel weak. Worthless even though a lot of adults like him. So they came up to him and punched him. Then he knocked out one of them, then he got charged by the rest and he was injured. The adults found out this happens then they let the injured wolf take one of their lives so he chose the leader of what happened.


They left what happens behind them and let it go. So they became friends.

One of them said that they met a fire wolf in person.  they said he is coming in three days I asked what he meant but he ran off 


One of the other wolves said why did you not tell anyone. You nimrod they could be 

tricking us or worse.  

Or worse what.

Nothing he said then he went to the elders. To tell them what is going on he told he told them that one of the wolves met a fire wolf. 

They said this could compromise everything they ask what did he say.

He said nothing that I know of so far. 

The said keep a close eye on him for area safety 

He said will do anything else but they were gone. He ran to his dad the ice wolf leader.

He said that we might have to kill him if we find something the elders won't want to an heir.

His son said, “Ok, Father. I will not let you down”. 

He ran to his other friends and said what his father said and told them to keep it a secret.

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on Dec. 19 2019 at 1:50 pm
FrankTownsley, Sacramento, California
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I liked how you did the dialogue it's the best i every seen all day. Great Job!!!

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