The Turk

May 5, 2009
By Zach Longfield BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
Zach Longfield BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
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Michael the turkey was a mobster he was in the Turk family he was always on the go except during HUNTING SEASON! He was talking to the Godfather he asked when hunting season was over he said it’s never over there’s always the predators! They talked for a little less than an hour.
After a while the alarm went off ‘’THERE HERE’’. Screamed a guard. Michael ran out. When he got out he heard the awful sound of a tranquilizer being shot. The next he knows he’s got hit by the dart. When he awoke he was in a glass box. He looked out and saw a horrible sight. Turkey blood and body’s all over the place.
After they were let out he saw something shiny in the coroner of his eye. When he saw it he nearly laid an egg. It was a just washed axe with a tint of red. Then heard the awful sound again the trigger this time a bullet hit him.
After awhile he died but he also still lived so he felt saw and smelled every thing. The owner took him and put him for sale. The owner looked like a redneck. Eventually he was bought by The Longfields. So they brought him home and put him in a bucket of boiling hot water. At first he thought it was a spa but he saw the razor blades freshly washed.
He hated being boiled his feathers came off and it stung the holes in him. Next they cut his head off. That hurt very bad. Next they gutted him above a pond so they could catch some fish. Then he was cooked. That was HORRIBLE. He was packed in a small container. Then it was very hot. He was bathed in some sauce. He could not stand the heat. It made him tired so he fell asleep.
When he awoke he was on a plate surrounded by giants. They were mumbling some weird language. When they were done the razor was sharp and coming towards me I couldn’t run. The razor decapitated my leg the blood would have oozed, but it didn’t. I was scared because they were cannibals. I always wonder what happened to my head .They took my wish bone out of me. My guts they fed to the bass there eating. My heart fed the dog blood oozing down the dirt smudged face hoping for more blood and internal organs. He took my kidneys. They the people ate my LIVER. Then I saw it the horrible ceremony which they broke my wish bone the dust flew out I was in shock. What horrible beings would this? Not even the wolves did this.

My friend Larry the salmon was eaten that day to. Those monsters terrorize us for a sacred ritual. That was not a ritual it was TORTURE. Then I attacked I came at with the razor. It was all red man. I couldn’t help my self. I killed the father with a chicken wish bone. My wings helped kill the dog by snapping its neck. The cops shot me with a Winchester Rifle now I rot in cooler the old clink or the state pen.


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