May 3, 2009
By Anonymous

“Wonderful job.” Exclaimed Arthur towards his son Jamie. Jamie thrust the perfect sword directly through the target. “Dad, why have you given me your rightful weapon, it means so much to you and your kingdom?” inquired Jamie. “The time has come, for you to finally defeat the wicked North Witch,” said Arthur. “What? But you killed her back when I was just a baby, 19 years ago.” “I can feel her son, she has been reborn onto the Earth, I don’t know how she managed to perform such magicks, but she has been building an army and is on her way to Cadbury,” said Arthur. “But father, how do you know she is coming?” “Dreams son.”

“Only seven miles until we reach the town of Cadbury, we will need to be fully rested and prepared to defeat the King Arthur and the Cadbury knights,” said Morgause. Morgause and her army were approaching Cadbury when she decided to change her strategy. She ensorcelled her army and put three quarters to sleep and the other she turned invisible. In case the new mage, and son, Gawaine was watching their movements. With most army members asleep at camp it would appear to him that the army was at rest. But on the contrary, they were going to set up a sneak attack that would act like an unknown punch to the face. They could knock down the defenses just enough to open a small hole to get Morgause into Arthur’s room to conquer the kingdom of Britain entirely.

“All clear for tonight sir,” said Gawaine, the mage. Gawaine had seen that the army was asleep at camp only six miles away. Arthur was asleep in his room with his wife Gwen. Just then, Gawaine heard a scream down the hall from what sounded like Arthur. Gawaine flew to their room to find all the guards asleep. Morgause took hostage Gwen and their army had just been mobilized and would be here very shortly to make a deal.

The castle was surrounded. Morgause had complete control over the outcome. Arthur was not ready to give up Gwen. Arthur was not ready to give up the castle. He was offered a deal. In exchange for his wife, castle, and town, he had to give up being in control. He could be an assistant to Queen Morgause. He had no other choice and took the pen. Something glimmered in the corner of his eye. He paused and witnessed his old sword in his closet. If only he could somehow get the sword, he would be victorious again. He tried to distract the assassins but was unsuccessful. He dove. He was stopped in air. “Kiss your power goodbye,” said Morgause. Arthur turned and looked towards Gwen and winced. He looked back at the assassins and Morgause, dead. His son was standing next to them. With Morgause dead, for good, the army was nothing. He summoned his best knights and defeated the army.

The author's comments:
This is a sequel chapter to the book "Sword of the Rightful King"

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