Beauty Leaves, as Beauty comes

May 3, 2009
By Dark_Angel BRONZE, Woodstock, Georgia
Dark_Angel BRONZE, Woodstock, Georgia
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The sun was so bright and full of color. Vivid, thick tangerine oranges, blazing dull reds; causing the rays to cast lovely soft shades upon the feathery clouds. Calming lavender, delicate baby blue and just a touch of cotton-like pink. "Beautiful." i whispered low, not wanting to ruin the heavens magic. The cool, quite water reflected this image; making the clear water seemingly become a large canvas. As my bare feet dangled relaxingly in the 'canvas' i noticed how peaceful it even felt. With my feet within the pool of crisp liquid, i could practically feel the suns warmth, the clouds pillow-like structure. It was as if i were one with this beauty; my mind and soul have melted deep into the Lord's creation. Almost reluctantly, i turned mt gaze upward. Small twinkling stars were winking at me in a peculiar yet majestic form. The slightly honey-yellowed waxing crescent was surrounded by them; getting ready for the sun to move on, so they can take its place. I slowly and carefully slipped my legs out of the water. The old wood beneath me, from the makeshift dock, groaned a bit, like an old door perhaps, as i scooting back some. The crickets chorus of chirps picked up in a symphony, that could lull me, like a mother's loving lullaby. The tree frogs nearby began their own little tune joining the crickets; all in mother nature's wondrous harmony. 'How amazingly quaint.' i thought, a small smile brimming my lips. Suddenly in a disturbing and somewhat violent way, a wolf howled from behind. I turned slightly then sighed. "Pretty." i commented, the beast's fur was white as snow, the size of a bear it seemed, and its coat was so fluffy and full it reminded me of colorless cotton candy. He heard my voice and stooped low to the ground, fanged teeth baring, ears pointed down and fuzzy tail in between its legs. I smiled knowing it was soon to pounce like a tiger. How the wild yet graceful mongrel found the lake was a question never to be answered. The animal came forward a bit, a soft, also compelling, growl rumbled slightly from his chest. I giggled, somewhat entertained but the mutt somewhat amused the Lord wishes my pass-over to be in such an earth-friendly way. Within one blink, i heard pounding paws on the wood. Fierce growling and barking then i heard a splash of water as someone was being tackled in. The sting of razor sharp talons shredded my torso, as i sunk lower in to the once calm pool. My throat was locked like a volt and my lungs burned as if an internal fire was striking them. My sight was gone with only the sight of blurry, gooey-looking fog. Above all, i felt the horrid vibration of my heart. Pounding frantically, in a spasm of terror coated with distress and yearning. Yearning to be free, to be...-insert heart of the...-insert heart beat-...pain.

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