Corrupt World

May 1, 2009
By Anonymous

It sounded like a drum was exploding from his chest. It felt like a rock was crushing his airway. He ran through the darkness, away from that horrible thing, the horrible creature that haunted his dreams every night. He looked over his shoulder, only to see its emerald green eyes, four of them, starring back at him from a distance. This dream, more like a nightmare, replayed itself almost every night, like a never-ending movie. It all felt so real, but all of the trees were upside down. This was a twisted world, in which a thick darkness cloaked everything in sight, not that he could really see much to begin with. He seemed to be running on the night sky. He glanced down, only to see stars, or at least what appeared to be stars. He thought that he could see a planet or two far, far beneath him.

He continued to run away from that creature. Faster and faster his legs carried him. Farther and farther the distance grew between him and that monster. His heart was not pounding now, surprisingly and his hands were not shaking either. There was nothing else around him.

Time seemed to stand still. It was as if someone had switched a button to ‘Slow Motion’. At this point, he now thought that he was flying. He felt a gentle breeze toss his blacks curls around. It tugged at his clothing. The next minute, he felt like he was running on a wall perpendicular to the ground, but he did not know where the ground was. He could not differentiate between up and down. He felt his legs come into contact with something hard. He was running again, with the air being forced in and out of his lungs.

He ran as fast as his legs would carry him. Suddenly, he wasn’t running at all. The sensation was unknown to him. His heart felt like it was sliding up his throat. Falling?, he questioned himself.

He awoke with a start, covered in an icy layer of cold sweat. His eyes darted from one object to another. He noticed that a hospital room surrounded him. He allowed himself to take a quick glance out the window. All he could see were upside down trees! No, this time it was not just a dream, it was reality.

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