Down the Rabbit Hole

April 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Hello. My name is Lucy. You may have never heard my tale but I’m sure you’ve heard that of my great-great-grandmother. Her name was Alice. I’m here to tell you the story of my trip down the rabbit hole.

It was a clear morning in early August and I had just gotten over the flu. I was excited to finally be able to interact with people, so I invited my friend Peter over to hang out.

“I’m finally better and yet we can’t think of a single thing to do today.” I groaned. We had been debating for the past half an hour over what we should, could or would do.

“We could have gone into town but my mom took me the other day and your mom never takes us into town.” Peter replied.

“Well then we’re obviously staying here.”

“The question is what are going to do here?”

“We could ride around on our bikes, you know, get some fresh air.”

“That’s so boring though.”

“Well then Mr. Smarty-Pants, do you have any suggestions?”

“You know… There are those woods we could go to…”

“I guess it’s settled then. We’re off to explore the unknown.” I sighed. I really didn’t want to go but once Peter set his heart on something there was nothing one could do to change his mind.

We walked around to the back of my house and hopped the fence that separated the woods from my yard.

“Peter? Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

“What are you talking about Lucy? It’s a great idea!”

“I just have a funny feeling is all.”
“Are we just going to stop because of a funny feeling? Come on Lucy!”

“Why don’t you go ahead without me?”
“Fine. Suit yourself.”
Peter stalked off into the woods. I on the other hand went and sat on the fence and waited for him to come out. Suddenly I heard a yell.
“Peter!” I yelled as I took off running into the woods. I looked and looked but couldn’t find him anywhere. I stopped to catch my breath when I noticed Peter’s hat on the ground. I went to pick it up and that was when I saw the rabbit hole.
“Peter?” I asked not trusting my voice, I sounded as if I might cry at any moment.
I stuck my head into the rabbit hole and fell forward, tumbling down the rabbit hole, I saw the whole world fall away behind me.
When I woke up I noticed Peter lying beside me.
“Peter?” I tried shaking him. “Peter! Peter Wheeler, wake UP!”
He awoke with a jolt and gave a look that could kill.
“Why on earth are you here?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, why are you in my room, waking me up?”
“Um, Peter? Peter. Look around you.”
We had landed on a soft divan in the middle of a rather long and wide hallway. The floors were of gleaming black and white checkered marble. The walls also seemed to be made of white marble. There were black doors going down the hallway on either side of us.
“Do you honestly not remember falling down the rabbit hole?”
“Oh. Oh! OH! I thought that that was just a freaky dream!”
“I did too until I saw you and where we were.”
“Speaking of which, where are we?”
“I guess the only way to find out is to explore, but I think I may know where we are. We just need to find a white rabbit.”
“Please, please, please do not start with that.”
“With what?”
“That this is the amazing wonderland that your great-great-great-great-grandmother says she stumbled across when she was little! You do remember that she was bonkers right?”
“First of all there are only two greats. Second of all she wasn’t crazy. And third of all do you remember the story? She also fell down a rabbit hole!”
“But she was chasing a white rabbit, remember? There’s no white rabbit.”
“Actually Peter… Look.”
Peter turned around just in time to smack right into the rabbit himself. And what a strange rabbit he was. He wore white gloves and a three-piece suit and was carrying a white fan.
“Oh no!” the rabbit exclaimed, “I’m late! Oh she’ll be so mad.”
“Excuse me?” I asked the white rabbit, “Can I help you?”
The rabbit looked at me and a look of total surprise crossed his face. He then smiled widely and hugged me. Have you ever hugged a person-sized rabbit? I don’t suggest it, it’s quite uncomfortable.
“Oh Alice! I’m so glad you’re back! You look a bit different though…”
“Um, I’m sorry. I think there may be a mistake. My name is Lucy. Alice is my great-great-grandmother.”
“Oh no! Only Alice can help me with this! I've been searching Wonderland for her!” At this a glared at Peter and he just shrugged at me.
That’s what he gets for not believing me. I thought bitterly.
“Well maybe I can help you.”
“Oh that would be delightful! All you need to do is get the Cheshire Cat to come to the queen’s banquet.”
“Well, where can I find him, er her, um it?”
“The last place anyone saw her was through that door at the end of the hall. Here’s the key,” the rabbit placed a tiny silver key into Lucy’s hand. “Good luck Lucy!”
And with that the rabbit sped down the hall in the opposite direction that they were supposed to go.
“Wait! Aren’t you going to help us?” Peter yelled.
The rabbit either didn’t hear them or was completely ignoring them.
“Well I guess we’re on our own.” I said to him excitedly.
At that we began walking down the hall. The strangest thing began to happen. Either the hall was getting smaller or we were getting bigger. By the time we reached the end of the hallway we were crawling on hands and knees. I slipped the tiny key into an even tinier lock. I tried to push open the miniature door but the whole wall moved with it. It opened into a large wood. We crawled out and brushed ourselves off. I looked back to shut the door but it was gone.
“Curiouser, and curiouser.” I said.
“What is going on? This place is absolutely crazy!”
“Uh-huh. You said the same thing about Alice but she wasn’t crazy after all.”
We began walking into the forest. As we walked we saw that the wood had become thicker and thicker. Finally we came to a small clearing with a cherry tree in the middle. The odd thing though, was rather than the petals falling from the tree to the ground the petals came up from the ground and attached to the tree.
“Welcome to my humble abode.” Came a voice from the sky.
“Wh-who are you?” I stuttered.
“I am the Cheshire Cat. How may I help you?”
“We need you to come with us,” Peter spoke at last, “You’re needed at the queen’s banquet.”
“And why would I want to go there? That woman is mad. Than again, so am I. You probably are as well. We’re all mad.” Said the voice, a smile hinting through the words.
“Now she is definitely bonkers,” Peter whispered to me.
“Ms. Cheshire Cat. What do we have to do for you to come with us?”
“You must answer my riddle. If you answer correctly I will come with you. If not you must join the Mad Hatter for tea.”
“Fine. What is your riddle?”
“You have four pills. They are all identical. There are two different types, you will die if you have too little or too much of either one. What do you do?”
“Lucy, I guess we better get ready for tea.”
“No Peter. We have to figure this out. What would I do… I know!”
“Do you have an answer?” asked the Cheshire Cat.
“You take one half of each pill.”
“Hahaha! Good job!” exclaimed the Cheshire cat.
The Cheshire Cat appeared in the sky directly above our heads.
“Time to be off children.” And suddenly we were airborne. We were flying over the plains of Wonderland, over the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and the duchess’s house, and the Griffon and Turtle’s courtyard, Tweetle-Dee and Tweetle-Dum’s park, and the black and white knights’ checkerboard.
Finally we arrived at the Queen of Hearts castle. The Cheshire Cat walked into the palace leaving us alone outside.
“Well, that was absolutely delightful!” I exclaimed with joy.
The white rabbit suddenly appeared.
“It is time for you to go home now.”
“Thank you Mr. Rabbit.”
Suddenly we were flying again and the world turned to black. We awoke in my backyard where we had started our glorious adventure.

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