Maya The Hippo and The

April 30, 2009
By Mariah Bormann SILVER, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Mariah Bormann SILVER, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
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Once upon a time on a warm, breezy day in Africa, there lived a hippo named Maya. Maya was 10 years old, and was yellow with red and orange polka dots. One day in June, Maya decided to play a game of “Hide and Seek”. Hide and Seek required more than one player so Maya set out to find some of her friends to play with her.
Maya walked for awhile until she came about her best friend Alexis. On Maya’s walk for Alexis she passed lots of trees, animal groups, and fields of flowers. When Maya got closer to Alexis she explained the game of “Hide and Seek” and asked her if she wanted to play.
“Yes!” replied Alexis happily! Both Alexis and Maya began a one mile walk to find Diana the Crocodile. When they got to the watering hole, Diana wasn’t there because she was at Rocko’s house for a while for some fruit and coconut milk. Rocko was a bright orange toucan who was kind and honest to everyone. After Alexis and Maya found Diana, Rocko asked to play too. Maya said that they could always use another player (that meant that Rocko could play).
All four of the friends began a walk to the jungle, where hiding would be easy. When they got to the jungle, Maya wanted to be the seeker, so while everyone else was finding a hiding spot when Maya counted to thirty. After Maya was done counting, she found Alexis right away because she was too tall to hide anywhere.
Second, she found Rocko because of his bright orange color. After five minutes Maya, Alexis, and Rocko went to find Diana because Maya couldn’t find her on her own. Diana was a great hider because her scales were dark colored. In a matter of five minutes they found Diana. She was hiding in a swamp. When Diana got out of the swamp all of her friends congratulated her on being the last one found.
On the way back Maya discussed everyone’s problems they had while playing. Maya’s problem if she was going to hide would have been that she’s too fat, Rocko’s too bright, and Alexis is too tall. It wasn’t dark out yet so Diana suggested to play Tic-Tac-Toe because everyone has played it at least once before and no problems could come up while playing.
After getting back to the jungle area, all the friends played Tic-Tac-Toe. Playing Tic-Tac-Toe for two hours can wear you down so when it started getting dark out everyone went home to sleep for another day’s adventure.

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