The Wolf

April 28, 2009
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Freak, the word has been used by many people. I guess you could call me a freak. I’m what werewolves call a half, half human half werewolf. Which means my mom is a werewolf and my dad is what werewolves call a hunter. You see, hunters are people with enhanced physical attributes that hunt rouge pureblood werewolves and the freak werewolves. Pureblood werewolves are werewolves who were born with the werewolf gene and have control of their werewolf form. Freak werewolves are werewolves that were once human, but were bitten by pureblood werewolves. Hunters only kill werewolves that harass or kill humans.

My name is Jerry Proudfoot, and when I was 14, I was recruited by the hunters. You see they wanted someone with the instincts of a werewolf, but the humanness of human. So, they recruited me. I was brought to hunters’ headquarters and trained until I was 18 years old. My hunter friend, John Polaris was to be my partner. I asked him casually, “So, what’s our first job?”

He replied, “Some rouge werewolf, hunting humans, named Damien Moraine.” So, off we went, until we came to a small shack in the Nevada desert. John takes out his scanner.

“One pure, that’s all” then he said, “Ready?”

I said, “Oh heck yes.”

Jaw opened, ugly face howling, he lunged. I rolled around on the ground with him. Then at that moment, I heard laughing and turned around. It’s John laughing. Then I look at my attacker, it’s a stuffed bear. I felt so stupid. If this got back to headquarters, I’ll be the laughing stock for a week. So, I told John to shut up, and we keep moving. So, we went down a staircase leading to a basement and found that Damien Moraine had had his throat slashed by a blade. By who though?

Finally, I got back to headquarters and figured out that my boss is very mad at me. When I say mad I mean mad. A rouge hunter killing rouge werewolves is bad, very bad. This is because it makes it look like vigilantes can do our job better.

My boss was pretty mad. “You should have been there faster!”

I reply, “Sorry, “I didn’t know he was on any ones hit list. Maybe the information office should update more often?” My boss was extremely mad now. So, he fired me. I was gone, off the force. I guess I’ll have to live a normal life now. That’s what I thought. As I was leaving, I heard a loud scream from my boss’ office. I went in there and there’s nothing but blood on the floor. Someone had sliced his neck open. Wait a minute, it was the same slice as that rouge werewolf. Then I saw John.

He said, “It didn’t have to go this far.” Then, I lounged at him and stabbed him with his own blade.

Then I said, “Now I can get my job back.” I thought about it, he had been gone for a day before the mission, perfect chance to sneak away and kill the rouge werewolf.

Two weeks later, I was awarded my boss’s job and got a medal for killing my friend John. No one would ever know I was fired. If they found out, they would have something very unfortunate happen to them.

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