To Save a Prince

April 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time in the fantastical world of modern day fairytales, there lived a prince and a princess. Prince Stephon was a lively young man with an evil fairy god mother Lucifia. Princess Emberella was a courageous and forward young lady. The two were in love and would soon get married. Lucifia had other plans, though. The daughter of Lucifia was unsightly, with a dreadful personality, and Lucifia was determined to have Stephon and her daughter marry. Without the knowledge of Stephon, Lucifia had made a deal to marry them when she was ready, but Stephon had found a bride elsewhere. This did not sit well with Lucifia. She forged a plan to keep Stephon as her prisoner, away from Emberella. But Lucifia did not take into account the power of true love when she put her plan into action.

“Emberella, Emberella, where for art thou Emberella?” Stephon pleaded from his window.
“What light through yonder window breaks. It is the East, and Stephon is the West,” Emberella responded eagerly.

The two spoke at an abandoned castle in the Deserted Lands, in fear of being caught by Lucifia. They spoke of love and the future, birth and death, destiny and karma. When their mouths grew tired of speaking, their stomachs grew fiercely hungry. Emberella, being the more straight forward one, suggested the first solution to their growling stomachs.

“Want to get some ice cream?” she asked.

Before Stephon could answer, he received a phone call from his fairy god mother.

“Hello?” Stephon aptly answered, “What? No! No! Don’t kill me! Alright, fine. Bye.”

Stephon had a very difficult decision to make, to go out for ice cream with his love, or negotiate the terms of his life with Lucifia. It was a tough choice, but the latter seemed to hold the most importance.

“Sorry, I can’t get ice cream right now. Lucifia is threatening to kill me. I must go!” he announced.

Emberella stood at the bottom of the castle, shocked at his announcement. She soon ran after him, but alas, she was too late. Stephon had left, possibly to never return. A new feeling of protection and empowerment showered her with thoughts of what she must do. She would save her prince. To defeat such a powerful sorceress as Lucifia, she would need some serious weaponry. Emberella ransacked the abandoned castle, searching desperately for a gun of sufficient force.

Lying in the corner of the last room she checked, was a massive semiautomatic water gun. It glistened in the sunlight, whispering sweet words of revenge. She grabbed her weapon and ran with all her might to Lucifia’s Castle.

Meanwhile at Lucifia’s well decorated castle, Stephon was attempting to talk his way out of a marriage with Lucifia’s daughter. So far, he was unsuccessful and it was obvious that Lucifia was getting irritated.

“It’s quite simple really, either you marry my daughter, or I ring your little neck.” Lucifia hissed. She knew Stephon would never do as she asked of his own free will, so she quickly changed the subject.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and admire my shoe gallery? It’s exquisite, I assure you.” She smiles that cold smile of hers. Stephon couldn’t refuse. He had a strange love of women’s high heels.

“Well, if you insist.” Stephon begins then runs out of the room.
Up the stairs he goes, to Lucifia’s shoe gallery. On a bed in the middle of the room, he finds a hot pink Prada shoe displayed carelessly. There seems to be no other shoes in the room, too. How strange, he thinks to himself. Nonetheless, he walks to the bed and picks up the shoe. While examining it, he discovers it has an unusually sharp heel. Unbeknownst to him, it was a poisoned sharp heel that if touched, it would make its handler sleep for forty days and forty nights. He caressed it, accidentally stabbing his index finger in the process. Before he realized what had happened, he passed out on the bed.
“Perfect timing,” Lucifia cackles, “I’ll be able to make it to my facial after all.”
To ensure that a vengeful Emberella couldn’t simply take the sleeping Stephon out of Lucifia’s castle,she created a guard. She discovered a tiny mouse scurrying about in front of her and decided it would do. With the chant of “Bippity, boppity, BAM,” and the snap of her fingers, Lucifia turned the mouse into a full grown, beastly man.
“Your name is now Igor. I command you to guard the castle Igor.” Lucifia ordered.
“Yes mistress,” the newly fabricated human replied. With that, Lucifia was off to her appointment at the Mystical Day Spa.
Hours after Lucifia’s departure, Emberella arrived at the front steps of her castle, armed and ready. As she made her way up the dark, never ending stairs, she noticed a dark figure in the distance. A growl echoed down the stairs. The hairs on the back of her neck rose with fear. She didn’t consider backing down an option so she loosened her princess dress and called out “Prepare to die!”
“The mistress told me to guard the castle. I cannot let you pass.” The hunched figure growled.
“It sucks to be you then!” She yelled with confidence.
“No! It sucks to be you.” Igor laughed.
The two charged at each other, Emberella holding her water gun, Igor holding a dagger. He swiped at her and missed, she ducked and swiftly aimed the gun at his heart. Emberella pulled the trigger and ran off before she could see what became of Igor.
In the front room of the castle, Lucifia sat waiting on a large couch. She sat there calmly petting her disfigured cat Mr. Snuggles. The sight of Lucifia filled Emberella with such rage that she ran at her before thinking of a plan.
“Freeze Lucifia! I have you now!” Emberella exclaimed.
“You fool. You really think you can defeat me?” A hysterical Lucifia screeched.
“I do!” With that, Emberella pulled the trigger once more, but this time she watched her enemy melt away.
At the realization that no more stood between her and Stephon, Emberella raced to him. She found Stephon lying on a low bed, arms crossed against his chest. Seeing him in such a solemn state brought her to her knees. At his bedside she wept, believing he was dead. Suddenly, a moment of inspiration hit her. The kiss of life
could bring him back, could it not? As she slowly leans in for the kiss, Emberella decides CPR would be the more realistic way of bringing someone back to life. So she swings her arms back and slams them against his chest, repeating the motion until he finally takes in a breath.
“Oh Stephon! You’re alive!” Emberella declares happily through tears.
“Emberella.” Stephon gasps, smiling.

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