Bleu Moons

April 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter 1 That Day


I remember the day…. the day that everything changed.
She was just gone right before our eyes. Gone. Net. Mom, hands, truck, away.
“Mom!” shouted Skye, as she tried to run towards the truck.
“Skye, it’s no use! Don’t put yourself in danger too.” I said.
Skye stopped dead in her tracks, knowing there was nothing she could do.
“But…but Navi…”
“Don’t start Skye. It’s not the time.”
“What do you mean not the time? Those awful men…humans, just took our mother away!”
“Skye!” shouted Indigo. “You have to calm down. Yelling won’t solve everything.”
“Yeah, well what are we suppose to do then?”
“I don’t know… Navi, what should we do?” Everyone turned and looked at me.
Sometimes whenever mom went to away for a while, she would put me in charge because I was the oldest. When she was here everyone depended on her…. Now that’s she’s gone everything is turning around and they are depending on me now.
“I… I… I don’t know you guys.” I felt useless.
“I can help,” said a voice…

We all turned around, not knowing where the voice had come from. A stone fell from the tree and landed on the ground. Skye peered at the stone, curious at the sight of it.
“Hey guys,” she says, “come over and look at this.”
It was amazing. Never in my life have I seen such a stone with lightest- blue color I’ve ever seen. And not only that, it glows whenever we get close to it.
“This is so cool,” Indigo says, “I’ve never seen stone like this before.”
“Its pretty,” Skye beamed, “I wonder if I can touch it...”
“Don’t”, said Navi, putting her paw on Skye’s. “We don’t know what it can do.”
“It can help you on your quest,” said a voice.
“Who are you? And what do you want with us?”
“Relax will ya?”
A huge black bird swooped down and landed in front of us.
“Wow,” said Turquoise, “your feathers are beautiful.”

“Why thank you very much,” said the bird, flaunting his feathers as Turquoise looked with awe in her eyes. He had soft black feathers that shined when the sun hit him just right.
I cleared my throat so he can stop showing off in front of my little sister. What an imbecile.
“Oh, my apologies said the shamed bird. “Anyways, about the stone…”
“Yes,” I interrupted, “we want to everything about this stone and what is does.”
“And I will make sure to inform you on that. Now this is a very special stone. It has the power to shape shift anything.”
“Yes anything, I over heard your conversation and saw what happened.”
I narrowed my eyes and growled at the bird.
“Hey!” It’s not my fault! He protested, “I can’t help it if I know your business!”
If he says one more word to offend me, I’ll eat him alive.
“Look, what I’m saying is that this stone can change you guys into humans so you can sneak into the village undetected.”
“WHAT,” I bellowed. The girls jumped as they heard my vicious growl.
“It is… the… only …way?” replied the scared bird.
I glared and him and walked away.
“Navi,” Indigo ran after me. “Would you just listen for a minute?”
“I cannot become them,” I answered, throatily.
“We don’t have a choice. This could be the only way to save mom.”
I scowled at myself.
“You know we have to do it.” Indigo looked at me with those strong yellow eyes.
“She’s right, Big Sis,” says Skye walking towards us. “It’s the only way.”
“We must do it for Mother.” Turquoise looked at me with a reassuring glance.
“what do you say?”
I closed my eyes and let out a long breath.
“Alright,” I say “let’s do this.”
Chapter 2 Animal

We’re wolves again, sniffing out the scent.
“We’re almost there, said Navi, leading the way. “I can smell it.”
On our four legs we ran and ran staying together just like a real pack would. While we were running on the trial, I was wondering about humans. I thought that maybe they were all bad or maybe just some of them. After the incident with Dad, Navi hated the race of humans. Maybe she was taking this pretty hard.
Suddenly, in the middle of my thoughts I had a scent that made me stop dead in my tracks.
“Whoa!” said Skye, stopping behind me. “Indigo, what’s the matter?”
Navi and Turquoise stopped too.
“Something doesn’t sound right.” I said, suspiciously. My ears were pulled back and my eyes were narrowed. I sniffed around to make sure I wasn’t losing it.
“Something’s not right,” said Navi. “I’ve never smelled this before.”
I began to feel very much tensed. I could see my sisters were too, with their tails pointing straight out. The more we could smell it, the more suspicious and tensed we got. I knew that we had got out of here. Something was just not right and it wasn’t safe. I took one careful step forward.
Nothing, but I still wasn’t so sure, then Skye came next to me with tension in her eyes.
“Indigo,” Skye says. “I don’t like this.”
“I know.”
We scanned the clearing to see if we could find anything. Nothing. I started to get a little nervous. I didn’t like how this was going. Someone or something is watching our every move, waiting to attack at any weakness it sees. Well, I’ll have you know, that we were pretty strong and we barely have any weaknesses.
My thoughts were pretty clear, and I was satisfied.
Suddenly, I hear sound that jerks my head to my right. And this time I did see something, like a brown fur- looking animal.
“Guys,” I warn. “Get ready. We have some company.”
And then we heard a roar, right behind me and Skye. Standing on two feet, was a giant animal. His giant paw was about to come down us. We both dodge out of harms way. He was still trying to attack when Turquoise bit him in his buttocks.
He roared in pain and Navi pushed him over with all her might, with him falling to the ground. I rushed over to help her fight; he got up and smacked her away. I rush to her aid by distracting the animal away from her.
“Come on!” I shouted. “Show me what you got, fatty!” Now that set him off. He lunged out at me, while I dodge out of his way. As I dodge out of his way, Skye manage to get hold of the animal’s leg.
“Rooaaarrr!” he screamed. He whacked her away with his huge paw.
“Oh no, Skye!” I shouted. I lost my guard and the animal charged at me on all fours, knocking me over with his big head.
I fall straight to the ground and he put his paw on my chest and started to push it down on me, like he was trying to hold me down so he can deliver the final blow.
The vicious animal is about to pummel me under his big, flat paw and….. My sisters came to my rescue! They jumped on the animal, grabbing him by his legs and attacking from behind.
“Let’s see you get out of this,” said Navi, biting violently. The animal took his flat paw off me and turned his attention on my sisters. I see Skye was being thrown to the ground by the animal’s sharp teeth.
“No... One …Does …That to… my little sister!” I growled, enraged by what I saw.
I rushed over, at full speed and sink my teeth into his shoulder blade. I must’ve sinked in prrEEEETTY deep because I tasted blood. The animal screamed in pain and slapped me with his good arm.
While falling to the ground, I could see the animal started to stand on its two feet.
I fall to the ground and I see Navi and Turquoise rushing to my aid.
“Indigo!” said Turquoise, worried. “Are you okay?”
“Don’t worry about me,” I said. “Worry about him.”
The big animal was limping towards us and he didn’t look happy.
“Here I come,” said a voice.
It sounded like… Oh no, Skye!
“Wait, stop… I tried to yell, but it was too late.
She tried to attack him from behind, but he moved too quickly and she rolled all the way to me.
“Hiya.” said Skye, looking dumbfounded. I glared at her.
“RROOOAAAARR!” screamed the animal as he limped towards us.
“After all that and he still isn’t down,” Skye complained. “This is ridiculous.”
“I know,” said Navi, “it looks like he’s not giving up without a fight.”
“What are we going to do?” Turquoise asked. “We can barely take him down.”
“We can try. Indigo, you manage to injure him right?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“You just gave us an advantage with that blow. Look.” I looked over at the animal.
He wouldn’t be able to move very fast with his arm like that. That was one advantage.
He was looking sleepy and he was limping, yet he still wanted to fight us. Gosh, he’s getting on my nerves. Well, I guess he’s in for a serious beating.
“Alright guys,” Navi says, “get ready for an intense fight.”
We got our guards ready, ready for anything. The animal lunged out at us.
We were too quick for him, spreading in different directions to surround him. He roared in agony and frustration.
Just as we were about to ambush him, we heard a cry from the animal.
“SSTTTOOPPP!” he yelled. “STOP”
We stop and stare at the creature.
“Huh?” I heard Skye say.
Appalled by what we heard, the animal began to say something else.
“Go back,” he said, “go back.”
“Go where?” I asked, “Where do you want us to go?”
“Go back.”
“Hey, come on,” said Skye, “we’re not playing games now.”
“Go … back…” “Skye…” I warned, “Stay back, he might attack.”
“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
“Go… back!” roared the animal. Now we had to keep our distance from him.
“Cool it big guy,” said Skye. “We just want to talk.”
“Go… back!!!!”
And he lunged out at Skye.

Chapter 3 the Change Skye

She said the humans call it a bear. Mom was pregnant with at the time and dad was still here. Now here he is, roaring at us with fury and trying to make us go away.
“Look out!” shouted Indigo, pushing me out the way.
While we tumble to the ground, the creature started to charge out at us with his eyes burning with anger. Luckily, Navi jumped on his back and started biting violently with her sharp teeth. She manages to distract him long enough for Turquoise to help us get out of the way.
“Rooaaarrr!” screamed the creature. He jerked around so much that made her tumble on straight to the ground.
“Navi,” I shouted, “Get out of the way!” I ran towards her.
Then I saw Turquoise run towards the creature.
“Leave her alone!” I heard her say as she jumped up at him.
And right in mid-air the creature knocked her in her head, leaving her to be dazed as she was on the ground.
“Nooo” I shouted. Then I rushed to her aid by rushing to the creature, biting him on his leg without him noticing.
“Rooaaarrr!” He yelled with agony, shaking with at his leg.
He was about to crush me with his paw, then Indigo came and closed her jaw in on it.
Turquoise came and bit his other arm.
He grabbed her with his big jaws and threw her across the ground. He smacked Indigo, but couldn’t get her off. He kept smacking her that she flew off. I heard a thump as she went to the ground. She was unconscious.
“Listen,” I said. “I just want to talk.”
“Go back,” roared the creature. “Go back.”
“Go where?”
“Go… BACK!”
And he lunged himself at me (again). I jump on his back and landed on the ground with ease. He turned around and began to chase after me, but his shoulder slowed him down.
“Come on! Don’t you ever give up?” I shouted.
Man, what is with this guy? What did he want us to “go back” to? Whatever the reason, he must not want us to go where we’re going.
“Skye,” I heard Indigo shout. “Don’t be skeptical of your enemy.” I looked over at her slowly getting up.
“Yeah, yea… WHOA!”
I felt myself being lifted and thrown across the ground.
“Ouch!” I cried out. “Man, why do you have to throw me so hard?”
“I told you so.”
“Shut up, Indigo.”
“Gasp heads up!”
The creature was roaring in fury, standing on his two feet and limping towards us with all his energy that he had left.
“Gee,” I say, “why is he trying so hard to stop us?”
“I wish I knew,” says Indigo. “I can’t stand him either.”
“Is everyone okay?” I heard Navi call out. She and Turquoise were running towards us.
“Yeah, terrific, called out Indigo. “You have any ideas how to make him stop bothering us?”
She shook her head.
“Aw, this is so stupid!” I complained. “Why can’t he just leave us alone?”
“You got any ideas?” I asked Navi. She looked at me, the Look, whenever she had an idea.
“I sure do,” was all she said. When the creature came close enough, we were ready.
“Okay guys...” said Navi,
We scattered in directions to surround the creature. It all happened so quickly. Indigo distracted the creature, while Turquoise and I by two of his legs. He struggled in our grip, thrashing on the ground, roaring to the top of his lunges.
Indigo rushed on the creature, and held him on his good arm. Navi jumped on his chest and was about to deliver a blow in throat until she heard a cry from Turquoise.
“Navi,” she begged, “Don’t hurt him.”
Navi looked into Turquoise’s eyes and saw that she was… glowing.
“What the…” Indigo says, but couldn’t finish the sentence. In the next few seconds, we were all blinded by the bright light. I felt a huge force knock me off my paws. Luckily, I landed in the soft tall grasses and stayed there until the light faded away. I opened my eyes to find Turquoise passed out and Navi and Indigo rushing to her side.
“Is she ok?” asked Indigo, petrified of fear.
“I don’t know,” answered Navi. I could see the fear in her scared blue eyes. Turquoise was always the quiet one in the family. She’s shy when she meets someone, but if you get to know her, she’s a very thoughtful and nice. I guess that’s why Navi and Indigo have always been very protective of her as that are for me (except that Indigo is such a pain). I hear mumble come from Turquoise. We gasp and stare down at her.
“What… what happened?” she choked out.
“Oh gosh, we were worried sick about you!” I rushed in and nuzzled my big sister.
“We’re so glad your okay, T.” Indigo also nuzzled Turquoise.
“Are you alright,” Navi asked.
“Yes, I’m fine.”
I know this was a bad time but I brought ii up anyway.
“What in the animals’ planet do think happened?”
“I don’t know,” Navi replied, “I think it had something to do with the stone.”
Indigo looked at Navi with a worried glance. “You think the stone did this?”
Navi shook head.
“I’m sorry,” muttered Turquoise, “it’s just when I saw what was going to happen, I just freaked out...”
“It is not your fault,” reassured Indigo.
“Come on guys,” Navi muttered. “Let’s worry about this later.”
We helped up Turquoise and ran about. I slowed down and looked back at the creature.
“Skye!” shouted Indigo. “You need to keep up.”
“Alright, I’m coming,” I said, annoyed.
Why is she always on my tail? I mean, gosh, it’s not like I was going to fall asleep or something. Sigh. Well, I got no time to complain now. I have to keep up and keep focus now. Here we go.
A little while after the wolf sisters left…

“What in the world happened here?” asked one of the two men, who found the creature.
“I don’t know,” said the other.
“But it looks like it’s been attacked by a bunch of wild animals.”
“What do you suppose did such a thing?”
“I don’t know, but maybe we should start loading him up and take him back to the lab.”
“Alright, do think he’ll wake up?”
“No way, he’s out cold. Now help me load him up.”
“O…Okay.” And the two men put the creature into the crate.
“Hey, Chuck,” said the shorter man.
“What do you suppose could bring him down like this?”
“I’m not sure,” said Chuck, “But I never thought a bear would go down so easy.” Mac chuckled and dragged the crate along the path.
“I wonder,” thought Chuck, “Could it be her…Could it really be her?”

. . .
“Wow, what is this place?” I asked, full of awe and amazement.
“I don’t know,” Navi replied, “But I’ve never seen anything like it before. What do you think Indigo?”
“Well, if I recall, this would be called a village.”
“A village?” replied Turquoise “Isn’t this where humans live?”
We heard a grunt come from Navi.
“Humph,” she growled, “no wonder I smell so much of them.”
With a sigh Navi began giving out orders. “Okay guys,” she says, “you know what we have to do, right?” Everyone nodded.
“Alright then, let’s go.” We started towards the village… entering to a different nature and boarding a new world.

As soon as we entered the village, we made plans to make our next move.
Listen up,” I ordered, “be on the lookout for anything suspicious and keep mom’s scent close to your noses. It’s denser. Meet back here before the sun comes down.”
Then we split up and went our directions. Mom’s scent was everywhere. Oh, gosh, her smell is just… so … close. I don’t understand why anyone would take our mother away. The more I thought about it, the more I hated humans.
I just can’t stand them and their ways of treating animals any way they want. And all of them are evil in their own little way. Sigh. You know what; I can’t let them get to me. I have to stay focus and stick to my nose. I began to walking. I shouldn’t have let Turquoise go by herself. I know the bird said not stay in a group because it could rouse suspicion, but still.
Ugh, the sight of them is overbearing… I must to do this for mother. I promised my sisters and myself that I would do this. I can’t give up on them now. I spotted a human staring at me. He was leaning on a wall and staring straight at me.
“What is he looking at?” I thought.
Whatever, I’m not going to let him get to me that easy. I kept my eye on him as he began to walk away.
Something about that human doesn’t seem right. It’s just the look on his face that made me feel very uncomfortable. I’d better warn the others about him, he could be dangerous. I get back on my trail. There was no time to lose.
“Whoa,” I thought, “I never thought walking on two legs would be so easy.”
To come to thing of it, this was kind of fun. We practiced in the plains and it was starting to pay off. Walking was a little wobbly at first, but you get the hang of it. Alright, I’ve got to get my in the game and start sniffing out mom. Sigh. Mom… it’s so close that I thought she was… alright; (slap) I’ve got to snap out of this. I need to stay focus. As I walk around a corner, I heard screaming in a distance.
I looked around the corner and saw two humans, one was called a child and the other was what humans call a teenager. They both had big, brown eyes; except the child had black hair and brown eyes and the teenager had dark brown hair and eyes.
As they ran past me, I realized what they were running from… and I’ve seen these things before! It was a bull in rage!
As I started to run away from it, the bull had started running faster and it got closer and closer and closer…
“Whoa,” as I cried out when I was grabbed away.
I found myself facing the children that ran away from that crazy bull.
“Girl, you almost got smashed like a pancake!” The girl exclaimed.
“You better be glad I pulled you out in time.”
I was about to say thank you, when I realized that this girl wasn’t a human.
“Your not…” I began, but interrupted by the little boy.
“Hey Tamarin, He said, suprisely, “Looks like we found another.”
The girl nodded in agreement.
“Your right, Isaiah, it seems that we indeed… have found another.”
“Huh?” I said, “Hold the tail tip, what are you talking about?”
When I looked at her, she looked like a human, but she smelled of a wolf.
“I think we need to explain some things,” said the boy named Isaiah.
“Yeah, it looks like you do alright,” agreed Tamarin.
I looked at Tamarin, and then I looked at Isaiah, and then looked at Tamarin and I saw her true form. Tamarin appeared to be a wolf with tan fur and dark brown eyes.
“Whoa,” I gasped out, “This is fang-tastic.”
“Now,” said Tamarin, “Blink your eyes again.”
I blinked my eyes three times and she appeared as a human.
“Pretty cool, huh.”
“Yeah, but, how?”
“Looks like we have a lot of explaining to do,” says Isaiah, “A lot of explaining to do.”

Chapter 4 Not Alone Turquoise
“Suffer from our own kind…”
These were the words I pondered over, the words that haunted my thoughts. Father had said something like that before and it just came to my mind for no reason.
I thought and thought and… realized that I’d lost mom’s scent. Terrific, I thought, this is just perfect. How could I get so careless?
Sigh. Well, I guess I’d better start sniffing instead of just standing here. I started walking and sniffing, I heard footsteps that were following me. I started to grow curious and nervous. Should I keep walking? Or should turn around and fight? While thoughts were swirling through my head, I had quickened my pace and so had the footsteps.

What should I do? I asked myself. I couldn’t just keep walking forever. Just then, I saw a corner ahead of me. Yes, I thought, I can cut across the corner and change into a wolf. I had all my hopes up when I crossed that corner…. It turned out to be a dead end.
“Well, well,” said a mocking voice, “Look who’s all alone.”
I turned my head abruptly, when I heard that voice. And as I turned around, my worst fears came true.
I sniffed out that there were four humans chasing me, and there they were, the four of them, looking down on me like I’m a useless dog.
“You wanna come with us, cutie?”
“Wha… what?” I stammered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
The capped one said “Don’t play games with us. Now come with us and have some fun.”

I saw one of them, who were bald, take out a sharp object. It was silver and pointy, which meant it was dangerous. Then foursome started to walk towards me. I can’t believe this…! I got myself ready, ready for anything that they had under they’re paws, hands or whatever. I felt my human glowing. Oh no, I thought, not again.
“We won’t hurt you sweetie, said the capped one, “Now just...”
Before anyone had a chance to lunge at me, there was a thud on the ground.
“What the… who are you?” questioned the one with the yellow hair.
The stranger said nothing. He had a hood over his head, but I could see that he has golden-yellow eyes and brown hair.
“Hey,” said the capped one, “I believe he asked you question. Now answer.”
The stranger remained silent.
“Alright guys, since he’s a little mute, I guess we have to knock some words in ‘em.”
The remaining three turned their attention towards the stranger. The one with the pointed object struck first, but the stranger was too fast for him. He swiped and swiped and swiped, but the stranger was too fast. When the bald guy tried to swipe him again, the stranger grabbed his wrist and clutched the pointed object out of his hands and kneed him in his stomach. The capped one tried to attack him from behind, but the stranger turned around and knocked him out cold.
The stranger looked coldly at the one with dark hair. The dark- haired one hesitated then ran away. When he ran away, the stranger looked at me with those yellow eyes of his. I soon began to realize that smell, the smell I didn’t notice before. The smell that can separate animal and human… this stranger was an animal.
“You shouldn’t be walking alone,” says the stranger, “it’s very dangerous.
I looked down, kind of embarrassed.
“Thank you,” I say, “I really appreciate what you’ve done.”
“Yeah, whatever you say.”
He stared at me. It looked like he was going to say something, but didn’t and began to walk away.
“Uh, hey, wait,” I called after him, “I never got your name.”
He stopped. Without looking at me, he only said one word:
He started walking and turned the corner. I ran after him but he was already gone. I looked around to see if I could spot him anywhere. Well, it seems like I’m not going to find him. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be looking for mom.
“Ugh, not again,” I sighed.
I look to the sky because I had feeling that I will meet Axel again. I just know it.
This is so cool, I thought, I can’t believe I’m walking on two feet! I think I could use to this. I was sniffing out mom until I heard Indigo’s voice.
“I didn’t know it was possible,” I heard her say.
I went closer and closer to the sound of her voice. I found her in a corner with a kid and another girl.
“Indigo,” I say, “What are you doing?” I asked. I must’ve scared her because she jumped up, almost screamed.
“Skye,” She yelled, “You know I hate when you do that!”
“Well excuse me for being the big bad wolf.”
“Why I oughta…”
“Um, is this a bad time for me to interrupt?”
We turned around and saw the girl looking a little nervous at us.
“Sorry Tamarin,” said Indigo, apologetically, “my sister can be very inconsiderate sometimes.”
“Well, now that that’s over, let me introduce you to my little sister, Skye.”
Right when Indigo introduced me, I knew what Tamarin really was before she even had a chance to talk.
“Whoa,” I said, “I can’t believe this.”
“So you sniffed me out, huh?” said Tamarin, serenely. I think I like her already.
“Wow, Tamarin I can’t believe there’s more wolves like you,” said Isaiah.
“Okay, I said, agitatedly “How does he know what we are?”
“Well, first of all,” Says Tamarin, “Let’s start with the stone. You remember what it looks like, right?”
“Yeah, I remember.”
“Well, you should already know that the stone can turn can turn any animal into a human if you crush and sprinkle it on you. But, aside from turning animals into humans, this stone also holds ultimate power. This stone is called “the Change.”
“The Change?”
“Anyway, about 20 years ago, two scientists named Dr. Kilbourne and Dr. Kane discovered the stone was buried underground. After they had dug it up, they started to discover that the stone had ultimate powers.”
“What kind of powers?” I asked.
“This thing has powers that I don’t even know of. Except that it has the power to shape shift.”
“So, what happed to the scientist?”
“All I know is that Dr. Kane settled down, had a family, and then disappeared.”
“Whoa.” I caught Isaiah looking a little sad.
“So, what are you doing around here?” I asked Tamarin.
“Well, we were on our way to a friend’s house, but, instead ran into your sister.
“What about you?”
“Well,” butted Indigo, “we were here with our other two sisters.”
“Really?” gasped Tamarin, “I knew there had to be more of you.”
“Yeah, come on Skye let’s go look for Turquoise and Navi.”
And just as we were about to leave, Isaiah asked if he and Tamarin could come along.
“Sure, you can,” said Indigo, cheerfully.
“Alright!” cheered Isaiah.
Everything was going well until Tamarin stopped and told a very important thing; “We’re not the only ones here in this village…”
That was strange, because I was thinking the same thing.
I can’t believe this. First, a strange human was stalking me, and then I lose mother’s scent. This is just a waste of meat. Sigh, I guess we’d better call it a day. I started walking back down my path until I sniffed out three human boys ahead of me.
“Oh great, I muttered, “just my luck”
I walk up and saw three human boys. They were joking around and they started to stare at me. I just stared pass them and walked in peace… until one of them came up to me.
“Hi there,” he said, “I’m Chase, what’s yours?”
“That’s none of your concern,” I replied.
“Oh, that’s fine. Then I guess…”
“Look, why don’t you get away from me and don’t come back. Okay?”
Then I left him dumbfounded and confused. I passed him with a smirk and walked away. And to think that he had the nerve to talk to me….Not a chance, and now that I was as far away from them, I heard someone screaming my name in a distance.
The sun is setting now and we’ve found a place called a hut. It had one little room and another small room called a kitchen and another called a living room. I don’t know why they call it a living room because nothing was living in here.
“It ain’t much, says Tamarin, but makes you feel at home.”
I scanned the rest of the little hut. It had dirt on the walls and there was some water leaking out too. There were also some cans to catch the water dripping from the walls. And the smell was a little disgusting.
“So, this is where you live?” asked Turquoise.
“Yep,” replied Tamarin, “we’ve been living here for a while.”
Soon Isaiah began to yawn.
“Alright sleepyhead,” said Tamarin, “time for bed.” Then she guided him to his room.
While Tamarin was putting Isaiah to bed, we all sat in the “living room” and had a little discussion.
“I can’t believe that someone was stalking you, said Turquoise, worriedly, “I mean, what did he want?”
“I don’t know,” replied Navi, “but he might know our secret. We need to be more cautious and stay alert. We can’t risk him blowing our cover.”
We all nodded.
“Well, I don’t know about you guys, says Skye, but I’m gonna get some shuteye.” Then she curled up on the ground. At first, she turned and twisted, trying to get comfortable. After a few seconds, she was fast asleep.
“I guess she got use to it,” whispered Tamarin, who had just come out of Isaiah’s room.
Then we lay on the floor.
“What is this?” I gasped, quietly, “Some kind of fur?”
“Na, girl,” says Tamarin, “it’s called carpet.”
“Wow, I never felt something this warm before. How do you get so comfortable on something so fuzzy?”
“Isaiah’s family took me in when I had no one, so I’ve been sleeping on carpet ever since.” Tamarin looked at the “covered sky.”
Then I asked;
“Tamarin, what happened to your family?”
She looked down at her paws. Now, felt a little regret for asking that question.
“Look, if you don’t want to talk about it, its o…”
“No, it’s alright,” she cut in, “I don’t mind. It’s easier to talk than to hold it in right?”
I nodded in her response.
“It was only three years ago,” she began, “It was after I went hunting with my family, it was the most happiest moment I had with everyone: my mom, dad, brothers, sister, auntie, uncle, and grandma. We all just talking about what we were gonna do afterwards… until some strange people in white showed up in roaring creatures.”
Tamarin took a breath for a second, and then finished the rest of the story.
“The strange creatures had feet that looked like a rocks, except that they were rounder. And they had skin that was as shiny as a clear river, but hard and smooth as a stone. They also had roaring sounds as they moved and another sound, it sounded like honk! We ran as fast as we could from them, but they ambushed us and threw nets all over us except I… escaped. I wanted to go back and save them, but my family urged me to run. And as I ran, I heard two gunshots … and heard the cries of two of my brothers. I felt so helpless.”
I looked at her in despair. I felt so bad for her because I knew how it felt to lose your family.
“I just kept running,” she continued, “I kept running, running like there was no tomorrow. All could do was run. I ran and ran ‘till I got tired and cried myself to sleep in a place I’ve never seen before. And the next thing I knew I was in a house, with people who wouldn’t hurt a fly and fun-loving kid.” Tamarin smiled at that memory.
“And then what happened?” I asked.
Tamarin looked at me, serenely. “I stayed with Isaiah’s family until one day; Isaiah and I were playing inside, until we noticed a light blue glow that was coming from the basement door. Of course, we went to investigate and found some papers and books about the stone. It said how it was dug up a long time ago and that someone had stolen and shattered part of the stone. And then we found pieces of it, just sitting on the desk. We were amazed how such small stones can shine so brightly. Isaiah decided to touch one, and then we heard his Dad coming. He quickly grabbed one and we ran out the secret back door. As soon as we were outside, Isaiah tripped and broke the stone in half. Apparently, the other half crash-landed on my snout and I turned into a human! To make this story short, Isaiah knew I could talk, Daddy found out, went crazy, and both parents disappeared. I have a good feeling Isaiah’s father is behind all this.”
“So, what are we going to do about it?” I asked.
“I don’t know. But we better hit the hay.” Then we laid our heads down, but I’m still awake. Now, I realize, we have to help them… just as we need to help our mother.

The next day, we got up a little early and hunted for breakfast. I manage to catch a couple of birds, and they sure were tasty. But there is one thing I hate about eating birds… they have too many feathers.
As I was feasting, I heard someone snuck up on me. With my ears erect and alert, I managed to sniff that mysterious creature… Axel.
“So we meet again,” I say, as I turned around. It was Axel alright, even with four legs and all that brown fur; I could never forget those golden- yellow eyes staring at me.
“Hmp,” He said “I never thought I’d run into you again.”
“Uh, I never thought so either,” I said, (Actually, I knew we would, but not so soon). I started to say something, and then I heard Indigo calling my name.
“I guess I better go,” Axel said. Then he sprinted across the street and down the sidewalk.
“Hey!” I called out, but he was already gone.
“There you are,” exclaimed Indigo, “I was looking all over for you. And who were you talking to?”
“M-me, talking to someone? I wasn’t talking to anybody.”
“Yes you were. I heard and saw that wolf that you were talking to.”
I don’t how, but Indigo always seems to know what’s going on.
“Alright,” I said, in defeat, “you got me.”
“Hah! I knew it,” Indigo said, with triumph. “I can’t believe that you’re seeing a guy!”
“It’s not like that, really. I just met him for the second time.”
“Right, like I’m suppose to believe that.”
“Uuuuh, I’ll just tell you everything.” So I told about the the guys who mistook me for someone, how Axel fought and saved my life.
“Wow,” said the impressed Indigo, “looks like you have a secret admirer.”
“Uh, I do not!” I exclaimed. I felt my cheeks turn red. Oh man, now she’s going to think I’m lying (or at least I’m think I am).
“Yes you do and you like him too, don’t you?”
“Well, I uh, I…”
“Yeah, c’mon, bark it out.”
“I guess I do.”
“That’s what I thought. Oooh, I can’t believe this, my little sister is going to have a boyfriend before I do!”
“Indigo, I think you’re taking this a little bit too far.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I like him, but I don’t like him like him.”
“Sure, you’re saying that now, but when you start to really like him, just let me know.”
“Whatever you say, sis.”
“Now c’mon, the others are probably waiting for us.”
“Is everyone here?” I called out.
Turquoise and Indigo ran in just in time.
“Well,” I say, “it took you guys long enough.”
“Sorry,” says Indigo, “we ‘ran’ into a little problem.”
“I see.”
I sniffed out another wolf from their fur. I knew they ran into another one.
So Tamarin was right when she told us about stone… we’re not the only one’s who were affected by it.
“Alright, guys listen up,” I ordered, “You all know what we have to do today, but I just want to make sure on that we’re clear on what to do.”
I reviewed everything that we went over last night, it didn’t matter if you wanted to travel with or without someone, as long as we find mother. And then we split up.
I make my way down the sidewalk, until I caught a scent of someone familiar. It wasn’t mother’s, it was someone else’s, someone that who was important to our family, a part of our pack… an old friend.
As I picked up the familiar smell, I started walking fast; I was so certain it was him. Could it be? I thought he was gone forever. I thought that we were never going to see him again. As get I get closer and closer, the scent is denser. I turn the corner… And I remember those dark- brown eyes with smooth gray fur, but I saw black hair and those eyes… It’s nice to see an old friend.

Chapter 5 Who Are You? Navi

Zeke, I can’t believe it. After all this time, we thought he was taken by the humans forever, but he’s… alive.
“Zeke,” I choked out, “I thought we’d never see you again!”
I started to run towards him, but he stopped me.
“What are you talking about?” he said, “And how do you know my name?”
“Zeke,” I said, confusedly, “Don’t you know who I am? It’s me, Navi.”
“Tsk, what are you talking about, I don’t know you.” Then he walked away.
No, I thought, this isn’t true. Why doesn’t he remember who I am? Something is going on and I think it has something to do with the stone, because he is a human now and why doesn’t he remember? I think that our problems just got worse.
“Indigo,” says Tamarin, “do hear something?”
We were running after Navi until I perked up when she said that. I moved my ears here and there, and then I caught a sound.
“Yeah,” I replied, I do hear something.” It was coming from our right. Then it became quiet, too quiet.
“I’m not liking this,” said Tamarin, “I don’t like it when things get quiet.”
“Me neither,” said Isaiah, whimpering under his breath.
“Don’t worry,” I said, “we just have listen.”
So we close our eyes and open our ears. I can hear the birds as the flutter and fly. I can hear little kids playing and jumping and screaming. I could hear the wind blowing, from here and there, left and right, east and west. Then there was a sound, it came by so quickly that I felt the wind blow across my face.
“It’s a tranquilizer!” Tamarin called it, “It’s a trap!”
I began to see more of those tranquilizers and we started to run for our lives. While running and dodging, I saw more tranquilizers coming. There had to be a way that we can get away from them.
“Where are gonna hide?” said Tamarin, gasping for air.
Suddenly, Isaiah fell on the ground.
“He’s been hit!” Tamarin said as she picked him up.
“Hey,” I said, “we can hide behind those walls.”
We ran and hid behind the wall. We were out breath and we didn’t know where to turn next. What would we do? I asked myself, what can do?
“Indigo,” whispered Tamarin, “I can smell him getting closer.”
She was right. This smell was close, and it reeked. It reeked with evil. I had to think to think fast. Then I had an idea. I whispered my plan.
“I wonder how the others are doing,” said Turquoise.
“They probably…” I started to say, but heard a howl, a howl from Indigo.
“It’s Indigo!” Turquoise shouted.
“She’s probably in trouble,” I replied, “Let’s go!”
And then we ran towards Indigo, howling for help, calling Navi.
I heard their call. I saw some humans get startled and frightened by my sisters’ call.
I ran to a corner, where no one could see me, and changed to myself again.
Though it feels good to me again, I not concerned about that. I had to get to my sisters.
Run, turn a corner, run, across the street, run, we’re here.
“Huh?” I gasped; I saw Indigo and Tamarin holding a human hostage, and Isaiah, passed out on the ground.
“What in the animals’ planet happened?” exclaimed Skye.
“It just so happens,” Tamarin snarled, “that we had a stalker.”
I saw two of the guns on the ground. I’ve heard and seen those before. Some humans use them to kill animals. I shuddered at a memory, when I saw a person shoot and kill a deer. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if…
“Is everyone okay?” said a voice.
It was Navi’s and she came in, running like someone had just died.
“Everyone’s fine,” I answered, “But I think we have a situation to handle.”
Navi looked over my shoulder and saw the injured man on the ground.
“What happened?” she asked, fiercely.
“This man,’ says Indigo, “was trying to shoot at us.”
Navi walked over and asked him.
“Who are you?”
The man said nothing.
“Were you the same man that was stalking me before?”
The man still had said nothing.
“Who do you work for?” What do YOU WANT WITH US?”
The man smiled and chuckled.
“So it is true, he” said, “There are wolves roaming around here.”
“Hey,” says Skye, “if you think that we’re trying to hurt anyone, we’re not. We are all on a mission to find a very special someone.”
“Yes,” said the man, “So you must be the wolves that the Doctor was talking about.”
“Doctor,” Says Tamarin, suspiciously, “What doctor?”
“Dr. Kilbourne.”
We all gasp. That crazy scientist that Tamarin had mention in her stories, that crazy scientist that found “the Change?”
I was astonished. We were all astonished.
“You mean,” I say, “that you’re working for him?”
“Yes,” said the man.
“And,” said Indigo, “that you were going to kidnap us and… and turn us into some kind experiments?”
“Well, if you say it like that…” the man trailed off.
“Answer her,” said Navi.
“Answer her.”
“I said… ANSWER HER!” And then Navi went up to his face and, for a minute that she was aimed at his neck.
“Alright!” said the man, frighten, “Yes, it’s true. We catch animals and we use them for tests.”
All we could was just gape at him.
“You sick…” Navi began, then head butted him and he fell to the ground, out cold.
“How could they?” I said, “What about …” but I couldn’t finish the sentence.
Then I heard a loud We-woo we-ooo!
“Oh snap,” exclaimed Tamarin, “here comes the po po!” We ran from the unconscious stranger, carrying a secret that I wish we never knew.
“What?” shouted Indigo, “You saw Zeke!?!”
“Yeah,” I replied, softly, “And he didn’t even remember my name.”
“Didn’t you say that he was a human?” asked Skye.
“Then it’s gotta be the stone, that rotten stone.”
“Now calm down,” soothed Turquoise, “The only things we can do are finding him and try to help him remember.”
“Yeah, well what good will those do?”
“Look,” I said, “We just have to find him, and see if he has any memories about what happened to him. But I have this thought that… that he thinks he’s a human…”
“Navi,” exclaimed Indigo, “what are you talking about?”
“Nothing, it’s just that, that when I spoke to him, it seemed like he had been a human for a long time because… he was starting to smell like them. I was very surprised that his scent survived so long.”
Indigo looked like she was going to scream.
“We... we… She stammered, “We have to find him. Or Mom will be next.”

. . .
“Is it almost done?” said a skinny old man, “Is the rat almost done?”
“Yes,” said the tall woman.
“Excellent,” said the skinny old man, “My plan will soon be completed.”
The rat was under the rays of the stone. It was transforming into a kid. When it was done, the rat was a little boy. “Where am I” he asked. But the boy fell down as if he were dead. The skinny old man just smiled.

. . .
We ran as far as our feet can carry us.
“I think I see him,” said Indigo, “just up ahead.”
I looked ahead saw a figure that began to show.
“There he is!” I shouted.
I shouldn’t have done that because he seemed to have heard me.
“Stop!” shouted Navi, as he started to run like the wind.
I saw Navi jump from wall to wall, and flipped right in front of him.
“Stop,” I heard her say, “I just want to talk…”
But he kicked her against some silver cans.
“Hey!” I yelled out, “You can’t do that to my sister!”
I charged out at him.
“Skye,” I heard Turquoise call out, “don’t fight!”
But it was too late. The next I knew, I landed on the ground because he had tripped me. I saw him yell at the others saying;
“Leave me alone!”
And then he ran. Indigo ran after him, but Navi had isolated him and he backed up as she snarled at him.
“Zeke,” Indigo says, “we just want to talk.”
“What are you?” says Zeke, “What do you want with me?”
“We don’t want to hurt you” says Turquoise, “please, try to understand.”
“What are you talking about…?” I heard a bang and he fell to the ground.
As he fell, I saw Tamarin with a silver top.
“What? You knew this was going to happen.”
I wish we didn’t have to hurt him. I think we could have worked this out another way. Well at least the glow was under control. I almost did it again.
“So what are gonna do when he wakes up?” asked Tamarin.
“All we’re going to do,” says Navi “is to ask him what he knows.”
He starts to open his eyes. The questioning starts.
I hold my breath when he opens his eyes.
“Where am I?” Zeke asked.
We were back at the hut.
“Hi there,” I answered.
He jumped up in surprise.
“What the… what am I doing here?” Zeke asked, until he noticed that he was tied up with rope.
“So, I guess it’s nice to see you again,” Navi said.
Zeke looked up at Navi, he looked all of us.
“What do you want from me?” he asked.
“We want to know everything,” says Navi, “that you remember when you came here.”
“What are you talking about? Look, someone hit me in the head and caused me to have a little amnesia. I’ve been living here for a while now.”
“Who told you this?”
“Some old guy named Kilbourne or something.”
No, I thought, it’s true. What Navi said was true. That Kilbourne guy seemed to have brainwashed him into thinking he was someone else. It can’t be. I saw the same look on Navi’s face.
“Zeke,” I say, “how do you know he was telling the truth?”
“I know because he was the only one to find me unconscious.”
Turquoise gasped. Tamarin was right. I had this question in my head; if Dr. Kilbourne has the some of the stone, then Isaiah’s father must be Dr. Kane!
But I wonder if he’s still alive or not. All I know is that this Dr. Kilbourne is liar and psycho. I took a chance and spoke up;
“Zeke, that doctor is lying, and you’re not a human… you’re a wolf.”
Zeke bursted out laughing, and almost fell over.
“You crack me up,” he said, after he done laughing, “First, you kidnap me, then you call me by a name I don’t recognize, and now you saying I’m some kind of animal.”
And he started laughing all over again.
“Do you know,” says Turquoise, “how you got that scar on your left eye?”
Zeke stopped laughing. He glanced at small piece of glass, where a giant scar lay.
“No,” he said finally, “I don’t know.”
“I remember. You told me a long time ago when I was pup. You said that you were challenging another wolf for dominance. Apparently, you lost and were evicted from the pack. As you ran, with grief, you bore that scar from this very day.”
Zeke said nothing else after that.
When it was clear that he didn’t know where the scientist was, we let him go.
As he left into the night, I was hoping, just hoping that he just remember who we are.
It was dark now, and I was feeling empty. We were all feeling so… empty. I looked at my sisters. I have never seen everyone so depressed before.
“So, what are we gonna do?” I asked Navi.
“We just have to keep looking for mother and don’t give up hope.”
She walked outside. She was right, we had to keep believing and never give up. I wish I could cheer everyone up, but I couldn’t think of anything else.
Sigh. We had to find Mother. We just had to.
I couldn’t sleep. I had a feeling that something was happening.
Ugh, oh, maybe I’m just being paranoid. I’m probably just worrying too much, but I can’t help it. I can’t stop worrying after what happened today. I can’t stop worrying about what has happened to Zeke. I can’t stop worrying about my mother. I can’t stop worrying… I can’t stop… I can’t… Then I felt water come from my face.
Never in my animal life had I have water come out of my eyes. I guess this is what people do when they are sad. All I could was put my legs up to my chest, put my head down and let the water leak from my eyes.
I wish I could howl, but I can’t. I would wake the humans and cause them to be angry with me. What does it matter; they are the ones who cause us trouble. But, as much as I resent them, I wouldn’t put my family in danger for my own personal reasons.
I laid down on all fours and looked at the stars. So beautiful, I thought. And I dosed off into a deep sleep.
“Yes! We use them for tests…”
“What are you talking about? I’ve been living here for a while…”
I awoke with a start. It was still dark out and I was sweating under my fur. I got up and walked outside. Navi was by the door, sleeping.
“Great,” I whispered, “Everyone is asleep except me.
I gave out a long sigh. I breathed in the refreshing outside air. So peaceful, yet it didn’t feel right at all.
It was morning and we had a discussion.
“You guys,” I said, “I know that yesterday was a tough on everyone. It was shocking and scary that we had to know the truth like that. I mean who knows what could happen to Mother, the animals, the world… us? These are the questions that are waiting to be answered. But, we can’t worry about that know now. We took that stone and came into this village to find what had been taken from us. I know everything might seem so helpless right now, but we can’t give up, not when we are so close to coming to our goal. We have to keep having faith and not lose hope you guys. Remember when we made our promise? Our promise was to no matter what happens we have to stay strong and stay together, so that nothing will bring us down.”
I looked at my feet and then looked back at everyone.
“We have to find Mother,” I say, “we can’t let that man take her away. Not after what we saw happened to Zeke.”
Everyone cringed at that memory.
“I can say, we can to rescue Mother and stop that evil scientist from ever hurting any animal again. Are you with me?”
I put my paw out. I watched as Indigo, Turquoise, Skye, Tamarin, and Isaiah put out their paws and a hand.
“Let’s do this,” said everyone. It’s payback.
Chapter 6 Discovery
So we’re here, back at where we started. We were sharp and careful.
We had to stay together because of the people with the guns. If they heard our howls, we’d be in big trouble.
“Hey, do you smell that?” I asked Indigo.
“Yeah, I can. And it seems to be coming from… in front of us.”
Suddenly, I saw a figure come running towards us. It ran by so quick that I couldn’t tell what it is. I saw that some of the men were chasing after it.

“Let’s go see what it is,” Tamarin suggested.
Before I could stop her, she had already run towards the crowd. I sighed as I ran after her.
Where is she going? I spotted Tamarin and Turquoise following the mob of people.
Oh great. I gestured Navi and Skye to follow.
I run up to the crowd, but they began to walk away.
“Did you see anything?” says Tamarin.
“Hm, I guess that’s too bad.”
As I began to walk away, a scent caught my nose.
“Tamarin,” I say, “do you smell that?”
Tamarin sniffed around for a second.
“Sniff, sniff, sniff… yep.”
I knew it. It was him. He walked on those strong legs of his, with his glistening golden eyes and his fur, err, hair… wait a minute, what’s the matter with me? Sigh, I’m losing it.
I noticed his smell was little different from ours, but what?
He was taking something from his cloth and started eating it.
“I guess they couldn’t catch you this time,” I say. He turned around and looked at me and Tamarin.
“You know him? Tamarin says

“Yeah, this is Axel.”
Ooo, so you’re a sucker for a mutt, huh?”
“It’s what I am,” Axel explained, “I’m part wolf, part dog.”
“Really? I knew there was something different about you.”
Axel blushed a little, though he tried to hide it. He looked so cute.
Just then my sisters came up by us. I heard Indigo say something, but stopped as she stared at Axel. Oh boy, thought Turquoise, hear she goes.
“Hello there, said Navi, “And you must be…”
“Nice to meet you, “Navi said with a smile on her face. She seems to like him.
“Yeah” He seemed a little nervous. Thank goodness Navi said something before Indigo.
“Hi there,” Indigo says. Oh boy, here it comes.
“I’m Indigo, so nice to meet you.” She winked her blue eye at me.
“And I’m Skye!” she said excitedly, stepping in front of Indigo. Her sky blue eyes perked with excitement.
“Do you always have to show off?” I say to Skye.
“What? Just because there’s a cute wolf dog, doesn’t mean you just steal him away!”
“I am not trying to steal him! He’s reserved for…”
“I think that is enough from you too!” Turquoise was blushing, with her big brown eyes pleading for us to stop. I see why this wants to put the moves on my little sister. She was so darn cute! I nodded and dragged Skye away, with her growling all the way.
“Hey, what was that for?” she whined after I smacked her in the head.

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