Flame Knight

April 15, 2009
By Grimguitar BRONZE, Elk Run Heights, Iowa
Grimguitar BRONZE, Elk Run Heights, Iowa
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The sun was setting upon the city. Men and women were hurrying home to their families, to food and love. There was only one exception. He stood on a rooftop, watching the rushed insects below. His eyes inspected every person. No person was exempt from his scrutiny. His eyes were constantly darting back and forth. Until the scream.

He instantly went stiff, locating the source. The scream emanated from an alley two blocks down. He took off, easily jumping the gap between buildings. As he ran, his clothes began falling off. After a couple seconds, they were burning to a crisp. What was left behind was a form of armor made of an unknown metal. It seemed to shine in the dying sun. The orange armor eventually drew the attention of the hurried crowd below. People stopped and gaped at this spectacle.

He didn’t care. As soon as he reached his destination, he leapt down. A woman was pushed against a wall, blood and tears mixing as they streamed down her face. The man holding her in place took a glance at him and laughed. He easily tossed the woman into a pile of trash bags. The man drew a gun and aimed at him. He didn’t make a single move. He just stared at the man. The man pulled the trigger and released all hell.

He nimbly rolled out of the way and behind the man. The man was bewildered that his easy kill wasn’t dead. He drew a sword with flames licking off every surface. A smile crept upon his face. He plunged the sword into the man and watched the blood poor

out on the ground. The man was left with only a look of shock and a hole through his chest. He turned around and calmly walked forward. A shot of fire from the ground swallowed him and carried him away. The woman blinked at this impossibility and whispered the only words she remembered that anyone said in those few seconds, “Flame knight.”

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