Terror in The Skies

April 24, 2009
By Anonymous

The predator sees his prey waltzing around near the Yukon River between Alaska and Canada. It’s a little kid that he’s targeting. The fearsome beast gets into position for the perfect swift kill. Then he discovered his target wasn’t alone, the kid was with his father, a fierce who took his kid out to teach him how to hunt. It didn’t matter now; he could take down the hunter with his powerful talons. As he gets ready to dive, the hunter notices he sees a huge shadow on the ground and looked up. The hunter now became the hunted. The hunter took a good look and recognizes the huge bird from an old native myth, the huge is a thunderbird called Aeon, which emerges to the skies every 100 years. The hunter readies his bow and arrow and shoots Aeon as it dives. Aeon is wounded on the neck from which the arrow struck. But, somehow survived from his fatal wound. Then Aeon said to the hunter “after I recover from my wound, I will be back to hunt you down!”
A few weeks later, the hunter and his son returned to their hunting place after hard days of training. This time the hunter brought two of his friends. The hunter spots Aeon, but he wasn’t alone. It appears that Aeon also brought his ally, another thunderbird that possessed a power that controls weather. The thunderbird changed the fair weather to a fierce thunderstorm. Both sides prepare fort their final showdown. Aeons partner decides to fight first. The thunderbird takes his first dive and kills one of the hunter’s friends. The hunter shot the thunderbird on his left wing, which made it harder for it to fly. But it didn’t stop him from making another dive, so it dives again. The hunter’s son quickly grabs the fallen warriors bow and arrow and shot the beast right under the neck. It dies, but crashes on the great warrior and his friend, both were knocked unconscious, the kid was ok. Then Aeon was furious of what happened to his ally. Then Aeon dives toward the boy, but misses him by a finger length. The boy focuses for Aeons weak spot, his neck. Aeon dives again. The boy uses all his strength and kills Aeon. The arrow went through Aeons neck; the boy becomes a hero and saves his father and his friend. Everyone in his hometown now called the boy little nukallpiaq, which means great hunter in Eskimo.

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