Man,Reality Bites!

April 24, 2009
By cryingblackeyes69 BRONZE, Quinlan, Texas
cryingblackeyes69 BRONZE, Quinlan, Texas
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The air came out in short puffs of gray smoke as it escaped his mouth. He glanced around him quickly searching for me, but I knew he would fail. I was hidden well among the evergreen trees, and the new moon night added to the effect. I got a perfect view of him, but he could never spot me. He turned towards my general direction but was looking in the wrong location.
"Alright Des, not funny!" He shouted out. I inwardly chuckled and withdrew an arrow from my quiver.
Aiming for a tree behind him, right above his head, I released the arrow that I placed in my bow. A high pitched shriek emitted from him. I almost busted out with dark laughter as he collapsed to the ground, covering his head thinking it would some how help him. I watched as he shook with fright. I could practially taste the fear radiating from his body.
"Des please stop." He pleaded.
"Why? This is much too fun." I hollered back.
"I never should have came out here with you!"
I jumped to another nearby branch, and another. I shot another arrow at him. It pierced the quiet night and stuck in his left shin. A howl of pain from him. One more arrow through his right shoulder.
"Des stop please." At this point the was crying.
"No!" I shouted angrily. "You’ve screwed up my entire life! You’ve been nothing but a burden to me and now," I loaded an arrow once more. I took aim at his throat, his jugular.
"YOU’VE LOST IT!!" he screamed. I stepped into his line of vision, making sure he saw me. A heavy silence between us.
"I’m going to end it." I whispered harshly. He released a blood-curling scream, as my arrow implanted itself in his neck.

My eyes slammed open and my body jerked to a sitting position. I gazed at my brother who was leaning angst my door frame. I groaned loudly and fell into my bed sheets.
Man reality sucks!

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