The coming of the Shadowking

April 24, 2009
By Jborg BRONZE, Weston, Florida
Jborg BRONZE, Weston, Florida
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The sun was rising over King Arthur’s fortress. Everything was very peaceful. King Arthur just had a son. He also has a half sister. The son was named Mordred and Arthur’s half sisters' name was Morgan LaFey. Mordred turned out to be a great fighter. Morgan could do magic! After the villagers finally got used to Mordred and Morgan, people started noticing strange things.

That night one portal opened. Instead of many creatures coming out, only one little creature appeared. One of Arthur’s knights saw this. At first he thought it was a cat holding either a shiny jewel or a star. Then he realized it had a beak, spikes on his head, and then he started thinking out loud "am I dreaming?" The creature heard him and jumped on his chest, knocking him down. The creature asked "Kairay"? The knight felt a little dizzy. Then the creature asked "Salway"? The knight responded "what are you"? The creature responded "what am I? I am a Spriggain." Then the creature turned into smoke. Out of the smoke came a small dragon flying toward Arthurs' fortress.

Meanwhile, back in the Shadowlands of Faeries, the Shadowking Oberon and his wife Titania, realized they had been robbed. The Shadow King at first blamed his wife. He killed her! Then when he realized it was really the Spriggains fault, he gathered his dark forces; Goblins, Slayer Goblins, Hounds of Oberon, Kobolds, Dolfagangers, Gargoyles, Shadows, Werewolves and more, and he designed a portal that he and his forces could go thru. All of those who don't like Oberon fled, and all those who did went with him!

Arthur woke up from his terrible dreams. As he did knocking on his door was at least a dozen knights were shouting "King Arthur! King Arthur!' In minutes Arthur was out, dressed, and ready to go! The knight who saw the Spriggain told his king everything he saw”... and it was heading in this direction!!" Just as he finished five guards from a guard tower came running down .The guards told their king "we saw a small dragon... come see!" After they got to the tower sure enough two dragon eyes were staring at them. Then it flew inside and everyone saw it had something in its talons either a shiny jewel or a star! Arthur told the knights "you were all telling the truth."

Morgan was throwing magic at the creature. Then Arthur came in and assured her we'll take it from here. After they captured it, it turned back into a Spriggain and Arthur asked "how'd you do that?"
The Spriggian replied "fearie magic." So is that fearie magic too?"Arthur asked as he was pointing to the object at the Spriggain's feet. The Spriggain replied "mostly." Then a knight blurted out "can you do anything else?" The Spriggain replied "yes, I can raise a sunken ship on a stormy night, turn your enemy to frogs, and make you the richest human for miles." Arthur already had the third offer, but the other two he thought we pretty cool! Then Arthur told the Spriggian "alright, you can stay here if you don't cause us any trouble and if you help us if we go into a war.... But if you wish to stay somewhere here, just avoid the guard towers." But Morgan and Mordred were furious. They were complaining to Arthur about the Spriggain. They did not want him staying. Arthur told them "relax, it’s only for now." Then he went to the Spriggain and asked "How did you get here? The Spriggain pointed at the jewel. Arthur asked "what powers does that jewel have?" The Spriggain replied "many..."

chapter 2

Now the Shadowlands of Faerie were almost completely empty. Oberon, the Shadow King, and his forces, went into the human world. Even the people who didn't like Oberon accidentally went into the human world, all but a few. Before people knew it, villages were being burnt and destroyed. There were no survivors to report what was happening. Even the knights! Everyone was nervous, villagers to knights! King Arthur thought the Spriggain knew what was going on. Sure enough, the Spriggain looked worried. After the hundredth village was destroyed, King Arthur asked the Spriggain why she looked so worried, why the moon was always full, and why was it so cold all the time. The Spriggain didn't have a choice but to tell him so she told him how she stole the jewel from Titania, how she avoided Oberon and his goblins, about what werewolves could do with the moon, and how evil faeries make everything cold.

One hour later a knight came thru the doors. He was badly injured, though his iron suit was completely fine! Not a scratch, though there was green blood on it. He told Arthur that the village he came from was destroyed. He was the only survivor. He told the King "as soon as the village was completely destroyed, I saw something, and then it saw me! It had no eyes! It smelled the air, and then rushed toward me! It looked like it had acid for spit, sharp claws, and born without any eyes! As it reached out to grab me, I froze. Then as it touched my armor, its hand was burning up. It hissed and left. And just like that, it got warmer. And for proof, here's the big claw marks it left under the blood." The knight started removing the green blood. King Arthur gasped and asked the Spriggain "do you know what kind of faerie creature could do this?" The Spriggain was barely able to say "a-a-a Slay-Slayer gob-goblin". "What are we dealing with" asked Arthur? The Spriggain replied “O-O-Ober--on Oberon the Shadow King!!" King Arthur and the knight looked at each other in despair. The Spriggain then said "many faeries have different weaknesses. All faeries but Kobolds are allergic to iron...." Then the knight blurted out "that explains it! I am one of the only knights in your kingdom that has iron armor!" The Spriggain continued saying "every faerie....even Kobolds...cannot go on holy ground without being destroyed."

Later Arthur and the Spriggain went exploring and soon found about five million knights were fighting about one dozen Slayer Goblins. Even though there were more knights, there didn’t have to be. The Slayers were stronger. Arthur and the Spriggain helped the knights. Arthur took out his sword and started hammering at the goblins and the Spriggain transformed him into a dragon. When the battle was over, Arthur asked all the remaining knights “what happened?” One of the knights replied “we were hunting and then the creatures jumped up and attacked us, and… King Arthur? ….What is that?” Right then King Arthur replied “this is a ……….” Just then someone jumped out from behind the bushes. It was King Arthurs’ first son Mandrake followed by a lot of hounds of Oberon. Everyone began to fight again. When all the goblins were dead, everyone looked at the Spriggain. Then King Arthur continued “by the way, this is a Spriggain.” Then his son asked “what’s going on?” A dozen knights began shouting and asking the same question (or should I say, all the knights that were left!). Arthur told everyone the story about what happened, and then when he was done, everyone went back to his fortress.

The next day the knight with the iron armor was in the fortress. He wasn’t wearing any armor. He went right to Arthur and Arthur asked “can I help you?” Just as instantly as the knight came in, he transformed into a monster and attacked Arthur. Everyone in the room gasped, even the Spriggain! Just then an identical knight to the monster (before he became the monster, except with a scare on his face) came in wearing all but his helmet. He jumped on the monster and his iron armor burned thru the monsters skin!! The monster shrieked as soon as it touched his skin and tried to shake the knight off him. He forgot all about Arthur. Then the monster fell down and was unconscious. Arthur gasped and asked the Spriggain “what was that?” The Spriggain replied “a ..a…a…a Dolfaganger”. The knight with the scar asked “what’s a Dolfaganger?” The Spriggain replied “Dolfagangers are murderous shape shifter faeries who are normally hired as assassins and are nearly impossible to track down.” The knight replied “then we must kill this one now!” No one argued with him and locked the Dolfaganger in a jail cell with iron bars.

Morgan came into Arthurs’ chamber and asked “what is going on?” Arthur explained everything to her about Dolfaganger and the knight. When he was done, Morgan left. Just at that moment a knight appeared and Arthur asked “can I help you, my knight? Just so you know, if you are a Dolfaganger, I have three dozen knights not even a few meters away.” Just then a puff of smoke came from the knight and when the smoke cleared what was standing in the knight’s place was the Spriggain. Arthur gasped, and then asked “why didn’t you just enter and not transform into one of my knights?” The Spriggain replied “the witch Morgan LaFey has attempted to kill me each and every time she has had a chance, and is determined to do so! So, I had no choice but to disguise myself as your knight.” Then Arthur asked, “why are you here then?” The Spriggain replied “you want to know all the secrets about the Shadowlands and the Faeries who live there? I am here to tell you.” Arthur then asked, “alright, tell me. What is the Shadowkings weakness?” The Spriggain replied softly “I do not know of any weakness Oberon has.” Arthur then asked “so then, can you tell me what Oberon’s strongest forces are?” The Spriggain replied “werewolves, slayer goblins, hounds of Oberon, fireball pixies, bone crunchers and bog beasts, which are most likely to be his strongest forces.”

That night when everyone was asleep, Arthur was dreaming about Oberon, the Shadowkings army and his own army fighting. Arthur, with the help of some blacksmiths, knights and the Spriggain, made a book. The book was called “The Codex Spiritus, The Shadowlands of Faerie”. Then the Slayer Goblin appeared. Arthur held the book up and said some magical words. A ball of fire came out of the codex, hit the slayer and the slayer became trapped inside the book.

Arthur’s knights took the jewel of Titania, placed it in the middle of the book, and Arthur repeated the same magic words. Nearly all the magical creatures were sucked into the book - all, except for the Shadowking. He escaped into his home world, just in time. He declared to the rest of his people that he wanted revenge. Arthur then woke up and realized it was all just a dream. The dream gave him an idea!~ He decided to forge that exact book! He set about to create it. He mixed magic spells on top of pieces of iron. He tried many times and it failed. He consulted his ally, the Spriggain for help. He had new energy and new ideas. His blacksmiths were there also. He was just about to give up when it worked. They turned the iron into a book called Codex Spiritus!! It was just like his dream, except for….. …. Then, out of nowhere, a slayer goblin appeared and killed one of his blacksmiths. The slayer goblin started going after Arthur! Arthur said the magic words from his dream. Fire came out of the codex, hit the slayer goblin, and the slayer goblin was trapped in his book. He told the Spriggain to give him the jewel of Titania. The Spriggain had a hard time giving it up. Arthur placed it on the cover of the book. A hole opened up in the shape and size of the jewel, right into the cover of the book! Rays of blue light shone from the book and jewel. Arthur went to the battle, said the magic words, and aimed the book directly at the Shadowking. He expected the Shadowking alone to be captured. To his surprise, the entire army was sucked into the book. Oberon barely escaped within seconds of his life. He opened up a dark portal and went back to his home. Just as he was leaving, Arthur heard Oberon yell, “I will have my revenge!” Arthur turned around to congratulate the Spriggain, but as he did, he realized the Spriggain was also sucked into the book!

chapter 3

Arthur looked at the book and was shocked to see the Spriggain was on the cover. She was sitting on a mushroom. Arthur wanted to help the Spriggain become free, but he was concerned about releasing Oberon’s army as well. He decided just to leave the Spriggain alone. He lived peacefully for many years. He kept the book by his thrown. The Jewel of Titania was still attached. Mordred came into Arthur’s thrown room with a sword and armor. He as not alone. Morgan was there also. Morgan cast a spell to stop Arthur from calling for help. Mordred approached his father and took Arthurs sword and stabbed him, right thru the heart. Arthur died immediately and Morgan and Mordred laughed evilly. One of the knights saw what happened and told everyone, including Arthur’s other son, Mandrake. Mandrake was furious, but then Morgan cast a spell which blew up the castle! Only three people survived. Everyone else was killed in a painful death. Mandrake was running from the explosion and the codex and Jewel of Titania landed on top of him. He barely survived, but very wounded. Mandrake ran off scarred into the woods swearing “I shall make a new army of brave warriors and dedicate them to my father. I shall call them the ……….Templars.”

The author's comments:
i read a series of books and wondered what happened before they were written so I decided to create it...

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