Oliver's Adventure

April 23, 2009
By Tori Roosma BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
Tori Roosma BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
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“Ooooo, I like this puppy daddy!” said the little girl, waving her tiny fingers in my face. “We call that one Oliver” Said the woman who always lived in my house. My mommy always said that she was our “owner” but I could never quite get what she meant by that. “He’s so tiny!” said the man who was holding the little girl’s hand, “Is he sickly or something?” “He is the runt” said the woman, “He’s just smaller than the others.” “Can we get him?” asked the little girl. “No” said the man with her, “Why don’t we talk about a puppy some other time sweetie.” “Thanks for coming by to look” yelled the woman who lived at my house. The man and the little girl walked out of our yard. They swung open the tiny section of the fence and walked out. The fence did not fix itself this time though. It just stayed there with that hole in it. Somehow it looked broken. I scampered over to the hole to see what I could do. When I got there, I realized that the hole was bigger than I thought. I decided that my whole family could probably go through it at the same time.
On the other side was a huge yard! It was covered in long grass and there was a long trail of tiny rocks all down the middle of the yard. I decided to explore. I hopped through the hole. It was not a trap either! I had so much to see! I ran across the yard, and over to the trail of rocks. I sniffed at the rocks, but they did not smell like anything special, so I decided to walk on them instead of weaving through the tall grass. At the end of this long trail of tiny rocks was a huge black trail with yellow lines that went both ways. I wondered which way I should go. To decide I chased my tail with my eyes closed and which ever way my nose was pointing when I stopped was the way I was going to go. I ended up pointing to the right. I started walking down this strange path.
After a while of walking, I found a place with short grass and lots of men with long metal sticks hitting small white balls. I decided to explore. There was this sandy area and I saw something shiny. I went closer and saw that it was a ball! I took it out of the sand and did not know what to do with it. So I decided to bury it. As I was digging my hole the men started coming towards me. One of the man’s faces was bright red and crumpled. He started yelling words that I have never heard before and waved his long metal stick at me. I was very afraid. I got up and started running so fast I did not know where I was any more.
There were giant trees everywhere and it was really dark. I looked up and saw a big crow swoop down right in front of me. It grabbed a nut and flew off. I wanted to know where it was going and I ran after it. The big trees disappeared and we were at another big black trail with yellow lines. The crow dropped the nut and I quickly grabbed it off the ground with my mouth. I started running to find a place to bury it. The crow started flying right above me and screeching at me. He started swooping down and I did not understand why he was following me. He dropped the nut so why would he want it back? He was getting closer and I was running faster. But I was not fast enough, he started pecking at me. It hurt really badly and he pulled out some of my fur. I dropped the nut and he took it back and flew away. I sat on the path and cried. When I finally opened my eyes, there w4re 2 big lights coming straight for me! I rolled out of the way and straight into a ditch. I was very scared. I did not know what just happened to me. The big lights started coming back my way. They stopped right where I was. I looked up and there was the woman my mommy called the owner.
“Oliver!” she exclaimed.
She picked me up and put me in a warm place inside of the big thing with the big lights. I was so tired from this adventurous day that I fell right asleep. When I woke up, I was getting warm wet kisses from my mommy. I was finally home and I was never going to escape again. At least not for a while…

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