Princess Over The Sea

April 23, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a misty morning on the best day of the week Saturday. As I sat quietly on my bed. With my arms wrapped tightly around my legs, looking threw my window wet with rain droplets. The gray fog was still creeping along the wet grass from the thunder storm that happened last night. The sky didn’t surprise me at all. It was its usual dark and gray sky and the sun trying to peek its way threw the dark and thick clouds. It looked depressing to me but then again it always did and so did any thing that was gray and black. And it also could be just me since every one in this little village thought it was going to bring a summer with out clouds or gray sky’s. Now I know for a fact that wasn’t ever going to happen.

After one hr has past I finally decided to take my normal walk threw the so called happy village. Filled with happy villagers all round talking about what a happy day this day brought forth. But the talking stopped as soon as a man in a black hooded cloak decided to show his face unexpected and unwanted. “You there the pretty lady in the long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, with high heel sandals.” “Me” I squeaked in a fake scared voice. “Yeah you, what are you stupid, can’t you tell you’re the only one with a long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, with high heel sandals.” “Yes I know that and you’re the stupid looking guy in the absurd black cloak. Who thinks he can just walk in this village and make hundreds of people scared that your going to perturb there peace.” I angrily said now in attack mode with my words. Then he just stood there laughing at me with a terrifying screech at the end. And then I saw his red piercing eyes. At that very moment I knew what he was a diseased human with the vampire virus in him. Then with a flick of his bonnie finger. All the people looked at him and went in there home locked there doors, shut there curtains and turned off there lights.

Leaving me with him and the only light, on was a very dim street light shining like a spot light on us. Then he crouched down and pounced on me, snapping his venoms teeth at me. And before he could do anything else I said “If you kill me and turn me into a diseased monster like your self then I will kill you my self.” Then as soon as I said those words he smiled and lined in like he was going to kiss me, but instead he bites me. Then he stood up and smiled once more and whispered “Thank you for cooperating.” And then he fell over back wards dead. and with all my energy I had left in my body. Knowing that the poison he injected in me had reached my heart. I strongly suggested the obvious. “I guess now there’s no need to kill him my self.” With that said I gave up my will power to live, and closed my eyes.

Seven hr later a burning feeling was all over my body. It felt like some one threw thousands of blazing hot knifes at me. Then it was instantly cooled down with the agony of thirst for animal blood. That hankering for blood was what cased me to open my eyes still in disbelief I was a live. And I knew what I had to be done. Witch was to find out who was the man. That avers my life and turned me into this blood thirsty monster. With my teeth as my weapons that will have to forced a pond the animals harmless skin to feed my burning thirst for there blood. And clame there lives so I can live among people with out weakness to even dare to attack my dearest village friends. Witch I now and forever have to stay away from in till I get self control over the thirst for human blood.

I slowly sat up and looked around it was night again at the exactly the same time when the vampire assault happened. My eyes started to dart around the street looking for the cloaked man. Then I came across a body and instantly walked to the once diseased man now peacefully sleeping in a never ending sleep. And crouched down be side his dead body and put my hand in to his blue jean pockets searching for his wallet or an id. Then found not his wallet but a torn, wetted down peace of paper. I examined it just in case it was the id I was looking for, but it was not what I was looking for. It read JACOB and nothing else and had his high school pitcher on it also.

Quickly and quietly I rummaged for the other peace of the paper I had found. And after a few minuets had passed by I had empted all his pockets and found nothing. That will draw me closer to the answer that I desperately needed to know. Who is this horrible man once alive and now dead and was changed painfully with a diseased that he spread on to me, just to save his life by enchanting mine. I pondered this thought to figure out who to ask about this man and who to ask for any info on how he became who he once was and other background info. I only took twenty three minutes on that issue and finally decided to hide the body and find out my some more answers. But before I attend that activity, I would need to take a pitcher of Jacobs face for reference on what he now looks like just in case some one knows how he is.

One hr later I finally was ready for the quest for some answers. I slowly started to walk towards my house when this old broken-down tattered house caught the corner of my eye. I thought that who ever lives there must at lest know something about the disease at lest. Then the door slowly creaked a half of an inch open. Reflecting in the shadow that filled in the open space peeked two big yellow eyes. As I was about to ask who was there. A boney hand slowly grabbed the door and pushed the door open the rest of the way. There before me stood a worn down grumpy old lady. “What do you want blondey?” the old lady rudely stated.


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