Kiss the Frog

April 22, 2009
By Ali Flasch BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Ali Flasch BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
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“I dare you to go and jump into the green, soggy lake!” chanted Phil.

“The one with all the frogs!” Grace added. So we all rode our bikes across the street and two roads down to the lake. I take one look at it, and smell one smell, and can’t believe I really will jump into that lake.

“Do it! Do it, Do it,” the four kids all yell.

I take my shirt and slide my shorts off, so I won’t get them dirty, and make sure somebody brought a towel. I am so glad I wore my black swim suit today. “One, two, three,” I count in my head while I plug my nose and jump in. I get out as quick as I can; I try not to inhale the terrible smell. I scream for the towel, but everyone is gone, including my bike, towel, and clothes. I hear laughing in the distance, “I can’t go home like this, I’ll have to drip dry.” I say.

I take a seat on the log, “at least it is sunny out” I think. “Ribttt!” I look around and see the biggest frog sitting next to me. I scream and run home as fast as my legs can move.

I turn the corner to my road and everyone is there waiting for my arrival. I steal the towel, and my clothes, I hop on my bike and ride away as fast as my legs can pedal. When I get home I hoped in the shower, finally- good smelling warm water. After dinner, all four of my neighbor friends ask if I want to play outside, I scowl and reply with “I would rather not.”

In the morning I go outside to water the flowers and everyone is there, again! I scowl and try to run inside, but there are some kids in front of the door. I realize I am trapped. “We came to apologize for running away,” Phil apologized “Come on and play with us.”

“Fine,” I agree. We were all playing outside when somebody suggests we play hide-n-seek. They all decided I was the one that had to be it. I hate to be it, so I tried to argue with them.

“Majority rules,” Grace snapped, and took off running! Everyone else, besides me, took off soon after. I end up counting to 100. I stubbornly start to look around. When I can’t find anyone I decide to wander back to the smelly pond I jumped in yesterday. Nobody was over there, but it was very warm. I needed a break, so I took a seat on the same log as I did yesterday.

“Ribttt,” croaked the frog. Wow, it is the same frog as yesterday. It kind of seems like he was stalking me. I pick the frog up and walk home with it. It croaks the whole way down, reminding me of a cats purr! When I am home I put the frog in a cage. I sat on my bed while I think of a name.

“Can I come in?” Grace questioned.

“Of course you can, you’re my best friend, we do everything together.” I shout back in respond. While she walked in I asked her what I should name him. She thinks I should name him Bubba because of his big round belly. “What do you think of Charlie, kind of like Croakie?”

“Oh my lanta, I love it!” Grace blubbered, “What if you kissed him and he turned into your hot prince charming, and he fell in love with you because you saved him out of his horrible frog body. That would be lucky.”

“You think we should try, it isn’t like he eats bugs or anything.” I giggled.

“Yay! Yay, Yay!” Grace begged “I want to see how hot he is.”

“Dibbs!” I exploded. “Here goes nothing.” I look at Charlie and hope he is my Prince Charming. I pick him up, and bring him so we are eye to eye. I close my eyes and lean forward. My lips meet his slimy mouth. “Whoa!” I scream as I and Grace are thrown against the wall. I have the wind knocked out of me. All of a sudden I see Charlie’s leg pop up and it switches to a human foot! “Wow!” Grace and I say in unison.

As quick as it started it ended. It was all of a sudden still again, and Grace and I could move from the wall.

“Hey, I’m the frog you kissed, my real name is Blake, and so you can stop calling me Charlie now.” Charlie exclaimed.

“Um…I…I….am…Amy.” I stutter. There aren’t even enough words to explain how hot he is. The only word that has a chance of summing it up is gorgeous. He has sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He looks just like a lifeguard or model all in one. “How old are you, I am 13?” I question

“Same here. Well I am in a thirteen year old body. I don’t know how long I was trapped in this frog body, but I like being 13. I think it was only over the weekend, but I am not sure.”

“Well what school do you go to; I have never seen you before?” I inquire.

“A private school, I need to get home real quick what’s your number?” Blake asks

I wrote my number on his hand and off he went. He called me and to this day we still hang out. I have a crush on him and he has a crush on me. He is my new boyfriend!

The End

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