Snow White

April 22, 2009
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Everyone knows who Snow White is, how the story goes, and what happens at the end. But this Snow White story is a bit different. This is the Queen’s story. You may learn that she is not as evil as you think.

I had everything that I needed. Servants, a castle, even a mirror that talks to me. I have spells and charms for good and evil. One day, I was working to organize my evil spells and potions when a guard’s voice startled me. I slipped on something and spilt my most feared potion. Jealously. I never even felt it consume me. Now I wanted everything in the world. I went to my room, trying to fight off the jealousy. I went to my mirror and demanded that it tell me who was the most beautiful person in all the land. My mirror answered me by showing me a girl. I always found myself, but now I wanted this girl dead. My jealousy had gotten the best of me, and I sent my army to kill her. If they did not succeed, I would know. They had to bring me her blood.
My soldiers had returned, so she must be dead. Then I asked the mirror the same question, and as the image appeared, I flung the mirror across the room. She was still alive. I raced to my spell store and made a poison apple that would get rid of her for good. I walked to her house and gave her the apple. She took a bite and fell to the ground. I had won this war, and now I was the most beautiful. No one would stand in my way, ever.
It had been a long time since the girl had died, so I looked in the mirror. Suddenly, the jealousy flew out of me. I watched as the girl woke in the arms of a handsome prince. I was so disappointed in myself, but I would make sure this never happened again.

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