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April 21, 2009
By Marena Montera BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Marena Montera BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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“So, we’ve finally caught you, Twilight. I hope that you understand how irked I am. I mean, five fighters physically disabled for life. What do they teach you at that facility?” My eyes were closed, caked over with bodily excrements. However, I knew the voice. I had heard it before in recordings; his very name had been pounded over and over into my head by the Leader. I didn’t respond to his question. I couldn’t tell him anything about the facility. That was restricted information. He caught on quick.
“Well, if you won’t talk, I suppose we’ll have to make you. You know how positively irksome this is. Why don’t you just talk about your little scheme? It’s not as if I don’t have a general idea already. You’d just be confirming the story.” I mentally sighed. It was worse than I thought, and it would be much worse unless I talked. My voice was hoarse, but perhaps that made it menacing. Could I really be menacing, though? I was just a girl, I was just a…
“What do you think you know about us?” I had to practically yell, my voice was so hoarse. The message got across. The man replied, his voice just as deep and husky as the recordings back at headquarters. It was slightly sexy, and I wondered if he looked nice.
“I know that you’re trying to stop my little operation. I can’t fathom why. I’m going to change the world for the better. Poverty, disease, war, and famine…they’ll all be eliminated. The human race will get back on the evolutionary track. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be able to populate our whole solar system! All this I offer the world. A new, fantastic world order shall soon reign supreme!”
“Fantastic world order, my a**.” I gathered up what saliva I could manage and spat it in the general direction of the man’s voice. I heard a chuckle. I had probably missed, but a girl could dream.
“Dear, dear Twilight. I must admit that you’ve got guts. The lasers were a bit much, though.”
“I think your beavers were a little more whacked than the lasers.”
“Hey. I liked the beavers.”
“They were freakin’ carnivorous.”
“All the better.” I surmised that he was probably grinning right now. He sounded happy, and really full of himself. He was probably a narcissist at heart, and a megalomaniac. Not a good combo. What was I going to do? He probably had plans to kill me. Probably. However, I got the feeling that he had planned something much worse for me. I was the Fourth. He could probably get a ton of money for me. Maybe even information.
“Now, what to do with you. I pondered this for quite a while, you know. I considered killing you, but no, too quick. I don’t like quick things. Believe me, though, it was a hard decision.” I sighed, letting cold, crisp air fill my lungs. Who knew? It might be the last breath I ever took.
“I’ve decided that I like you, Twilight. I like you very much.” I don’t think my jaw could have dropped any lower. He liked me? How on Earth could he possibly like me? He was “X,” class S evil overlord. He didn’t like people like me, he loathed them, despised them, killed them!
“I’m going to give you a second chance, Twilight. Tell me about your organization. It’ll be much better for you. I’m only trying to be your friend.”
“You’re not my friend. And I’m not telling you anything. My organization is the only thing that can stop you, and trust me, we will!” I heard a sigh. It was somewhat melancholy, like he had really wanted to be friends or something. Like that would ever happen.
“I didn’t want to do this.” I heard movement. Someone else was in the room with us. It sounded like two, maybe three henchman had entered the room. I heard the clinking of metal machinery.
“I really didn’t want to do this.” Someone came near me. I felt something heavy being put on my head. What was he going to do? Was he experimenting on me? I had heard about grunts that had been captured by “X.” They had come out…didn’t want to think about it.
“You leave me no choice, Twilight. Neon, clean her eyes. I want her to see the full effect of my…contraption. I want her to see the look in my eyes in her last moments.” Wait, did that mean he was going to kill me? I thought that he wasn’t…and “X” was known for his honesty, of all things.
A wet, warm rag began rubbing itself over my face. It felt soothing. I didn’t want it to end. Slowly, surely, my eyes began to open. I could see, though everything was a blur. A tall, dark figure stood in front of me. “X.”
“I hope you know that this should be relatively pain-free. Should be.” I rolled my eyes, happy that I could. My vision was perfectly clear now. “X” was handsome, surprisingly. He didn’t look older than twenty-one. So young! Then again, I was too.
The thing on my head was strapped to a large, menacing machine. It was tight on my head, like it was piercing my very skull. For a moment, just a moment, I felt fear.
His eyes were amber, like some sort of tiger’s eyes. I looked into them deeply, searching for something I couldn’t quite place my finger on.
“This machine…” “X” looked ponderous for a moment. “This machine hasn’t been tested yet. However, I expect good results. You’re very strong willed, so it may be difficult, but you’re only human.”
“What…is it?” I asked. My voice trembled slightly.
“It’s a mind eraser. I’ve always wanted a deputy with skills like yours.” I gasped. No, he couldn’t have gotten the technology, he couldn’t have!
“No!” I screamed, but my mouth was instantly gagged.
“Don’t resist, Twilight. It’s no use. I have won this battle. Don’t worry, I think you’ll rather like working for me.” I squirmed, but I couldn’t move. I was bound too tightly. This wasn’t going to happen. I was Twilight, the Fourth! I was strong, I was…
“Don’t worry.” “X” repeated. “Everything is going to be okay. It’ll be just like waking up.

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