Atem's Egyptian Journey

April 20, 2009
By NarutoFan#1 BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
NarutoFan#1 BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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Chapter One: One small leap.
I awoke to pounding on the door. It was mine and Tut’s secret knock. I yelled to Tut to let me get dressed. When I got to the door I opened it and solemnly said, “What brings you to my humble abode this fine morning by such a dignified and important person as yourself Oh mighty Tutankhamen?”
“Atem this is very urgent!” Tut practically screamed. “And get your sword!”
“I’ll go get it then.” I said as I went back to my bed and grabbed the sword Tut gave me for my last birthday, and I also grabbed some food. I offered Tut some food but he wasn’t hungry he said. After I tied my sword to my waist we were off running like the wind to where the closest tunnel entrance was. Tut was in the lead and I realized where we were going, the royal throne room. We headed through several tunnels that even the Pharaoh and the high priests didn’t know about. This is how we got out of all the trouble that we would have been in normally, because it’s kind of hard to argue with the fact that we were an hour away from where it happened. After about 5 minutes we came to an exit from the tunnels about 15 feet away from the door to the throne room (so to avoid suspicion.) The guards admitted us through the door and we entered the throne room. Besides Tut’s mother and father, the high priest was there as well with a new priest.
The Pharaoh charged Tut to sit down by him, and commanded me to continue standing. The high priest said dramatically, “As you know Egypt relies on the Nile flooding every year to water our crops. It was supposed to start flooding a month ago, but because it didn’t we have asked the gods for an answer, and we believe now that the Desert god, Seth, has imprisoned the river goddess, Anuket. The Pharaoh believes that you may be able to help free Anuket with the help of some of the high gods,”
The Pharaoh spoke for the first time since he told Tut to sit down at his side, “We chose you for we know how to send you but we need someone that has never sinned for you will be tested by Ma’at,”
“I wish for Tut to come. I won’t go if he doesn’t go,” I persisted.
Pharaoh shouted, “I say that Tutankhamen stays!”
“I oblige mighty Pharaoh,” I said obeying the Pharaoh a little embarrassed about my outburst. The priests ushered me to their backroom full of ancient artifacts and the one named Djadao, a rotund man said, “We can only help you with getting to the underworld and then you'll be tested by Ma’at,”
“You may even meet Horus the sky god,” the skinny priest said pouting a little at the thought of a lowly palace scribe getting to meet a god as important as Horus.
“I don’t know what I would say if I did meet Horus,” I said shrugging.
“Well you probably will meet him so start practicing a speech,” Djadao said.
“Yes after all he will probably be the one that you will have to ask for help from,” the skinny priest said. They then proceeded to burn incense and gave me a traveling pack for they did not know how long or how far I would have to travel.
I asked, “Is this all that I need?”
“Yes,” Djadao said. They started chanting and throwing incense around and about five minutes later and one bathroom break later (Tut’s bathroom break) the portal flared into existence. As I prepared to walk through it I heard a commotion and saw Tut running at me with a pack and his sword drawn. “What thOOOMPH!” I yelled as Tut rammed me into the portal and sent us both on the adventure of the century.
Chapter Two: The realm of the gods.
“OWWW! Why did you have to do that Tut?” I asked as we lay sprawled all over the ground after we fell. As we got up the first thing I noticed was that the entire area was lush, green, smelled a little musty but wet, and was full of plant life, but no animals. Also there was an eerie feeling that permeated the entire area like when I walked in to see the pharaoh’s deceased father’ tomb (I was there before they sealed it up as he was the one who hired me and also introduced me to Tut) only about 15X worse.
“Well I knew that you wouldn’t like my idea and you would probably tell my dad about my plan if I told you, besides before the priests told you about the portal, would you have believed me anyway ?”Tut asked.
“O.K. so you’re right I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me. But what you did was idiotic and also very crazy, but I’m glad you’re here.” I berated Tut.
“So do you know where to go now?” Tut asked.
“I’ll check the bag the priests gave me.” After about two seconds I found a big map and I saw that we were a red dot on the map. I went over to show Tut and the dot moved as well! “Tut!”
“Yeah, what is it?” Tut answered.
"The dot on this map is moving when I move!”
“Yeah right.”
“Yeah too, just look.”
“Fine.” Tut said as he walked over to me.
“Look!” I yelled at Tut.
And he looked and saw the dot not moving. “It’s not moving.”
“Watch and be amazed.” I said as I moved to the packs. And he was amazed too, the dot moved. . That was Tut’s face as he looked at the dot move with surprise.
“How…” he started to speak but then lost his voice.
“It’s the priest’s map, remember?” I reminded him. (We have seen far weirder things than the map in Djadao’s house.) Then we started heading in the general direction of the big gold dot which was in front of a picture of a really big set of doors. When we got closer to the image of the doors we reached a dense fog and if Tut hadn’t been kicking stones we both would end our stories because there was no sound of the stone hitting the ground. “It must be a cliff Tut.” I said.
“Yeah but how deep is it?”
Just as we were starting to wonder how we could get down the fog lifted and we saw a giant door way with a scale about 20 feet away and only 5 feet down.
“It’s only 5 feet down! We have jumped from higher places than this!” Tut yelled and then proceeded to run to the edge and jump. He looked really foolish a moment later when he landed on his butt. I climbed down and helped Tut up. “Come on.” Tut yelled running to the door.
“Look, the scales of Ma’at are in front of the door, so where could she be?” I yelled back to Tut.
“Behind you both,” said an ominous woman’s voice from, where else, behind us. “You both may pass the door but your intentions must be pure in order to return (translation=go through you’ll get tested on your way back to the living.)
“Thank you very much you godessness.” I said holding Tut in a headlock before he cold get us in trouble. When we got through the door/portal I noticed an immediate difference. Firstly this place was at night, full of plant life, but smelled more like the incense the priest’s burn. (Very sour & very smelly, plus it sticks to you like a starving cat.) Also there was some animal life there too. I saw some bats, owls, heard a wolf’s howl, and also I’m positive I saw the lumbering shape of a badger.
“Wow. Look at all the plants and animals here.” Tut said.
“Yeah I know.” I said. “I read all about the animals of other areas of the world.”
“Wow.” Tut said still dazed.
“Well we should get going.” I said as I looked at the map, and lo and behold we saw at least 1000 gold spots. “HOW ARE WE GOING TO FIND WHICH ONE IS HORUS?!?!?!?!?!”I YELLED into the heavens, or actually I guess into space (earth
Ma’at’s gateway

?space?) but that will kill me if I think about it too much.
“I have an idea. Why don’t we just go to the nearest god and ask them for help.” Tut suggested sarcastically.
“Great idea Tut.” I said. And so we went off in the direction of the nearest gold splotch. While traveling we ate a little. Then we saw a chariot that was moving across the sky and we realized that it was coming for us. “MOVE IT TUT!” I yelled and pushed him out of the incoming chariots way. When the dust settled I saw a blinding light that was emanating from the chariot. Both Tut and I genuflected in reverence in the presence of our most revered god RE. “YOU HAVE COME TO REQUEST OUR HELP.” It was not a question but a statement.
“Y yyyes.” My voice was pale and like a mouse in comparison to RE’s. “I was sent here to request aid from anybody at all in this realm. But Tut here jumped in without being invited.” I said with a glare at Tut.
“And I thought that you were happy I came.”
“I never said I wasn’t happy, just that you came uninvited.”
“Well you sounded like you didn’t want me here.”
“They act a lot like brothers.” Said a voice in the chariot.
“Yes they do” said another voice.
Then we looked and saw Horus and Anuket stepping out of the chariot.
“Anuket!” I yelled. “We came to rescue you!”
“Yes and I thank you for your pure motives, but right now we need to focus on defeating Seth.” Anuket said.
“Yes and we hope that you will both help with our fight.” said the other person who stepped off the chariot.
“You are the sky god Horus!” I yelled.
“Yes and we want you to come with us back to my domain.” Horus said and with a wave of an arm opened a swirling purple portal.
We then went through the portal and saw Yorborgorbal and his porcupines with candles and tomatoes and I woke up from my dream when Yorborgorbal yelled “HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” loud enough to break the bulletproof glass that protects the president in the Oval Office a few millennia into the future(it goes into space, bounces off of the asteroid belt surrounding our solar system and reverberates back to earth and breaks everything that is glass.)
“Whoa! That was one vivid dream. Hmm maybe I should write a book about it? Nahh, no one would read it.” I said to myself.
To be continued in my free time.

The author's comments:
This story is about Atem (yes i got this name from a manga i read)who is a royal palace scribe and his journey with an uninvited guest to rescue the river goddes Anknuket from Seth.

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